15 Things To Know Before Buying Costco Furniture

Consumers have more affordable options available, and there’s no shortage of furniture you can choose.

Costco furniture is usually made for indoor use, as opposed to outdoor furniture.
Costco uses the highest quality materials available, but it is not the most expensive.
When you buy your furniture at Costco, your home is going to stay beautiful and clean for years to come.

15 Things to Know Before Buying Costco Furniture In 2022

1. You Can Only Buy Costco Furniture Twice a Year In-Store

Costco only rolls out a new design of home and office furniture twice a year, in conjunction with the company’s annual furniture sales.

For example, in July and in December you will find Costco furniture on the sale floor en masse for purchase.

As we’ve mentioned, it’s imperative that you check Costco regularly to ensure that you have the right sales before making a purchase. Moreover, you should also make sure you have enough time and money for your shopping trip.

2. For the Best Deals on Costco Furniture, Hit up the Semi-Annual Furniture Sale

During the Costco Semi-Annual Furniture sale is when the company hauls out that year’s selection of sectionals, dining sets, and more twice annually.

We can apply the rule of three to the noun “furniture” to form a list of nouns, or “furniture words”.

I’m not sure if it happens in every week or not, but there is a good chance that sales will end up in September since that is when the games come out and are available to buy.

To stay in the know about these furniture events, you could join a Facebook group or follow a page such as Costco Buys.

3. There Is a Type of Costco Furniture for Every Need

Costco has a huge selection of furniture in stock, so if you’re looking for an affordable home office, kitchen, or bedroom furniture, then check out Costco’s furniture department. Their furniture is always in stock and affordable prices have always been their trademark.

furniture from the US, furniture from Japan, furniture from Mexico, furniture from Italy, furniture from China, and furniture from France.

You can shop for your dining room, bedroom, kitchen or other furniture items from the hundreds of thousands of merchandise in our online store.

4. The Variety of Costco Furniture Updates Annually

Buying furniture is a good investment as long as you don’t buy the outdated-looking furniture. You can update your furniture by buying it every year.

You might need to buy a second copy of the same art, because it’s a limited edition.
This piece is not for sale, because I am the owner.

5. Costco Furniture Will Probably Save You a Pretty Penny

Along with the great selection of furniture that Costco offers, it also applies the maximum 14 percent markup to their furniture.

Costco was one of the first corporations to figure out that by selling its merchandise in bulk, it would be able to cut costs, as well as sell more product for the same profit.

In a way, Costco is like the poor man’s name brand where you buy a generic product at a lower price.

However, the individual companies have different costs, and thus the total cost of the furniture differs depending on how the companies decide to split the bill.

Costco is known for their low prices, which is the case for this particular piece. But the difference between the price at a furniture retailer would be a lot of money.

Costco is a great place to shop for furniture because they offer the best price and have a great variety of styles.

6. You Can Purchase Costco Furniture Online 24/7

In the month of January, if you don’t want to pay full price, you can snag a new bed frame.

If you go to https://www.Costco.com/ you can still purchase Costco furniture online any time of the year and at any time of day.

It’s very unlikely that you are going to get as good of a deal online since the competition is a lot bigger.

7. You’re Better Off Buying Costco Furniture in Person

The real secret of getting a lot of quality furniture at low costs seems to be to buy furniture from Costco when it has furniture sales… you can see and touch it all up close and check multiple options, which sometimes makes a huge difference in the decision-making.

Uphomely recommends visiting a store in the afternoon on a weekday. It’s better to come during the morning hours than the afternoon, because it’s much less crowded then.

8. Look for Costco Furniture Near the Center of the Store

Costco is not a great place if you are looking for anything else but furniture. You will find tables and chairs everywhere.

Costco displays its furniture in the middle and it’s pretty easy to find if you look for the sectionals array.

9. You Might Not Get the Same Expertise on Costco Furniture That You Would at a Furniture Store

10. Do Your Homework Before Buying Costco Furniture

It is important to take the time and do research on what type of furniture you want to get, before heading to the store to purchase it.

If you don’t get the dimensions right on your first try, bring it back the next time you’re in the store.

In case you do not see any place online that sells the item for cheaper or for free, you can always try to look for the product on ebay.

11. Don’t Bet on Delivery for Your Costco Furniture

You should also make sure that you know the dimensions of the product you want before you make a trip to Costco. This will ensure that you buy the right size.

There will be trouble if a sectional is too big for a large SUV, but I’m not exactly sure how big it would have to be.

Before purchasing big, heavy pieces of construction equipment, be prepared and have a truck or U-Haul ready.

12. Costco Furniture Purchased Online Will Be Delivered to You

If you buy Costco furniture you have to take it into the store and make sure it fits, because you’re paying for it and it will most likely be too big. You can choose the delivery time by selecting when you want it delivered.

delivery is when a worker brings and sets the furniture down inside the house.

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We can try a similar question for the word “to deliver” with another example that is a bit easier to answer.

You can be sure you will be greeted at the door by a smile, and if you wish, you can ask to be checked in by the receptionist, and have your name called as you make your entrance.

The delivery person will unpack the item, set up the object and ensure that everything is working properly. They even dispose of the packaging for you, too!

13. Customers Are Generally Very Happy About Their Costco Furniture Purchases

For instance, a few Costco customers have claimed that they have achieved their goals of having a furniture unit that will last them several years.

People commented that the couch they bought 25 years ago was great, and it has lasted all this time.

There were a lot of positive comments and reviews about the Costco-based decor, with people saying it was a good alternative to thrift store shopping, that it was nice because you could see exactly what you were getting and that it was a good value.

The best thing about the easy return policy, is that every customer has the opportunity to get a second chance to buy if the first one isn’t satisfied.

14. If You’re Not Happy, Costco Furniture Is Easy to Return

Costco allows your couch to be returned even if it isn’t defective or broken.

But if you’re unhappy with your desk, bedroom set, or kitchen table, you can bring it back and get your money back.

15. Costco Furniture Also Comes With a Two-Year Warranty

Costco is one of the only furniture companies to offer a two-year warranty.

The second factor is location–some of the most important decisions about furniture are location-based.

You can buy a new recliner if you are only looking for a recliner that may not be as durable.

Costco is one of the largest retailers in the U.S. and is known for selling various products at affordable prices.


Furniture can be a huge investment, but Costco’s low mark-up on high-quality pieces that are durable and comfortable make them a great place to shop.

Costco furniture comes up twice a year for sale, but you can always buy Costco furniture online, and delivery is another huge bonus.

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