Does Aldi Sell Quinoa? (Type, Where, & More!)

Quinoa is a wonderful source of fiber and protein, making it an excellent alternative to rice. It’s also a healthier choice than rice. Quinoa is a great way of losing weight, as it fills you up faster than other grains.

Quinoa is often considered a pseudo-grain due to the way it’s consumed and the nutrients it provides.

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It is now grown all over the globe, but the majority of it is still made in Bolivia and Peru. It was not well-known until recently. It has seen a tremendous rise in popularity due to its high nutritional content and health benefits. It can be grown in many different conditions.

With that introduction, let’s get to the point: quinoa is now available in Aldi stores

Is Quinoa sold by Aldi?


  • Simply Nature Organic Quinoa
  • Quinoa blends from Earthly Grains (roasted red pepper, basil, rosemary, olive oil, garlic, and basil).
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Aldi offers enough variety of quinoa to satisfy your curiosity. Keep an eye out for the one that best suits you.

Continue reading to find out more about Aldi’s great quinoa brands, and other options.

Does Simply Nature count as an Aldi brand?

Simply Nature is an Aldi exclusive product. This means that it will be much cheaper than the other popular brands that sell quinoa. Second, it will likely be of high quality, so you can rest assured that you didn’t pay too much.

Simply Nature is a specialty in offering organic products that are non-GMO at an affordable price. This includes fruits, meat, and quinoa.

Trust The Good Housekeeping Nutritionist Approved emblem to find out if the brand is trustworthy. It has been awarded to over 80 Simply Nature products.

We understand that customers want high-quality, healthy food options at reasonable prices. Scott Patton (ALDI Vice President of Corporate Buying) said that the Simply Nature brand meets both requirements. “At ALDI the Simply Nature brand is rooted on better-for you ingredients and we are proud to have 80 Simply Nature products backed up by the Good Housekeeping Nutritionist Approved Emblem.

Are Earthly Grain and Aldi a Brand?

Yes, Earthly Grains, an Aldi brand, focuses on, you guessed, grains!

They also received excellent reviews for their quality and price. In addition, they won the PAC Global Leadership Award by winning a silver medal under the “Brand Marketing, New Brand, Food & Beverage”, category.

When you next visit Aldi, be sure to consider Earthly Grains as a pantry staple, such as pasta, rice, or grains.

What are other great brands of Quinoa?

Here are some great brands to explore if you’re looking for something different from Aldi.

Quinoa’s True Elements

This is a great option if you’re looking to lose weight. It provides all the essential vitamins and minerals that you need, while also avoiding sugar, calories, and any other enemies of weight loss.

Organic India Quinoa

This one is FSSAI certified, which will change your mind about gluten-free foods.

JIWA Healthy by Nature Organic Quinoa

This organic quinoa is very popular. It is gluten-free and high in protein. It is great with salads and other food.

Where can I find Quinoa at Aldi

Quinoa at Aldi can be found in the pantry essentials aisles. These include pasta, rice and oils as well as sauces.

Although different stores may place quinoa at different places, they are almost always right next to rice.

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Quinoa isn’t very well-known in the world. However, it’s worth trying due to its nutritional value. Quinoa can be a great alternative to rice and an excellent addition to your diet.

Try it out at your next Aldi visit. They have many varieties and flavors under their brand. This means that you can find a good deal on quinoa while grocery shopping.

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