Can You Mail A Suitcase Usps? (All You Need To Know)

While it’s not hard to ship luggage, you might need a hand when you need information to do so. It’s helpful to know a few rules and tricks that can make your experience much smoother.

To answer the question of whether or not you can ship something like luggage with the USPS, we need to have a brief conversation about what you mean by ‘something like luggage.’ Because you can send just about anything with the USPS, we will determine whether you can ship your luggage to your place of residence or work with FedEx, UPS, or DHL.

Can You Mail a Suitcase With USPS?

You can also ship a suitcase via United States Postal Service, either with a box or without, provided it weighs less than 30 lbs. After 30 lbs. you will have to look into another shipping company. Suitcases can be shipped via Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, and Retail Ground, and the price varies widely in 2022.

To learn more about shipping a suitcase through the United States Postal Service, you can read this article for the most efficient packing methods, and also how you can mail a suitcase internationally with USPS.

What Is the Best Way to Ship a Suitcase?

You can use various shipping methods to ship a suitcase to its destination, however, you should use a method that’s the least cost and fastest.

If you want to ship your suitcase via “UPS”, your options are:

The delivery costs are $7.99 for standard shipments and $7.99 for expedited.

Priority Mail can take several weeks to reach your destination – and that’s because it is so, so large.
Because it is a giant package, it doesn’t fit in USPS’ standard shipping boxes. So the service will require an extra shipping box to get it from your house to its destination.
And because it’s so large, it’s got a high weight limit (it will only ship with regular USPS boxes if under 25 pounds).

PME comes with a money-back guarantee that your package will be delivered on time.

You can apply for a refund if this offer doesn’t make the deadline in order to see which offers they’ll be adding in the future.

You can also add insurance and Track your package, which comes with $100, up to $5,000, and Priority Mail Express comes with $100-worth of insurance, which you can add, up to $5,000.

The additional charge of the US Postal Service is one of the reasons this is not a free service.

Priority Mail is the second most expensive option, and the second fastest. It is also the most expensive method for delivery to Canada when you check delivery time.

Priority Mail doesn’t come with any money-back guarantee, so if your package is delayed at any step in its journey, then you really have no recourse.

If we could, we would add these two little changes to every single product on our site.

The USPS offers Click-N-Ship to purchase shipping labels and shipping boxes for the USPS.

Retail Ground Shipping is the cheapest but takes at least 8 business days to ship.

When you place an order a ship quote is created and submitted for review by the carrier on your behalf. A carrier is responsible to make a final determination of whether your order will be accepted for shipment. The shipping cost is determined based on this quote and shipping classes are available.

I can check if they offer insurance when I enter your price, and if they are reasonable, I can add it.

For this shipping class, you must visit your Post Office; you cannot purchase the postage for Retail Ground at a retail store online.

You don’t actually need a box to ship your luggage, but if you can find one that is a good size, we would recommend it.

And, of course, you are just as well to check your suitcase as being under the weight limit of 70 pounds for shipping with USPS.

You can weigh your suitcase at home by laying it on a flat surface and placing your foot on it. Take your foot off the suitcase and measure the amount you put on the scale.

Can You Ship a Suitcase Without a Box?

You can use the USPS shipping label to ship a suitcase without a box. (That is, attach the USPS label to your suitcase)
but, if you can find a box that fits around the outside of the suitcase, that is also acceptable.

You should make sure your suitcase is free of items that are prohibited in Canada and the U.S, such as marijuana, methamphetamines, anything like that. You should also make sure the suitcase is protected against theft or fire.

– The list of the most popular websites by country.
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– And much more.

If you are sending large amounts of money internationally, it may be useful to check the international restricted items list, as there are some items that can’t be sent internationally.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a 50-Pound Suitcase?

I did the math, and the USPS shipping for a 50-pound suitcase from New York to Boston would be about $14.00 a pound.

But, in order for me to know how much it will cost to ship my package, I have to know the weight, dimensions and distance my package will have to travel.

* For the full price list, including every Zone for each shipping class, visit this page here.

As an alternative, you can also get a quote from the Merchant that’s shipping to your store for this product. Once you approve the quote, you’ll receive a tracking number with the estimated delivery date, so you can monitor the progress on the delivery of the order.

Priority Mail Express is $140.80 for shipping to Washington DC, San Francisco (Zone 1) and New York, (Zone 2). It can be shipped to most other places at a higher charge, depending on where you live.

It is $495.15 USD for all of the United States.

In addition to this, if you’re shipping internationally, only a handful of countries will be able to afford the price of the Zone 8 truck.

Priority Mail Service
Your package will be delivered in three business days (excluding weekends and holidays)
Once you receive your package, you must sign for it. If you do not, the package will be taken back to the post office for you.

If the parcel is being sent to somewhere other than Zone 1 or 2, there will be an additional charge, depending on where the destination is. Priority Mail to Zone 1 costs $13.95, and Priority Mail to Zone 2 costs $18.90.

Zone 9 is the highest costing zone as it is the most expensive. Zone 8 would be the next highest cost and Zone 5 would be the lowest.

[Rough English Translation]: Retail Ground is the largest retail chain in South Korea. Its headquarters are located in Hongik-dong, Seoul. The company has more than 500 stores in South Korea.

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This option starts at just $7.15 – 8 dollars cheaper than Priority Mail – for shipping Locally, and to all Zones.

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Not a big deal really as the shipping time is the same, you just need to wait longer.

While it might not be the cheapest, it is the most effective way of sending the largest number of items.

Can You Mail a Suitcase Internationally?

A suitcase is not very easy to send internationally, and it costs around $110 to send one internationally according US Postal Service. FBA (Amazon Flexible Builds and Ship), FedEx, and USPS.

I will deliver my product to your doorstep in three business days with money back guarantee.

The price of the plane ticket varies from $2,250 to $2,500.

The service is a very common one for international shipping and will have an expected delivery within 3-5 business days. There may be cases where the service may be delayed or cancelled, however these cases are rare.

A 50-lb. suitcase costs almost $400 and goes up to over $500.

Priority mail international will take anywhere from 6 to 10 business days, depending on weight and location.

Some items, including your toothbrush and underwear, start at $7.99 for $10 and others begin at $35.99 for $40.

To learn more, you can also read our posts on the cheapest USPS shipping method, USPS shipping restrictions, and USPS mail vacation hold.

* This includes the shipping for the entire package, even for a partial order.


You might want to use a box so it can go through an added security screening. If you do not, packages might be opened and inspected. Domestic shipping can be done with Priority Mail, and it is the best value.

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