9 Highest Paying Jobs in Houston 

In today’s realities, salary is quite a deceiving factor in one’s career life. To illustrate what is going on in the labor market and the opportunities available for ambitious people, let’s take Houston as an example. It is a state that has something to offer to educated professionals in terms of diversity of career fields to explore, as well as in terms of possibly earnable salary.  

Regardless of your education, there are directions to choose from and even build a career. From crafting occupations to developer careers, or opportunities for resume writers in Houston, there is always a path toward a high-paid job. So let’s see which fields to choose from. 

What Salaries Are High in Houston? 

The average salary in Huston is $61,268 yearly. It is lower compared to other states, which have an average of $66,665 every year. This salary level is perfectly appropriate for Houston, as the price of living there is also lower. With the average numbers in mind, a salary of $80,000 yearly provides for comfortable living. A person that earns $100,000 and moves will be considered a high-paid professional. Above is a list of top-paid professions in Houston.  

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Huston Jobs With the Highest Salaries 

Most of the jobs described here require specific education and certification. However, they are careers that field professionals can aspire to have.   


Lawyers are the guides for individuals and businesses to the legal procedure world. They represent people in courts and support organizations through bureaucratic and legal processes. A good lawyer is always wanted in the fast-paced modern world, and in Houston, such professionals are compensated with an annual salary of $91,114 on average.  

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This profession requires long learning, training, examination, and practice permissions. Lawyers that use their expertise with creativity reach higher salary levels.  

Marine engineer  

Houston has connections to water bodies, so it is no wonder it has a well-developed marine field. Particularly, marine engineers are valued human resources with average salaries of $92,229 annually. A marine engineer’s responsibilities include developing vessels to navigate water and preparing these vessels for safe work. Needless to say that the responsibility level in this job is quite high, which is why it is compensated accordingly.  


A physician is another professional of high demand and compensation in Houston. This person supports an individual or their family medically and is licensed to prescribe medicine. The expertise of a physician as a medic is quite broad, as people address them with different symptoms and get directed to narrow specialists as needed. The average salary of a physician in Houston is an annual $106,791. 


Compared to the previous medical profession on the list, a veterinarian’s expertise is more specific, as its field is pets. This profession is both popular and profitable, as it requires a medical degree and is demanded among people as they tend to have pets. Just as the market of goods for pets grows, so do people’s concerns about their animals’ health. Hence a good veterinarian in Houston earns about $111,175 annually.  


As one can see, well-paid medical professions are popular in Houston, and a pharmacist is another on the list. This profession requires close to an encyclopedic knowledge of symptoms and pharmaceuticals. The responsibility carried with the profession is also quite high. For example, a pharmacist is responsible for selling prescription drugs. In this profession, people earn annually $112,101. 

Information manager 

An information manager is a profession from a different field highly demanded in many industries. Information managers keep corporate information from leaking, create public relations and communicational strategies for organizations, or even create roadmaps for personal brand development. Working with information is quite a subtle craft that requires keeping in touch with events and trends in the community.  

People in this field understand the value of information and its impact on the world. People thriving in this profession know how to use it for the sake of their project. A good information manager usually earns an annual of $143,842 on average.  

Chief executive officer 

No wonder a CEO is among the highest-paid jobs available in Houston. This position is responsible for decision-making and directions that the company will take. The CEO’s effectiveness defines the whole company’s profit, which is why this job is classified as high-stakes. However, the responsibility pays well, as CEOs earn an average annual salary of $158,188. 


Being a surgeon is yet another medical job that many young people aspire to become. This particular job demands the latest knowledge of technology and techniques, concentration, and talent on top of an immaculate medical degree. Such demands are quite natural for a professional surgeon, as such professionals save people’s lives.  

Commonly, high-professional surgeons narrow their expertise at some point in their careers. They become marrow, brain, and other types of surgeons that deliver outstanding results in their field. The compensation for this job is an annual of $161,431 on average.  


Last but not least in this block is the profession of a dentist. Dentistry is usually considered an inevitable expense, as dental problems are not problems people can schedule or postpone. Clients who find their perfect dentist become their regulars, as reputation and skills are crucial for one’s reputation and personal brand.  

The average salary of a dentist in Houston is about $232,472 per year.  

The Bottom Line 

Most of the jobs listed in this article are high-level professional occupations. Each position on the list requires education, skills, and experience to reach the status and the salaries they can provide. Therefore, feel free to start your career at a temporarily lower level of expertise, as it is possible to grow into a well-paid professional and a known leader in your field. If you need help figuring out where to start, start by deciding on the direction for growth. The opportunities will come naturally if you show enough interest in the field.  

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