Best Pillows From Walmart (7 Pillows To Keep An Eye Open For)

At Walmart, you can find all the things you need to relax and rest. You’ll find everything from down-to-earth flannel pajamas to the best pillow brands ever invented.

I’ve rounded up seven of the Best Pillows at Target, so that means I’m really proud of myself for not bringing a pillow to work with me this week.

Best Pillows From Walmart  In 2022

7. Mainstays Comfort Complete

I am not a fan of pillows. I like the comfort of a down pillow, but my husband is allergic to down, and I have a hard time finding a good quality down pillow that is hypoallergenic. The Mainstays Comfort Complete pillow is the best down pillow I have found and we couldn’t be happier with it.

This isn’t just a dream come true for sleepers, it’s also a great way to stretch your money with a fun and creative purchase.

There is also a good chance that you will not want to sleep on your pillow because you can’t remove the thing because they are attached, and you will flip it over to try to cool off, but the “moisture-wicking technology” helps it stay cool.

There are tons of ways to buy a bed on Amazon, but this one from Overstock, I usually see it in stores, and it’s a great price.

You can find the Kindle for $159, but you could find it much cheaper – Amazon is currently selling a refurb for $89.

6. Beautyrest Silver Luxurious Spa Comfort Pillow

It is great if you are just looking for something to help you sleep better and it is good if you are willing to pay a bit more because of the quality.

The Luxury Pillow is made of extra soft, hypoallergenic fabric. It comes stuffed with 100+% hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill and comes in 10 attractive colors.

I’ve tried all the traditional remedies, but nothing works at this end of the day.

We would like to continue to live in Paris.

Beautyrest offers a variety of pillows that are sure to find a resting spot in your home.

5. Sertapedic No-Go Flat

 I like a lot of people to keep their pillows.  What I don’t like to have happen is to have their pillow become a pancake.

The Sertapedic No-Go Flat pillow has a 300 thread count outer shell, but it isn’t the same as the No-Go Pillow. The No-Go Pillow has a cotton outer shell and an extremely tight inner filling that doesn’t allow air to circulate, while the No-Go Flat pillow is filled with a combination of cotton, polyester, and a polyfill that is extremely breathable.

The pillow is stuffed with the same “supportive form core” to keep it as full in all the right places as the day you brought it home.

The manufacturer recommends this product for people who like to fall asleep with a pillow between their shoulders and head.

Pillows are a must to sleep better. This pillow will elevate the head so you can use just one regular pillow.

You can buy a “King” size bed at a standard price (without additional mattress or box spring), or a “Queen” size bed at a discounted price.

The memory foam pillow was meant to be used in the same manner as a mattress, and is therefore not recommended for washing. However, you can remove any soiled areas with a damp washcloth, though we did not test this on the pillow.

4. Plixio Extra Firm Queen Bed Pillows

The Plixio Extra Firm is one of the priciest pillow options on this list, yet at the same time there are two pillows made from a breathable material that is derived from bamboo.

I use the pillow sleeve for a hot night with a big fan, instead of a sleeping bag.

The design of the filling is 100% hypoallergenic, helps with your snoring, reduces neck pains, migraines, and better sleep.

The memory foam helps with all of that because it actually cradles and holds your neck and head still, keeping your spine well-aligned.

I like how these are just small pillows and you can throw them in with your laundry and they won’t take up too much space.

They’re great if you want to watch Netflix from bed, or you just enjoy the comfort of a thick pillow.

In fact, that 10-year warranty is a big deal — I had a mattress with Walmart that lasted only a few years.

3. Mainstays Allergy Relief

They’ve designed a pillow that is meant to stop the accumulation of fluid by keeping your head in a stable position, rather than letting it be tossed around by the waves of symptoms that can accumulate during sleep.
It also has a neck support, which was a feature of the older pillows, but I didn’t see why there would be a need for it.

This pillow covers protect against pollen and dust mites. It is soft on your head and is breathable, so it won’t trap or hold onto pollen or dust.

In terms of price, it’s going to be a little more than the cheapest pillow you can get, but it’s a pillow that you can stick to almost the whole night if you need to.

Because it’s very convenient to be able to wash the cover on the pillow, so it can be very easily cleaned.

2. Coop Home Goods Eden Memory Foam Pillow

We can’t comment on the quality of the pillows, we can only suggest you visit a local store to get the right fit.

The EZO memory foam mattress uses a new in-bed cooling system that is designed to increase the level of sleep comfort even in the most demanding cases.

It is a gel infused memory foam pillow that is designed to help keep your head cool.

The pillow is a perfect fit for someone with a small to medium sleeping space, and it’s easy to remove if you need to make the space a little bigger or smaller by yourself.

The pillow is made of 100% vegan and cruelty-free materials, and no animals were harmed in its making.

Yes the queen-size is $89.99 but for the king size this mattress is only priced at 99.99 this one is awesome this is a great buy.

1. Sertapedic Endless Comfort

A Serta mattress costs twice as much as the Mainstays, but doesn’t offer the same quality–and it’s not available in the sizes I’m considering.

The cotton feels quite nice against the skin and the cover is quite thick, so there’s very little movement between layers or over the skin.

If you love the pillows at hotels, because they’re so very soft and fluffy, and so luxurious, you will definitely enjoy these great down pillows.

This article is for finding mattress deals online. If you are looking for mattress return policy or other things to know before buying a mattress from Walmart, please check out our other articles.


Walmart has the “comfort market” cornered. They even have name brand pillows at affordable prices. From very high end to simple, straightforward options for less than $4, there’s a choice for every budget.

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