23+ Dollar General Statistics, Facts And Trends 

Founded in Scottsville, Kentucky, in 1939, Dollar General was introduced to America’s retail sphere with the idea that no item should cost more than one dollar.

With an inventory of over 40,000 products, including household necessities like soap, toothpaste, and cleaning products, the discount retailer is quickly growing into a major force.

As a leading company in a competitive marketplace, Dollar General takes into consideration how to adapt to the changing environment.

23+ Dollar General Statistics, Facts & Trends

Dollar General Growth Statistics And Facts

Dollar General is the most important retail store in the rural areas in the United States. Every day thousands of Americans visit stores to purchase quality goods at low prices.

Well, we have gone through a large growth over the years. We started as a one man show in a garage, now we have a team of over 400 employees from all across the globe.

1. Rapid Financial Growth

By the end of the first decade of business, Dollar General had achieved an estimated annual revenue of $5 million, with 27 stores located in several states, as well as the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

The total dollar volume of business done by Dollar General from April 2001 through March 2002 was $4,035,000,000.

2. Dollar General Opened Distribution Centers Catering to Surrounding States 

With the help of its network of distribution centers, Dollar General began investing in rural communities. The company started with 16 distribution centers in Virginia, and over the years has expanded to reach all rural communities across the US.

The grocery store is located in a strip mall, and it is the only Dollar General store in the state of Wisconsin.

Since all the U.S. and international production and distribution facilities are under control, all of our facilities are under-staffed.

3. Improving Fortune 500’s Rank Position

This retail company has been successful at meeting its customers’ needs by providing them with low-priced goods. This is evident in the fact that it saw an increase in the number of locations from 17000 in 1999 to 17600 in 2019. Customers keep coming back, especially since the prices are on par with the competition.

Dollar General Trends

Dollar General has increased its monthly sales by expanding the number of their own stores, and they are now very successful.

The Dollar General store is an American chain of dollar stores with locations in America and around the globe. A majority of their stores are located in rural and suburban areas. When it started, the chain was based only in the United States, but since then, they have expanded to many countries overseas. Their stores are geared towards saving people money on supplies, clothing and other essentials they may need. Each store specializes in their own line of products.

4. More Than 70% of Americans Live Within 5 Miles of a Dollar General

In America today, nearly 70% of people live within 5 miles of a Dollar General store. This means that nearly 70% of Americans have the opportunity to shop with us in their local Dollar General store.

5. Plans to Expand Community Reach

In 2021, we anticipate having the opportunity to build over 1,000 new stores, renovate over 1,750 stores and relocate over 100 convenience stores.

Since Dollar General stores are often located in areas that experience economic hardship due to high unemployment rates, consumers are more willing to shop their favorite brands at a lower price.

6. eCommerce Drives Sales

Dollar General set out to offer the best prices on everyday items in order to drive sales. They achieved that with their eCommerce site, which generated $375.5 million in sales in 2020 alone.

The Dollar General eCommerce site is a robust online store that relies heavily on big data and machine learning to predict what customers are looking for when they visit the Dollar General online store.

The economic benefits have also increased the usage of online shopping by offering products at a much lower price than offline stores. The large range of products available online, from seasonal goods, pet care products, health and beauty products, toys, electronics, household commodities, groceries, auto, and hardware tools.

7. Dollar General is The Leading Dollar Store in America with Over $27 Billion Sales Revenue

Dollar General became Dollar Tree’s largest shareholder by purchasing $1.7 billion in shares.

Dollar General Employee Facts and Figures

The construction of additional stores and distribution locations offers greater opportunities for employees to work. Read below for more information on distribution center employee statistics.

8. Dollar General Pays Above Minimum Wage

Many retail associates are paid below minimum wage wages and the wages vary from store to store. Most retail managers and customer assistants have minimum wage wages.

Workers are paid an hourly rate, usually every week. Forklift operators earn around $17 per hour and General Dollar General truck drivers earn a salary up to $76,772 yearly, slightly above average.

To learn more about much Dollar General employees make, you can go to our extensive post on their hourly pay rates.

9. How Many Employees Does Dollar General Have?

Dollar General is experiencing a high amount of growth, which has increased its amount of employees. The company is growing steadily in 2020.

The average compensation for employees is $50,611, which is an increase of +$4,824 in two years.

10. Dollar General ‘Takes Care of Its People’

Dollar General is also responsible for ensuring their employees health and well-being is covered by their benefits package. They even offers a 401(k) program and a match for all of their full-time employees.

11. Employee Satisfaction

According to Indeed, current and former employees were satisfied with their work. Employees recommended Dollar General as a great place to work and a great part-time or flexible work option.

Drivers said they were happy with the pay and benefits offered. In addition, access to quality equipment is one of the most important aspects of their job satisfaction.

12. Dollar General Aims To Look After Employers Later In Life

The company has a retirement plan that is available to most employees. They provide a number of investment options, including the ability to pick from a company match.

13. Assisting Employees with College Entry

The University Alliance Program provides you with discounts on tuition fees and deferred billing to make your university experience more affordable. This way you can focus on your studies and have time for extra courses without worrying about the cost.

14. Statistics Indicate Progressive Employees at Dollar General

You will be more qualified to rise to the next level if you take an apprenticeship. If you are a highly skilled employee, then your chances of being promoted to senior roles will increase.

Dollar General’s Community Interest

While supporting local communities with retail needs, Dollar General has also created initiatives that support their lifestyle. If you would like to be a part of these, then get in touch with the team who will provide full support!

15. Dollar General’s Award-Winning Graduate Initiatives

A Dollar General Tuition Scholarship will be awarded to qualified candidates on a first come first serve basis. Applications will be accepted annually beginning May 1st and must be submitted by August 1st.

16. Millions of Dollars Are Put Towards Literacy Grants

$186 million has been given to literacy organizations by the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, founded in 1999.

There are many grants, but some of the most well-known are The College Board Achievement Scholarship, The National Foundation of the Arts, The National Endowment for the Arts, and The National Endowment for the Humanities.

$4 million was given to education organizations to help educators across the United States.

17. Thousands of employees entitled to ‘Better Life Wellness Programs’

Dollar General associates can learn of a comprehensive legal plan and insurance benefits that enable them to obtain and process legal documentation. They can also participate in fitness programs and financial counseling.

Dollar General Market Statistics

With more and more Americans looking for cheap, efficient options, Dollar General is growing in popularity. Here we’ll find out how much money the business is making each year, and where it’s headed.

18. Billion Dollar Revenue By The End of 2020

A company run by the same family as TJ Maxx has generated $27.7 billion in sales revenue. The company has been in business for a very long time but still generates billions of sales a year.

19. How Many Items at Dollar General Are Just a Dollar?

We see that Dollar General operates more than 7,000 stores. You can expect a good shopping experience at Dollar General because they have good customer service. You are more likely to find deals like a penny gumball and a dollar soda at Dollar General.
[Title]: Dollar General, a chain of discounters (a chain of stores that sell items at low prices), provides a unique shopping experience and attracts customers.

Modernizing Dollar General Stores

 To be a more convenient store for all customers, Dollar General is renovating their stores by purchasing new equipment and furnishings.

20. Digitizing Your Shopping Experience

If you’re having trouble rounding up your purchase, or simply want to compare prices, Dollar General offers the Cart Calculator. It allows you to see how much your items will cost and compare prices.

Scan and go scanning is going to be used to increase the amount of shopping that is done online. Stores with this process in place are likely to spend double that of stores who only have an online presence.

21. Scan and Go Shopping Now Available at Dollar General

In addition to your shopping experience, you can scan items and skip the checkout line at as many as 100 stores. Use your phone to complete payment, and you can skip the line at checkout.

22. Download The Dollar General App For Free 

This should make the app more convenient – you can choose to shop at the store nearest you, or shop from the store that is closest to you if you’re already near the store.

Dollar General Transportation Statistics 

Dollar General is one of the largest retail chains in the whole world. The company has more than 10,000 stores, which is located in more than 500 cities around the United States. Each day the company makes about 500,000 deliveries as well as 15,000 pickups.

23. Truck Drivers Reach Dollar General Stores Every Two Minutes 

Statistics predict that trucks deliver to approximately 3,000 dollar generic stores across America each day. Deliveries supply around 12,000 products in over 16,000 stores.

24. Growing Distribution Centers Reduce Travel Costs

States like Ohio suffer from a lot of economic disadvantages when it comes to businesses. This new investment will help improve the job prospects for those people.

The next step in our guide to save money on your groceries is shopping in a grocery store like Dollar General.


Dollar General has showed that it will continue to be an industry leader in retail with the launch of the Dollar General Express Store. It will improve the economy and employment rates in low-income areas.

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