Thriving Industries and Career Opportunities: Navigating the Path to Professional Success

If you are looking to build a successful career, there are many factors to consider. You need to get relevant education or training, master the art of time management, and stay proactive in the workplace. A lot also depends on choosing the right industry that is developing rapidly and offers plenty of professional opportunities.

In this article, we will share the list of the fastest-growing industries in the US. If you are looking for a better-paying, more rewarding role, take these career fields into account.

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5 thriving industries for a successful career, according to a resume proofreader

Whether you are looking for your first job after college or changing careers, think about these options:


The healthcare industry accounts for 18% of the GDP and is one of the rapidly growing ones. It offers a variety of professional opportunities, decent pay and generous benefits. Longer life expectancies and more patients with chronic conditions create a demand for more professionals in the industry.

Many people find this career path extremely rewarding as they get to help others. Yet, healthcare also has an abundance of jobs that do not relate to patient care, including medical technician, IT, lab technician, and coding specialist positions. Healthcare is great for building a long-term career, as it offers opportunities for advancement.

AI and information technology

The IT sector continues to show remarkable growth thanks to our increasing reliance on technology in various aspects of our lives. Digital technologies have transformed the way we study, learn and live, and the industry is expected to grow by over 7% annually by 2028. The key tech players as well as startups continuously look for talented professionals.

More importantly, many tech positions do not require a college degree. Demand for help desk professionals, data scientists, programmers, and cybersecurity is on the rise. The AI industry with its groundbreaking innovations also shows tremendous growth. It is integrated into many consumer goods and the technology continues to evolve, thus, AI specialists will be sought after.


The education market worldwide is projected to grow by 10% by 2027. As technology transforms the labor market globally, more people will need to learn new things to keep pace with the new approaches and methods of work. Moreover, lots of people will have to retrain as their jobs become redundant. The online education sector is booming, as both renowned universities and digital platforms offer short-term courses and complete degree programs.

This sector offers such career options as online instructor, e-learning content developer, education technology specialist, and student support specialist. Many of these positions offer good salaries and the opportunity to work remotely, which gives you a great deal of flexibility.

Personal services

The market of personal services demonstrates positive forecasts both in developed and developing countries. This umbrella term unites a vast array of professions, including event and wedding planning, housekeeping, make-up art, caregiving, personal shopping, and more. An aging population, a busy lifestyle, and the growing popularity of wellness all contribute to the growing demand for these and many other services.

Many jobs in personal services have a low entry barrier, and some of them require just short-term training. Plus, you can start your own business and manage your schedule.

Energy sector

The energy prices increased in 2022, and the sector is anticipated to grow to $80 billion in 2029. This means adding new jobs, and the most lucrative positions include chemical engineer, aerospace engineer, wind turbine service technician, architectural manager, and service unit operator roles.

The renewable energy sector is getting more popular and can compete with traditional fossil fuels. It is supported by the government, therefore, the renewable energy industry is a great option for those looking for a steady career and wishing to work with a sustainable company.

How to build a successful career?

For those looking to grow rapidly in their career, choosing a booming industry is essential. Here are some professional tips to help you achieve professional success faster.

Absorb new knowledge

If you want to build a successful career, never stop learning new things. Your education shouldn’t stop after you have graduated from college. Watch TED talks, listen to interviews and read articles of experts in your field, and follow the news and trends in your industry. Take an online course if it will give you the essential knowledge to advance in your field. As you learn new things, you develop your business acumen and start seeing new opportunities. Moreover, if you know things that other people in your company don’t, this will make you a valuable professional.

Be proactive and create opportunities

Everyone knows that grasping new opportunities is essential for your professional development. Yet, if there are no opportunities in your company right now, consider creating them. If your company (or your dream company) has no open positions, reach out and wonder if they can create a position for you. If you’d like to work on a project that could be beneficial for the company, talk to your supervisor and suggest your idea. Being proactive is essential to get noticed.

Share your professional goals with your employer

Working hard is important, but it’s not enough for getting promoted. Make sure that your boss is aware of your professional goals and knows that you are looking to get promoted. During performance reviews, ask what exactly you need to do to get ahead. Yet, if despite all your efforts and professional development you are not getting any advancement, consider looking for a desired position with a new company.

Give your soft skills a boost

When you move up the career ladder, soft skills are getting increasingly important. Our ability to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts, give and accept feedback and demonstrate creative thinking is something that robots can replace. Critically evaluate how you work with others and what management and coworkers say about you, and work on your weak areas.

Keep your resume up to date

Whether you are looking for a new job or not, always keep your resume updated. Thus, if the right opportunity arises, you’ll be able to send it immediately.

If you think that your resume undersells you, but aren’t sure how to make it better, a professional resume editor can help. Resume experts, for example, can update your old resume or create a new one from scratch. The writer will focus on your achievements, and relevant skills, and use a catchy design that shows off your strengths. Moreover, they can adapt your resume for a target job to help you pass applicant screening systems.

Get help with a professional resume near me

Jobs in thriving industries typically attract more job-seekers, as they offer better career prospects and higher-paying positions. To stand out from the competition, make sure that your resume properly reflects your skills and your value as a professional. When in doubt, reach out to a resume writer to give your resume a quality update and stay confident as you apply to open positions. Good luck with your job search!

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