When Is Starbucks Happy Hour? (+other Common Faqs)

 It’s a good idea to avoid the BOGO, because that’s a pretty good deal. So this is something you may want to think about.

Well, the Happy Hour of the Starbucks that you are craving for, is when the barista offers free drinks to the customers at that outlet.

When Is Starbucks Happy Hour In 2022?

With the new Happy Hour, you’ll have the option to receive rewards for participating in the promo. It is available in all Starbucks stores, and members can get the offer as long as they’re connected to the rewards program.

To discover more about Starbucks’ happy hour, including ways to get notified when it returns, keep on reading!

How Do I Find Out When The Next Starbucks Happy Hour Will Be?

Rewards members are notified of the special Happy Hour offer through email and text notifications. They are also notified by the mobile app, and some stores also have a digital sign that would display the rewards that can be used.

And if you are new to Happy Hour, this is the best way to find out when an event will be going on.

You receive notifications about Happy Hours and other Starbucks promotions.

I also recommend that you remember to enable push notifications in the app so you can receive alerts about the next Happy Hour.

Starbucks is giving away lots of free drinks for customers using its mobile app. Rewards can be redeemed automatically by the app, as the user enters the bar code on the barcode scanner.

You are able to sign up for your own customized alert system on the Starbucks app instead of the email notifications by giving the app your email address.

What Does Starbucks’ Happy Hour Offer?

Starbucks Happy Hour works because it offers a double discount on qualifying drinks.

If a customer buys a drink of any size in the restaurant they will get a free drink of equal or lesser size.

The offer is offered in stores to all customers, most of which are familiar with it.

The Frappuccino became an eagerly-awaited promotion. Starbucks started Happy Hour to increase its customer base.

What Starbucks Drinks Can I Order For Happy Hour?

 It is very difficult for any restaurant to get all liquors on the menu during happy hour, so to get the full benefit of this promotion you must purchase a certain amount of liquor during happy hour.

You can get a free drink of equal or lesser value by buying a drink of the same size as your current drink.

Also, you can get 2 for 1 drink and seasonal beverages.

Are Any Drinks Excluded From The Happy Hour BOGO Offer?

Certain drinks are excluded from the buy one, get one free promotion.

There are some drinks that won’t go on you, such as hot brewed coffee, hot tea, alcoholic drinks, and Starbucks Reserve drinks.

Do All Starbucks Stores Participate In Happy Hour?

You can also search for a Starbucks store in the iPhone app. Click on the “store locator” icon and type the city you’re visiting.

Starbucks-licensed stores and kiosks that are not located in grocery and retail stores, airports, hotels, and schools do not participate in Happy Hour.

Why Is Starbucks Happy Hour In The Afternoon?

There are many cafes and bars around the area where people come to meet each other, to have a cup of coffee and to interact. There is no business or profit with the happy hour.

Starbucks tried to increase the number of customers in the afternoon by offering Happy Hour drinks in the afternoons. Happy Hour was available around noon.

How Can I Redeem My BOGO Coupons For Drinks?

With the mobile app, Starbucks can track anything from where you are to whether or not you’re getting it right.

It sends an alert when the next Happy Hour is, and then automatically adds Happy Hour coupons to your account.

The next time you are in the app, you can access Your Happy Hour menu by tapping the hamburger icon on the bottom left hand corner.

So, if an example, you have a $15 coupon and you get a $5 coupon. But then you can’t use both coupons at the same time.

So, if you buy a $20 box, and get 2 free drinks. You can buy whatever else you want while your free drinks are in their full glory. There is no limit to the number of qualifying drinks you can order with that one coupon, so long as you meet all other criteria.

Can I Participate In Happy Hour Even If I’m Not A Rewards Member?

Starbucks customers can now participate in the Happy Hour program without joining the Starbucks Rewards program.

You can sign up for the rewards program by downloading the Starbucks mobile app on your phone or tablet.

If you don’t see your happy hour coupon right away, try signing back in to your account.

After refreshing the app, the Happy Hour card should show on your home screen, and you can click on it to claim your BOGO.

When the BOGO offer expires, your card will return to its original state.

What Other Promotions Does Starbucks Offer?

Starbucks Rewards can give you free food and drinks, and you can also buy stuff with your Stars.

Just like rewards will expire, any credits you’ve earned through the app also have a set expiration. There’s no setting to keep those.

Also, every day is an opportunity for a free cup of coffee, so every day, for the rest of our lives is National Coffee Day.

If you’re interested, I actually took a look at the ingredients in a Starbucks drink, and it’s basically coffee, sugar, and water. I’m not sure why you’d think it’s full of milk if it doesn’t have any milk.


Starbucks’ happy hour happen on select thursdays between 2 to 7 pm at participating stores.

The next Happy Hour will start on the date announced via alerts sent out through your mobile app.

The company was forced to suspend the Happy Hour program in the beginning of 2020 due to the coronavirus. The company hopes to start the program back up again in a couple weeks.

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