Why Do I Crave Mcdonald’s? (9 Different Reasons)

McDonald’s are quite popular because you can get them instantly, and they taste very good. They’re quite common at convenience stores or gas stations.

Did you ever eat McDonald’s so much that you crave for it even when you go through the drive-thru? There are several reasons why you crave McDonald’s so keep reading!

Why Do I Crave McDonald’s In 2022?

McDonald’s foods contain sugar, fat, and salt, which will activate the reward center in our brains and make us crave the same foods that other people crave when they are addicted to drugs.

If you are truly craving chocolate you could always go to Whole Foods and buy a nice piece of dark chocolate. Chocolate contains antioxidants that help boost your mood and it also contains caffeine.

If you’re a fan of McDonald’s’ food we’ve written these reasons further down in the article.

1. You’re Craving a Comfort Food

One reason you crave McDonald’s is that it is like a comfort food and you are either physically or emotionally uncomfortable.

So, what you’re doing is taking a single word and creating a single idea for that word. In your example, an idea is being generated for the word “crunchy”.

The next step is to then expand that idea into a single-sentence story or paragraph.

It’s not just comfort food, it’s childhood comfort food. I like that. I feel like I’ve grown up in a world that’s growing up with me as well.

In case you’ve been feeling depressed or anxious, that’s when the cravings for comfort foods hit the hardest and could be a reason for your McDonald’s craving.

2. Your Body Wants Carbohydrates & Sugar

The way most fast food is made causes many people to have a craving for it.
And the reason they crave it is because it gives them energy.

Furthermore, if you’ve been working out and you’re using up your energy, that’s also oftentimes where your body will tell you that it needs to refuel.

3. Nostalgia

When I was a kid, McDonald’s was the only place to go after school to get a Happy Meal. So when I got older and started to crave the McDonald’s experience I had to try to recreate one.

I started eating McDonald’s when I was a kid and it’s associated with certain memories or times in my life. My favorite meal is a Quarter Pounder with Cheese. And I like to eat that with a large coke, or a diet coke. Or sometimes a shake.

McDonald’s can bring back those vivid memories from your past and the cravings could get intense to the point you have to go outside and grab a Big Mac or large fries.

4. Salt, Sugar & Fat is Addictive

Most people know that McDonald’s isn’t healthy, but they didn’t know it can be highly addictive like drugs.

The food that is found in McDonald’s foods, along with other fast food, activates the reward system within our brain.

In the meantime, our brain releases serotonin, which is a hormone that reduces pain and makes us feel relaxed, which is the opposite of the dopamine.

Basically, we crave these ingredients because they give us pleasure, but there’s no end to the quantity of pleasure these ingredients can provide us.

5. Aggressive Advertisements

Advertising is a multi-billion dollar business because it gets people to buy something and seeing a McDonald’s commercial will make you crave it!

As seen in the study, people who were highly sensitive to cravings were more likely to be highly sensitive to advertising on these specific social media sites.

Also in general. It’s a hard lesson to learn how all marketing works, but a good way to avoid being a sucker is to think about how each aspect of a business interacts with everything else in the business.

6. It’s Convenient & Everywhere

McDonald’s, for all the benefits that you get from it, might be making you crave it all the more due to it being so easy to access and convenient to us.

In addition, there is a chance that you have at least one McDonald’s within 15 miles of your home, so this convenience factor plays into how often you have cravings.

I think that the convenience of fast food places makes it easier to be impulsive when I can’t stop at the next drive through place.

7. McDonald’s Contains MSG & It’s Addictive

And it’s not just MSG, it’s food additives. The food additives are making us crazy. But MSG is one of the worst of them.

The other issue is that McDonald’s has a high sodium content. And it ends up activating the reward sensors within our brains.

Eating foods containing MSG (monosodium glutamate) will cause you to go through depression, anxiety, and other withdrawal symptoms when your body lacks it and craves it.

8. McDonald’s is Relatively Inexpensive

People are more likely to go to McDonald’s because it’s cheap and they don’t have to spend as much, but its customer’s opinion of the quality of the food is not as high as their opinion of other restaurants.

A restaurant’s food and drink quality are also important. But this isn’t to say that you should go and eat at some expensive, super-crowded restaurant and think that you’re getting exactly what you paid for. For example, you can find some perfectly fine, affordable Chinese food in an area with a large Chinese community like Chinatown, and you can’t get even mediocre Italian food there, but you can in a little strip mall.

People are very reluctant to make changes in their lifestyle unless they have to and unless they’re offered some kind of a solution or some kind of an incentive for them to make the change.

9. You’re Dehydrated and Don’t Realize It

 If you’ve been craving McDonald’s all day then you’re probably dehydrated since you’ve been skipping water for the duration of the day.

Besides that though, as you get dehydrated your body will crave sugary foods and could even lead you to crave fries or a burger.

The water you are drinking contains nutrients, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes which your body needs to function properly.

To combat cravings, you can hydrate as you’re suffering from a craving, and it could help. It may be difficult to drink in the heat, but it may be worth a shot.

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It could have been worse. It could have been me.

I was one of the millions of people who watched the Super Bowl on Sunday morning, and I’m writing about it because it changed my life.


You might crave McDonald’s because you’re feeling stressed or you need some emotional sustenance. But before you have a McDonald’s meal, you need to make sure you’re getting proper nutrients.

In conclusion, foods that make us feel pleasure – such as salty, fatty, and sugary foods – make you feel better.

Furthermore, McDonald’s brings back a lot of nostalgia for people. People often think of fond memories and associations when eating McDonald’s.

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