Where Are The Scales At Walmart? (Up-to-date Shopping Guide!)

It can be difficult to find the right bathroom scale for you, whether your current one is broken or just in case. Even if you are just searching for a mechanical scale at a low price, you may end up wandering around Walmart wondering where they can be found.

If you are unable to find one at Walmart, you might be curious about where else to buy scales. There are many types of scales, each with different functions. It can make a big difference in your fitness goals if you choose the right scale for you.

Continue reading for information about where Walmart stores their scales.

Which aisle are the scales at Walmart?

The most important thing to consider when looking for scales at Walmart is the type of scale that you are looking for. Baking scales are kept in a separate aisle from bathroom scales.

Bathroom scales can be found in the “home” aisle, or the “healthcare”, aisle. Depending on the type of scale, other types may be found in different aisles.

Walmart stocks a variety of scales, from simple mechanical to digital models with tons of features. You will find scales that can match many bathroom designs.

It’s a good idea for employees to direct you to the right place if you can’t find the scales at Walmart. They’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Other types of scales

There are many types of scales. Bathroom scales can be found in Walmart’s healthcare or home section.

There are smaller scales that can be used by cooks and bakers to weigh their food. These scales are also available at Walmart. They can usually be found in Walmart’s kitchen section. Sometimes, you will find larger scales like industrial and bathroom scales in the hardware section.

Use The Walmart App To Find Scales

You can use the app to see which aisle the scales are located at your local Walmart before you go to the store.

The Walmart app is available for download if you own a smartphone. You can see stock in your area and which aisles contain which products.

Download and install the Walmart app to see where scales are located. To locate the closest store, make sure to enter your zip code. You can then use the search bar for information about the various bathroom scales at your nearest Walmart store.

A display should be made next to every item that shows the aisle where they can be found. You can check at other places if scales are not in stock.

Walmart + will let you scan items in the store while you’re browsing it and then purchase them directly from your smartphone without waiting in line. You won’t have to wait in line while you shop.

This requires a paid membership but offers many bonuses. You can only access the Walmart + app to receive promotional offers and other goodies.

You can check the Walmart website for the nearest Walmart to see if they have bathroom scales. To ensure accurate results, make sure you select your nearest Walmart store when browsing.

You don’t have to go to the store in person, but you can order groceries online from Walmart via their app or website.

What aisle are the scales located in other stores?

Target and other stores will usually have bathroom scales in their home section. Homesense may have a section dedicated to bathroom amenities, where scales are available.

Best Buy stores have digital scales in their appliance section near the stoves, washing machines, and other appliances. The scales at Best Buy may not be available in stores.


It is easier than you might think to find scales at Walmart. You should not have any problems finding the right scale for you.

Bathroom scales are usually located in the healthcare or home sections. Kitchen scales, however, can be found in the kitchen section.

It’s always a good idea for employees to help you find the right product or service if you are having trouble finding it at Walmart or another store.

Feel free to post any concerns or questions in the comments section.

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