Why Are Birkin Bags So Expensive?

Birkin bags are made of the finest materials and offer a number of benefits that make them worth the investment. They are well-known worldwide because of their top-notch designs, exclusivity, and excellent craftsmanship. 

The word Birkin comes from the name of English actress Jane Birkin who, in 1984, collaborated with Hermès to create a line of luxury leather goods.

The most expensive and sought-after Birkins are those with limited-edition handwork by artisans such as those who work on the traditional Hermès silk scarves called “chevrons”.

Fewer than 2,000 of the most expensive handbags are made each year. These bags are not manufactured but are created by Hermès with exclusive materials and designs.

The prices for the Birkin bag are dependent on material, size, color, or design. The prices range from $5,000 to over $150,000. There are many reasons why Birkin bags are so expensive. One of the reasons is that they are made by hand, one at a time.

Another reason is exclusivity. A bag can take up to 18 hours to make and Hermes only manufactures 200 pieces per year. The materials used to make the bags are also very expensive. The price of crocodile leather ranges from $30,000 to $100,000 per square foot and gold leaf is $860 per ounce.

The Birkin bag is one of the most expensive bags in existence as it costs up to $150,000 or $200,000 depending on which version you purchase and how much money you’ve got to spend. The popularity of the Birkin bag cannot be denied.

The History of Birkin Bags

The Birkin bag is a kind of tote bag suitable to carry all a woman’s belongings. They were first introduced in 1984 under the luxury goods maker Hermès.

The Birkin bag was named after a British-born, Paris-based English actress and singer, Jane Birkin.  

It started with the idea that a woman needs something unique to carry all her personal belongings. 

The idea arose when actress Jane Birkin shared a flight next to a seatmate on an airplane flying to London from Paris. The seatmate turned out to be Jean Louis Dumas, who was the chairman of the French company Hermès, popular for making women’s handbags.

After Dumas witnessed Jane Birkin struggle to fit her large wicker bag into the overhead bin they started to brainstorm the designer for the perfect travel bag known today as the “Birkin”.

Then, together with Jane Birkin, Jean Louis Dumas sketched out the entire design of the spacious rectangular carry bag with pockets and the ability to completely close and lock.

This was how the famous and exclusive Birkin bag was born.

So, what is it that makes this bag so exclusive, and why are they so expensive?

Reasons Why Birkin Bags are so Expensive

Limited Production

There are many reasons for the high price tag on a Birkin. The first is that there’s a limited production of these bags. Each year, Hermes produces only a few thousand Birkins per year, which makes them very scarce and therefore more valuable to potential buyers.

Secondly, the resale market for Birkins is huge. You can buy a new Birkin from Hermes for around $10,000 but you can expect to pay up to 3x as much if you’re buying from someone who previously owned it.

The prices of Birkin bags are so high because Hermes only produces a limited number of them. In addition, the company charges a premium for its services. The price is also affected by the materials used to make the bag and the design. In order to purchase a Birkin bag from Hermes, customers have to pre-order it before it’s made. Anything less than two years wait time is too long for most people who want this bag.


Birkin bags have been a symbol of luxury since their inception. They are designed with exquisite materials, innovative designs, and luxurious fabrics that make them an enduring fashion statement. The history of the Birkin bag dates back to 1984. It is named after Jane Birkin who wore this bag.

Birkin bags have been popular for many years now and they serve as a very popular accessory. This particular one is called ‘the queen of all bags’ because of its sheer elegance and fashion that it has been able to grab the attention of many women at the same time. However, Birkin bags have a lot of hidden costs which can be really expensive depending on the quality.

Intricate Crafting

Birkin bags are intricately crafted. They have a solid handle, which is a lot more durable and stronger than the usual leather handles and they are also made of high-quality materials. The only thing you need to do is to go for them.


Birkin Bags are elegant handbags that can be worn with any outfit. You will never find one that will not look good on you or be comfortable to carry around. It has beautiful details that make it stand out from other handbags.

Materials Used in Making Birkin Bags

The material used for all Birkin handbags is a combination of real leather, suede, nylon, and other fabrics. This makes it durable, long-lasting and most importantly, it does not fade away. Even after years of use and use, these handbags would still be elegant and keep their original shape and color.

The leather used for bags is either genuine cowhide leather or synthetic leather. Cowhide leather is the best choice of material because it has the texture and looks that suit the beauty and elegance of these handbags just right.

Suede is another popular option for Birkin bag designers and manufacturers. Suede leather is made of natural animal skins that are processed to give it a unique look and feel.

These are durable and they are not going to lose any of their appeal in years to come.  These bags are also often made using alligator and ostrich skin. Both these animals are protected and can only be hunted in small amounts. This makes the number of bags available limited and of high value.


Birkin Bags are handmade and made to order and one of a kind. Handmade Birkin Bags in London are hand-made by an expert designer on the premises, with only the finest materials. The company also offers customization to suit your style, color, and occasion.

By Invitation Only

Birkin Bag is one of the most famous brands in the world. For this reason, the brand has a special place in the hearts of many people. However, this luxury bag is not for everyone. It’s because it’s exclusive and difficult to find the best price on the market today.

Bags are highly exclusive, and you have to be clear with what you need. A person needs to build a good spending history and relationship with the sales associate to get something desirable.

Birkin bags have a long waiting list due to the exclusivity of these purses. The bag has become a symbol of wealth and status that is not mass-produced but limited edition.

The Most Expensive Bag

The Hermès Himalayan is a limited-edition Birkin bag that was created exclusively for this year’s Paris Fashion Week. It is the first-ever Birkin collection to be made entirely in India and features hand-made leathers.

The bag is called “Himalayan.” Named after an ancient Hindu pilgrimage route, it was inspired by the region of Himachal Pradesh where it was made. This bag was designed for Indian business tycoon Mukesh Ambani’s wife Nita Ambani.

The bags from the home Himalayan collection feature 18-carat white gold and 2000 diamond bags that make up a structure of rigidity and glamor altogether.

The Diamond Himalaya Birkin was said to have sold in an auction for over $400,000.

The Resale Value of Birkin Bags

People buy Birkin Bags as it acts as a lucrative investment because they can earn a huge amount by selling this iconic accessory.

If we check out the current rate of booking sales, we can find that the bag average cost is around $14,000, which retailers sell for $65,000 after using it for 2-3 years. 

Have you seen a reseller earn around $51,000 more by supplying a second-hand leather bag?

Well, this is because the scarcity of the bag keeps the demand so high, and people find it difficult to get a hold of it. Also, because of its unique designs and excellent craftsmanship, people are dying to get their hands on the bag as earliest as possible. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to luxury, the Hermès Birkin bag is as good as gold. This iconic bag has been around for a few decades and now is an international phenomenon in its own right.

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