Costco Optician Job (duties, Is It A Good Job, Pay, Hours + More)

As a Costco optician, you will care for people’s eyes. You will also train new workers to sell contact lenses, eyeglasses, and eye exams.

For an excellent job, you will receive excellent pay and benefits. As a result, please keep reading for more information on this job and its duties.

What is the Costco Optician Job In 2022?

This is an opportunity to grow as an optician in a rapidly growing company. You can expect a competitive starting salary of $30K to $80K per year and a signing bonus of $3,000 – $5,000. After year one, you will be eligible for a performance bonus, and Costco will also provide additional benefits such as dental care, vision care, life insurance and 401K.

To learn about the cost of attending Costco optician school, get started with our free optician school overview.

What Qualifications are Needed to Work as a Costco Optician? 

Although there is no national standard for the education requirements of Costco optical technicians, most states require them to hold at least a Bachelor’s in Science in Optometry in which they must take at least 15 hours of optometry lab time, pass a comprehensive examination, and complete a one-year residency program.

The American Board of Opticianry (ABO) is the professional association for optometrists. It provides an educational curriculum and certification in which optometrists complete a 4.75 year program in optics and visual disorders.

Costco believes that the only certified contact lens dispenser, optician or ophthalmologist should be able to fit your contacts.

This certification is for contact lens fitters who already possess a contact lens certification and are willing to learn and pass the contact lens fitter course.

If we are not able to make sure that a person can get a job, we can’t say that they’ve passed our training course.
Consequently, opticians cannot maintain their position if they’re unable to take the course, and another optician can take over the job after a year is over.

While not required, skills that are important include computer skills, math, and customer service experience.

What Kind of Training Do You Need to Work at the Costco Optical Center as an Optician?

You will become a supervisor at a Costco location, teaching other employees how to do their jobs. As your years at Costco increase, your responsibilities will include monitoring inventory on-site, ensuring the health and safety of employees, and training other employees.

You will work with patients and be able to diagnose and treat vision problems, but may not be able to fit contact lenses or eyeglasses.

To be an optician, you must first learn required skills, including measuring eyes, adjusting glasses and contact lenses, patient care management, and office administrative practices.

Furthermore, optician training has a strong sales and customer service component, and the training must help opticians acquire the skills needed to perform both these functions.

During the course of two to four years of postsecondary education, opticians learn various medical and business skills from the Commission on Opticianry Accreditation programs.

What are the Daily Duties of the Costco Optician Job?

Costco offers an extensive selection of eyeglasses, contact lenses, sunglasses, and frames. They also have an extensive selection of health and beauty items such as vitamins, health & nutrition supplements, and much more.

Optical vision is provided to customers in the form of a free eye test. If a person is in need of glasses or contacts, an optician will help him choose the best product.

Costco offers a variety of ways for employees to further themselves by continuing their education and gaining new skills. It also helps them to grow in their jobs and makes their day-to-day chores more fun and exciting. It also helps employees to better understand the members and create a welcoming environment.

1 – Register and be accepted in the optician course.

How Much Does a Costco Optician Make?

Costco Wholesale is an international company that specializes in the sale of wholesale products which include: foods, clothes, electronics, household supplies, and office supplies.

What Type of Benefits Come With the Costco Optician Job?

Besides the fact that Costco pays really well, opticians can use many benefits like health insurance and retirement plans.

Additional support from corporate is provided to Costco employees for all of their purchases at Costco and their partner companies.

What Hours Do Costco Opticians Work? 

While working as an optician at Costco, you must be available every hour the store is open.

I can’t really speak to the opening hours of your stores, but as long as you are open, it is always worth a call.

It will be a cold winter, there will be lots of snow, there will be cold days and cold nights. You will have to make sure that your car is prepared for all these conditions. You don’t want to end up with a car that is not as cold as the winter conditions.

The best time to come into the shop for an appointment is to come when the owner isn’t already there.

How Can I Apply Online for Costco Optical Center Jobs?

If you want to work for Costco you can apply online. Go to Costco’s website for information about the optician or contact lens practitioner (licensed) job.

You cannot apply until you meet the job qualifications listed on the job posting. Once you have done that, you can go to the link at the bottom of the job posting to apply.

A Costco applicant needs to sign in into his or her profile if the applicant selects a location with a Costco opening.

The application is submitted and an applicant portal then provides a human resources department employee with the information from the application.

For this reason, the Costco profile allows you to apply for openings throughout the country.

After setting up their profile, they can complete their application. They can also add their certificate numbers.

This job requires knowledge and experience so people should verify that they hold current licensing from an accredited source of their particular profession.

Is the Optician Position at Costco a Good Job?

The best part of the Costco optician job is that you get to have fun and learn at the same time.

This is a fantastic opportunity to be working in the eye care industry.

The only thing is, we’re not sure we want to move into that area.

There are many benefits available to employees of Costco Optical Center, including health, dental, vision, and prescription coverage.

A customer service associate job at Costco can be a fun and rewarding job that pays well. After employees complete their training courses, they can advance to another position such as an Optical Consultant in a branch.

For more information, you can visit our website at [removed].[/removed]

You should consider the career opportunities for Costco Optical Centers.

If your Costco glasses have been broken, if you are not sure if your glasses are still under warranty, take a photo by your smartphone, and upload it to our website. In this case, we will inform you if your Costco glasses have a warranty and what to do about a broken one.


You need eye insurance to get eye care at Costco pharmacies.

By definition an optician helps by providing spectacles, sunglasses, or contact lenses. The optician further analyzes the need for such corrective lenses and provides the best type of corrective lenses.

While working in this job, opticians will help members take better care of their vision by providing information, eye tests, and vision screenings.

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