Who Owns Big Lots? (+ Other Common Faqs)

Big Lots began its life as a discount retailer in the mid-1960s. Now, the company has over 1400 stores in 47 states, mainly offering affordable household and kitchen goods to customers. It’s a chain of discount retail stores in the United States.

Well, the first thing to know about Big Lots is that the store is big. Big Lots is one of the bigger discount stores in the country, which makes sense. It’s been around for a long time, but it’s the oldest discount store in the United States.

Who Owns Big Lots In 2022?

To find out more information about Big Lots, which stores sell and trade items to the public, visit the Big Lots website to learn more.

Is Big Lots Privately Owned?

Big Lots was founded as a privately owned company, but it is now publicly traded on the NYSE.

After the company was sold to U.S. based retail chain store Kmart in 1985, the chain began to take over the company and many of its locations.

From 1985, Consolidated Stores Corporation (then branded as Big Lots) began trading on the New York Stock Exchange as a public company.

In 1986, the Consolidated Stores Corporation decided to switch from the American Stock Exchange to the New York Stock Exchange and began trading under the symbol CNS.

Big Lots, the discount chain that bought out former retailer Consolidated Stores Corporation, changed its name to Big Lots in 2001. The ticker symbol changed from CNS to BLI.

In 2006, Big Lots traded as an independent company for ten months, but eventually traded as a subsidiary of Big Lots Inc.

Who Runs Big Lots?

Who Is the CEO of Big Lots?

The CEO of Big Lots is Bruce K. Thorn who has been with Big Lots since October 2018.

He was able to gain an estimated net worth of about $6.92 million by becoming the President and a Director at Big Lots Inc. by December 2018.

Over the last six years, Bruce has invested over $368,985 worth of Big Lots Inc stock.

Bruce Thorn has previously worked for other companies and has gained a keen understanding of business activities.

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Who Owns Big Lots Stock?

Big Lots currently own stock which is owned by mutual fund holders, other institutional investors, and individual shareholders.

Where Is Big Lots’ Corporate Headquarters?

The main address of Big Lots is in Columbus, Ohio, United States, in the city of Columbus.

It’s a very long name.

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Who Is Sol Shenk?

Consol is the name of a corporation that was formed by the merger of two regional department store chains.

His merchandising career started when a single surplus store in Columbus, Ohio, grew into an empire of several stores in Columbus, Ohio.

Sol Shenk was in the discount retailing industry for many years. He died at the age of 83 and was considered one of the true visionaries.

Who Owns Odd Lots?

Odd Lots was bought by Consolidated Stores Corporation and the business was changed into the new business.

When Consolidated Stores Corporation started operating under Big Lots name, they began using new branding, including new logos for their stores. New logos were also used for the Big Lots website.

Big Lots sells many of the products currently carried by Odd Lots stores.

If you want to avoid the hassle of having to shop at a Big Lots store to check out the merchandise, you can find out more on our posts about Big Lots clearance sales online.


Big Lots is a publicly owned company which is run by shareholders, through their purchase of stock-on-stock exchanges

If you only want to change the capitalization, you can use an upper-case modifier.

It has over 1,100 retail locations in the United States as of today.
It is a large company with about $22.5 billion in revenues in 2016.

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