Why Do People Like Vore?

Vore is not a literal form of cannibalism. It is more like an intense fantasy that can be engaged in through media such as art, comic books, and video games.

People who have this desire often role-play situations where they are eaten or consumed by another person – sometimes both at once.

Understanding Vorarephilia

Vorarephilia is a paraphilia in which people are sexually gratified by devouring others, being devoured, or observing others perform this act. It’s generally considered one of the most dangerous and aberrant forms that human sexuality can take place.

Soft Vore

Soft vore is when someone gets released from their consumption in a non-fatal way, similar to how whales swallow people and then later find ways for them to get free.

Soft vore is where people get an erotic charge from the idea of being eaten whole. In contrast to sexual cannibalism, which links love and eating human flesh (except for some cultures that practice it as a religious ritual), voraphiles find pleasure in imagining themselves being consumed entirely by another individual.

Hard Vore

Some people find it more appealing to be eaten than chew themselves. While being chewed and swallowed, vomiting can often create a visceral fantasy for those who prefer less detail or graphicness in their imagery, but hard vores still exist!

Hard vore is a type of fantasy in which the person consumed experiences an intense, graphic death.

This can include being ripped apart or torn limb from the torso and then slowly chewed up by their attacker before they are digested – often with some degree sadism involved as well!

Fetishes Related to Vorarephilia

Vorarephilia, macrophilia, and sexual cannibalism are all common in the world of sexuality. In vorarephilic societies, women tend to be smaller than men, so it is not surprising that this would lead them into fantasies about being consumed or dominated by someone else who has a bigger physical size.

This idea provides erotic pleasure for some individuals when they imagine their partners eating up all their food before them.

Vorarephilia May Be Described as a Variation of Macrophilia

Role-playing games like Predator and Prey create a safe space for people interested in exploring their curiosity or maybe just trying something new.

This can include everything from Bondage/Discipline to Domination & Subjection–in both hard vore situations where there’s violence involved between two consenting adults and softcore kink such as featuring an animal creature being eaten alive by another one which might not even have humanlike features at all!

Vore fantasies often have themes of BDSM, macrophilia (a lustful attraction to minuscule objects), pregnancy fetishism, and anthropomorphic animals. One popular trend in voraphile culture is “unbirthing” or getting eaten alive by a vagina – when someone desires being swallowed whole into their reproductive system while still residing inside its mother’s womb before being returned after birth; another example would involve some form of sexual cannibalism where individuals get consumed both physically and morally.

Difference Between Human Cannibalism and Vorarephilia

Vore is about the thrill of being eaten. Predators are usually not from the same species. It focuses more on how both parties feel during this act than any actual consensual vore might be–essentially just describing what it would feel like.

Cannibalism is a rare and often misunderstood act. Many people think that it’s only possible for movies, but the reality couldn’t be farther from what you see on screen – with some exceptions!

Kinds of Fetish


People with a feet fetish are sexually attracted to the idea of feet. They often focus on details like skin color, shape, and size, making for some pretty exciting role-play opportunities!

A person’s preference in this area might stem from their childhood memories or associations based on pictures drawn at school during art class.


People who have shoe fetishes are obsessed with shoes. They can’t get enough of them and will often wear extensive collections at any time – sometimes even going so far as to sleep in their favorite pair!


Ear fetishes come in many forms. Many people enjoy the feeling of earrings or piercings on their ears, but some find other parts attractive as well! Some like hairy legs, others prefer hairless ones, and some go crazy over big butts.


A color fetish is an extreme fascination with specific colors, such as those found in objects or clothing. The person may choose to wear only that specific shade and nothing else!


People who have a sexual underwear fetish often enjoy wearing specific undies. They might be turned on by the feel, see it as part of their identity, or just like how they look in them – you’re probably wondering why anyone would do that! The answer is simple: personal preference.

Fetishizing undergarments can range from certain styles to more extreme preferences for mesh fabric underwear over silk ones because there are no panty lines when sitting down.

What’s the Difference Between a Kink & a Fetish?

A “kinky turn-on” maybe something as simple and innocent-looking as lace underwear or role-playing.

On the other hand, some people get off on harming others: they find satisfaction in torturing them just enough to make it hurt but not too much, so there’ll always want more.

Final Thoughts

There’s a certain feeling of closeness and trust that can be felt when two people engage in vore. Although some may find it distasteful, others enjoy the act because they can get more personal time with their partners than if someone is watching from afar.

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