Does Aldi Allow Dogs? (aldi Pet Policy Explained)

It seems natural to take our dogs with us everywhere we go. However, dogs don’t know to obey rules; they just obey you.

They are the best possible companions as long as they can be enjoyed with all the comfort.

And now, back to yours.

When you see the Aldi’s pet store, you can be sure that no two shopping trips will be the same. The pet store is there for you to get everything you need for your little one.

Does Aldi Allow Dogs In 2022?

The German-based supermarket chain has been known to have a strict policy against dogs in their stores, as of 2022. With an exception to their official policy: Pet service dogs are allowed inside of their stores. This means that only dogs that are trained to help an owner with their mobility are allowed inside of an Aldi store.

At Aldi you can’t bring your puppy to the store! They are not allowed to service animals on the premises, and an Aldi staff member or manager could potentially ask you to remove any service animals you have in the store. At Aldi, the purpose of bringing your dog is to get you free (sometimes) food. They don’t take into account what the dog does in their life. Aldi is not the only supermarket that discriminates against service animals. A lot of them do.

Why Doesn’t Aldi Allow Dogs?

We reached out to a slew of supermarkets to try and figure out whether they allow pets to shop inside and found that the majority of the time they were very upfront about the fact that they did not allow pets inside.

Aldi confirmed in a press release that the decision was issued to guarantee the “safe and pleasant shopping experience” of their customers.

The ban comes from Aldi’s corporate policy, but its the local storeowners who are the ones who enforce it, and a dog that doesn’t have a muzzle on would probably be banned from entering.

It’s like Aldi’s are in the best condition of any store in the city.
When we go out, we usually don’t bring any of our belongings, we just grab what we need and then leave.
But when we entered the shop and saw the dog, I thought it would be nice to have our own dog and bring it to Aldi with us.
So I just started to play with the dog and then this gentleman came.

I’m not really sure why you think this would be a violation of any form of health regulation, but I’m happy to look into it for you if you would like.

Any dog that is aggressive or destructive in a restaurant is to be removed or restrained by the owner until the dog is ready to be left alone.

Further, we might posit that since Aldi stores pride themselves on efficiency and cleanliness, and the presence of dogs would upend all that order and create a headache for workers, the presence of a dog would also create a headache for shoppers.

Aldi wants your grocery shopping experience to feel like a trip to the store as if it was your first one. The company’s goal is to have the best in-store experience than your experience at your favorite grocery store, which means they are willing to take on more responsibilities to be the most convenient option for you.

Does Aldi Allow Service Dogs?

So I don’t know if this is your response to the question, but I guess I’ll just ask your final question in a new comment.

In order for an animal to be considered a service animal, it must be under the control of the handler and it must be able to do nothing more than what a dog or horse would be able to do.

If the dog is under the control of its handler who signals or is in a position to control the dog, the dog is welcome at all Aldi stores.

Can Aldi Ask If Your Dog Is A Service Animal?

Since Aldi employees are legally bound by the ADA, employees are legally required to ask if the dog is a service animal and to allow the individual with a disability to retrieve an assistance animal with which to be accompanied in public.

The only thing that can come out of this is a possible answer to what kind of work the dog is good at.

“No inquiries into the nature of any handler’s disability or any training or documentation showing that the dog is a service dog” is a restriction on what types of questions a handler may be asked and whether a handler must be asked to show documentation that the dog is a service dog.

Can You Take Your Emotional Support Dog Into Aldi?

You may not bring your emotional support animal into a grocery store. There are some exceptions, but the most important one would be to visit a veterinarian.

ESAs have no specific abilities. They are certified through a process of psychological evaluation that establishes the general presence of an ESA and its value as a human handler.

Can You Sneak Your Little Dog Into Aldi?

It is true that you might be tempted to bring your small-breed dog into a department store that has a pet section. After all, there are carriers that look like purses and totes, and there are slings and other wearables that keep dogs close to the owner’s body. But there are many stores, even within the pet section, that do not welcome dogs.

Aldi has a very strict “No Glass or Cutlery Policy” which states that no glass or plastic items of any sort are allowed in the store.

Aldi staff would have the legal right to ask you to leave, and a public health department might call on the store.

Do Any Grocery Stores Allow Dogs?

Because the combination of dogs and food is not socially acceptable in public spaces, it is entirely likely that stores will not allow their employees to interact with you while you are walking your dog on a leash.

While you’re visiting the area, be sure to check out the dog-friendly places to eat. Most of these places will have a menu listing food that is acceptable to dogs.

How Can You Get Groceries From Aldi If You Have Your Dog With You?

We’re so happy to have Aldi here in the Philippines, it’s great that you’re able to get products here even if you’re too far away from your apartment.

The grocery store offers delivery and pick up service through Instacart. You can shop and schedule delivery online using the app for your phone or call them and they’ll pick up the groceries for you.

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Aldi does not allow dogs that are not service animals in stores, particularly for public health safety reasons. Service animals are always welcome to join their handlers, provided they are well behaved and under the handler’s control.

You can also order groceries using the Amazon Prime grocery delivery, and Amazon Fresh in select markets.

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