Does Amazon Accept Skrill? (your Full Guide)

It’s a virtual wallet platform that’s used for online betting, gaming, and shopping, especially in the U.K. and European countries.

If you are familiar with the digital wallet providers, you may be wondering does Amazon accept Skrill? They offer both Apple Pay and Skrill payment options, so you can use both!

Does Amazon Accept Skrill In 2022?

unfortunately, amazon does not accept skrill as a payment method. skrill and other mobile payment platforms like venmo are not accepted as payment methods by amazon, because amazon only accepts major credit and debit cards such as visa/mastercard/amex/discover. skrill is primarily used for online gaming payments, and is gaining popularity among some small retailers.

If the problem is money you’ve wasted on unprofitable products, you can use sites like Swagbucks to try and get paid to watch videos.

Why Doesn’t Amazon Take Skrill?

It is probably because of their large size, Amazon doesn’t want to take more risk in accepting international payment providers, or any other big company to be frank.

With the exception of Visa and MasterCard, most other credit cards are branded with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB.
Amazon’s store cards have a major advantage, because they are integrated with the online platform, so the payment flow is seamless, and the Amazon platform takes care of all the rest.

However, because the cards are branded with Amazon, some of them have lower fees than others, and the cards themselves offer some perks.

Amazon will soon open the Amazon Payments gateway to new payment providers such as Skrill, but it won’t be a top priority, especially as the company continues to grow by leaps and bounds, analysts told Reuters.

Amazon doesn’t just rely on smaller payment services to entice customers. It has a loyal following and growing customer base regardless of Skrill availability.

Will Amazon Take Skrill In The Future?

Amazon doesn’t seem to be interested in expanding their services in the market of European and North American countries. Also because they are not offering any payment method in their countries they probably don’t care that much about the market of foreign countries.

Skrill is the world’s biggest online money transfer network. Amazon’s market is much larger than Skrill. Amazon and Skrill’s markets are much larger than the whole market of online money transfers.

Not only a huge e-retailer such as Amazon and its customers, but also it is the biggest e-commerce marketplace in the world.

If Amazon upgrades the way they accept payments, it will be updated on Amazon’s list of accepted payment methods.

Where Can You Use Skrill?

If you’re doing business in the United States, some websites will take your credit card information. Skrill doesn’t have a good history with taking payment, but they do accept money transfers from other banks and financial institutions, which is a good feature to have on your list. PayPal doesn’t have an API, but as mentioned above, it does take credit cards, which is a good alternative to Skrill.

If you are just starting up your own website, you need to make it easy for your potential users to get in and get out quickly. You need a good design.

In addition to the site I mentioned, I also recommend a site named It gives you brand-name gift cards for Amazon, iTunes, and other sites.

Skrill is currently only available to a handful of retailers that accept digital currencies. However, this could expand as more retailers start accepting this type of payment.

In order to use the Skrill service, you will be signing up for a service with Skrill.

How Can You Pay On Amazon?

Skrill is currently the most popular in the world, and they are often used for smaller payments. They are also more trusted than other methods.

Amazon Payments is an optional service that lets people pay on using their existing payment methods, e.g. credit and debit cards, gift cards and Amazon-branded credit cards.

Diner’s Club cards with U.S. billing addresses can be used on websites that accept American Express credit cards.

If you are having trouble with the Amazon app on your iPhone, you can also try the Google Play app or Apple Store app.

 The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has provided a list of food items that may be purchased with SNAP and other government benefit programs.

You can read more about these if you want to take advantage of their services or just to learn about the latest payment method.


Skrill has been in business for almost two decades, and is currently one of the biggest providers of online payment services and digital wallets. But Amazon has yet to add popular online payment service Skrill to its online shopping platform.

You can send money to your Amazon Payments account balance from third-party
payment providers. For example, you send money using a credit or debit
card from a bank, PayPal, or your own bank account.
You can also pay for your order from a PayPal balance in your Amazon Payments account.

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