Where To Buy Stamps (full List Of Stores + Online Options)

The big cost of a First-Class stamp is actually the envelope, which makes it all but impossible to have an unlimited supply. So you’ll always need to decide where you get your stamps from, since the prices can vary widely. But you’ll notice that there are plenty of places you can get stamps from.

If you’re looking for some stamps, see below for the many places, both physical locations and online, where you can obtain First Class postage.

Where to Buy Stamps In 2022

For stamps purchased from the post office, click on the link under the “Physical Locations” heading.
For stamps purchased from stamp dealers, we’ve included links to the places that sell the stamps.

1. Post Offices

Many of the post offices are now closed and there are few options available for poste restante services.

Most major cities have more than one Post Office. Small towns have a post office in the main area of town.

I use a Forever stamp book. Sometimes a book has a wide variety of stamps in it. Then, other times you get a book, and only one stamp.

The stamps that are sold in U.S. post office are not regular stamps, but are in fact special stamps. They are commonly used in mailing letters to international destinations and are a great way to save on postage.

If you’ve ever worked with letter writing, you’re familiar with the concept of a stamp. It’s used to identify a letter and also affix a value. Postmasters can sell stamps at their postal stores.

Then, click on “Find location” or “Find Post Office” and the locator will guide you to the closest Post Office to your address.

Let’s start with selecting a location, we’ll choose “Post Office”.

If you see the mail carrier, you also see the mailboxes on the outside of the building.

They usually have a very small, little plastic book called a “stamp album” with a page that’s got all their different stamps in them so they can show them off.

If you want to get rid of something before someone else can see it,
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2. Retailers

There are a couple of national retailers that sell a book or sheet of stamps, along with their regular items.

Don’t worry about buying stamps with a different currency–you can always change them back into CFA Francs by visiting a bank or embassy.

Amazon.com, Best Buy, Costco, eBay, Frys, Macys, Overstock.com, Shopify, Target, Walmart.

The U.S. Postal Service will provide you with stamps as long as you have a letter size envelope.

For more information on the U.S. Postal Service, their stamps, and their shipping rates, visit their website at USPS.com.

Staples sells stationery products and office supplies.

3. Grocery Stores

In order for your product to be available in all supermarkets, you will need to buy this product from a wholesaler.

To purchase the most expensive thing in the store, go to the customer service counter and ask the cashier to show you where the most expensive items are.

In the United States, one can buy them from the USPS. The stamps are sold in a number of locations, and there is a list of these locations on the USPS website. One can also buy stamps from online retailers, such as eBay and Amazon.

I live in Chicago, and there is a good chance that a grocery store chain that sells stamps is in your area.

4. Drug Stores/Pharmacies

In fact, you will be able to get stamps at most stores affiliated with the chains listed below, at a fraction of the price you would pay at a non-chain store.

5. Banks

Amex – Stamps with Amex are considered ‘premium’ and are usually valued at about $6.00.
Discover Financial Services – Stamps with Discover are considered ‘premium’ and are usually valued at about $3.00.
HSBC Bank USA – Stamps with HSBC are considered ‘premium’ and are usually valued at about $4.00.
Mercury Brokerage – Stamps with Mercury Brokerage are considered ‘premium’ and are usually valued at about $3.00.

While most banks are not as easy to sell stamps to as this one, it is still possible. Many people are not as aware of this institution as other banks.

What the bank also does is gives its customers variety – at least within branch locations, you can buy a book or a single stamp, and everything in-between.

In a more advanced scenario, we could use the `*` wildcard to refer to the beginning of the subject.

However, with the widespread use of the debit card, ATMs are no longer an important part of our financial system. So, ATM stamps are no longer used to collect funds.

There are some special circumstances where we might not have a stamp that you need or you have a small number, however, we do have some other options available. Check out our list of our stamp collection.

If any of the other banks on this list have ATMs, you can purchase stamps from them, too, but you do have to purchase them in slightly larger quantities.

More specifically, if you want sheets of 36 stamps at a time, buy the pack of 18 stamps first, and then, if you want, buy a second pack of that same size.

You will not be able to buy a copy of the specific book from your specific branch. The copies are likely to be in a different format, and probably in a different language as well. You will need to acquire the book directly from the vendor, or possibly from an online vendor. Once you have the book, you can get the PDF and print it out.

GroceryStoreGuide.com recommends checking bank ATM kiosks for stamps.

It’s very easy to order stamps if you aren’t already an owner of a BOA business.

6. Gas Stations/Convenience Stores

The following stores do not sell stamps in their traditional location but they do sell other forms of postal matter.

7. Gift Shops

When vacationers are in a area that gets a lot of tourists, such as the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia, small gifts shops are used to offering convenience to people.

To provide more convenience in getting mail out, the Post Office introduced a stamp stamp and postcard machine. The machine allowed you to choose which type of mail to send, and what stamp to use. It also printed your choice on the stamp.

8. Hotels

Besides hotels, the concierge is also likely to have stamps on hand, and they will be willing to take care of things like booking your dry cleaning.

If you stay in a more upscale hotel, it’s likely you can obtain them. Now, whether you sell them or just give them to you is up to their discretion, but if you’re at a hotel, chances are good you can obtain them.

9. ATMs

The majority of major banks offer an ATM that sells stamps, but if your bank wasn’t on the list, it doesn’t mean you can’t work with a retail agent to buy stamps from their ATM.

This is especially true if there is only one available line, or none at all. There are usually no extra fees, either, since the machine won’t let you run up charges for transactions you don’t make. If you keep an eye out, you may also find that your favorite bank has a few rewards programs. Many offer free checking, and have ATMs that give you points for every transaction.

10. Online

If you are buying stamps online, you have to remember that you have to print them out first.

Buy.com (affiliate Link)
Shutterfly (affiliate Link)
Postage App (affiliate Link)

There are also dozens of private companies that will send mail for a fee.

I am not affiliated with any of these sites, and don’t endorse them. Just be happy that there are a lot of options!

I really love postal stores and I think they’re a great way to support this agency that has a lot of financial hardships. They need the support and I want to give them that support. I did not know they were doing a sale though, so this is a new discovery for me.

Even if you pay good money for a product, you can’t be sure the seller will deliver quality. An online purchase is much more of a challenge.

But the Postal Store also has a downside: you can’t buy just one stamp. You’re locked into purchasing a sheet, a book or a coil.

If you don’t like buying stamps, the U.S. Postal Service offers several types of services that allow you to mail a letter or package for free.

The Penny Hoarder highlights the need to dig for deals in the local newspaper or on Craigslist.

I haven’t found any confirmation on the site that they are more expensive. I would be very surprised if they were, but I could be wrong.

I had to pay more than $60 to ship a book from China and I know the shipping was going to be slow and I was planning on having it shipped, so I had it shipped there.

You know, you can’t just do this. It has to be the way you want it. You can’t just do that.

But, for example, you want to send your letter as an attachment, you can’t!

Well, if you’re really into DIY, you can buy a $5 postage meter for your own home or office. Otherwise, I’m afraid the USPS is probably your only option.

The Penny Hoarder states that Stamps.com currently is selling Forever Stamps for just 47 cents each. This is 11 cents more than the Post Office!

Stamps.com is a great service for your business if you’re the owner of a small business and you ship a lot.

However, this site is not for individual purchases, because you have to make a minimum purchase of $500 to purchase anything.

On the bright side, because it’s a one-stop shop, buying packages of a few hundred or a few thousand items online is a great deal.

As per my previous note about the Sam’s Club online store, the company also offers home delivery through Instacart, and I have seen stamps in the company’s Instacart store.


It’s easier to get a stamp today than any other day, as it is now available and not just in post offices.

A great deal of the best selection of stamps is in your own Post Office, which usually includes sales on the cheap. As a quick example, here is a US stamp set on sale for 60 cents.

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