Atlanta Airport Parking – Quick Guide for the First-time Traveler 

Parking at the airport can be a daunting task, especially for a first-time traveler. Are you struggling to decide which parking option you should choose? The Atlanta airport is the busiest airport in the world and parking can certainly reflect that fact. If you’re feeling overwhelmed about parking at the airport for your upcoming trip, rest assured, we’ve put together a quick guide with everything you’ll need to know about parking at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Parking Companies 

The popularity of off-site airport parking is on the rise. Thanks to parking companies, travelers have the option of choosing heavily discounted parking and avoiding the airport parking circus completely. On Air Parking is a company dedicated to helping travelers find the most cost efficient parking that meets their needs. By partnering with four and five star private parking facilities near the airport, On Air Parking is able to get you an excellent deal. 

The process is simple. You’ll enter your travel dates on the website and the location of the airport. Within a few minutes, you’ll receive an email with the parking facility you’ve been matched with. Your email will include location of the parking facility and hours of operation. On the day of your departure, you’ll park your vehicle at the designated facility and take a shuttle over to the airport. Your vehicle will be in a secured lot waiting for your return. Once you land, you’ll take a shuttle from the airport back to the parking facility to retrieve your vehicle. 

There are a wide range of these parking companies available, so check your local listings. 

Domestic Parking 

The parking areas at Hartsfield-Jackson are arranged according to where you’ll be traveling. The Domestic parking area offers several different options. 

Economy Parking 

The best deal on parking if you’re planning to be gone for more than a couple of days, the Economy parking area is the best choice for you. There are two options: North and South. The cost to park in either lot is $3.00 per day with a daily maximum of $14.00 per day. As you can imagine, at this great price, these lots fill up quickly. Be sure to arrive in plenty of time before your flight to ensure availability.

Daily Parking 

For travelers planning to leave their car at the airport for a day or two, you might consider Daily parking. This is a four-level, covered parking area located directly across from the terminals. Fees are still quite reasonable at $3.00 per hour with a $19.00 daily maximum. 

Hourly Parking 

If you only need to pick up or drop off a passenger, the Hourly parking area is the best option for you. The pricing for this lot reflects the fact that this lot is meant for short-term parking at the airport. Your first two hours will cost about $3.00 per hour. At three hours, the price goes to $4.00 for up to six hours. After six hours, you can expect to pay the $36.00 per day fee. 

ATL West Parking 

If you’d like to make sure your vehicle is protected from the elements while you are away, there’s another option for you. Hartsfield-Jackson’s West Parking Deck is located right next to SkyTrain Gateway Station and is extremely convenient. The airport is just a short ride away via the SkyTrain. Parking here will cost you around $16.00 per day. The parking deck connects directly with both the domestic and international terminals. 

ATL Select Parking 

Hartsfield-Jackson has also opened a park-n-ride lot near the airport. This is a newer lot designed to help alleviate the overflowing parking situation as more and more people return to flying after the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Travelers have an option of both covered and uncovered parking. Covered parking will cost you $14.00 per day while uncovered parking is $10 per day. 


If you’ll be making an international trip, the airport has separate parking options for you that will put you closer to the terminal. 

International Hourly 

If your trip to the airport will be a short one and you’re simply dropping off and/or picking up a passenger, you’ll want to consider the International Hourly parking. Parking here starts at $3.00 per hour, with a daily maximum of $36.00 per day.

International Park-Ride 

For travelers who are planning to be away for a while, the International Park-Ride is the best solution to your parking needs. You’ll park in this lot and take a short 3 minute ride to the terminal on the complimentary shuttle. Shuttles are available 24/7 so you don’t have to worry about being stranded once you park. You’ll be dropped off at International Departures and picked up at Arrivals upon your return for the trip back to your vehicle. This covered parking deck will cost $3.00 per hour with a $14.00 daily maximum. 

How to Book Parking 

It’s quick and easy to book parking at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. You can choose to book your parking online in advance, saving you time. This option is available for the International Hourly, International Park-Ride and the ATL West parking areas. You’ll need to book at least 24 hours in advance of your arrival. Prepayment guarantees there will be a spot available for you when you arrive, even if the lots show a status of “full”. 

For all other parking areas, you’ll proceed to the designed parking lot and receive a ticket to enter. You’ll pay upon your exit. Major credit cards and cash payments are accepted. 

Gold Reserve Parking 

If you are a frequent traveler and park at the airport at least 12 days per year, the Gold Reserve parking program is something you definitely want to consider. This lot is designed for those who will be parking overnight and the rates are $3.00 per hour with a daily maximum of $34.00. The Gold Reserve parking area is located on the ground level of the parking deck, next to the North 

and South terminals. For membership costs, visit the Gold Reserve Membership payment information page. 

Electric Vehicle Parking 

For your convenience, there are EV charging stations located throughout the airport parking areas. You’ll find charging stations at: 

● North and South Domestic Terminal Daily lots (ground floor) 

● South Employee lot 

● International Terminal Hourly deck (Level 2) 

● International Terminal Park-Ride lot 

● ATL Technical Support Campus 

● Maintenance Building No. 1 

● ATL West Parking Deck 

● ATL Park Ride Select (Sullivan Road)

Improvement Project 

ATLNext is the airport’s improvement project and it is underway. Over the next 20 years, a series of projects are planned to help boost parking capacity and refresh the parking facilities. For project updates and current status, you can visit the website for more details. 

The Takeaway 

If you’re parking for a short time or taking an extended trip, parking at the airport before a trip can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Choose to book online or pay at the airport. Choose on site airport parking or try out a private off-site company. The good news is, whether traveling for business or pleasure, the many options for parking at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, parking your vehicle will be a breeze.

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