What Scanner Does Usps Use? (+ Other Common Faqs)

USPS takes great care to keep track of the millions of packages it handles in a day, and it does that by scanning each package so that tracking information populates for consumers.
USPS also uses this data to track how well their delivery teams are performing.

I found that the USPS has used two different kinds of technology at different points in its history. I’ll go over both of them, but since I really just want to know what works for you, I suggest you take a peek at my findings!

What Scanner Does USPS Use In 2022?

The USPS is using the Zebra TC77 Touch Computer handheld scanner to help keep track of packages as of 2022. This is because the scanner is waterproof, drop-proof, and tumble-proof while having an outdoor-viewable screen.

C-TPO: The C-TPO was created in 1999 during the United States’ postal services reform as a direct competitor to the ZIP Code in response to the development of the ZIP Code.

The Zebra TC77 is a touch-to-the-screen barcode scanner that lets you to scan barcodes that are over 300 mils (300 mils has to do with the way a laser scans a barcode). These barcodes are usually found in magazines, books, and the like.

What Type Of Scanner Does USPS Use?

It is a scanner that comes in a box about two feet long, with a touchscreen on a cart on top, and a power button on the side. It’s small enough to carry anywhere, but also includes batteries, a paper wallet with a barcode and a USB cable.
It has a built in battery, and can be used to scan or copy barcodes. It also can send emails.

This thing is going to last all day long. It’s perfect for a postal worker to use. I’ve been using it for the past few months and I’m very happy with it.

Its unique design allows for a stable and safe viewing experience while offering optimal viewing comfort.

Zebra TC77 is an Android 8.1 Oreo operating system powered by Zebra Mobility Extensions and a touch-only device meaning there’s no keyboard.

The 4G LTE cellular data capabilities, the outdoor viewable screen, and the rechargeable battery make the Zebra TC77 Touch Computer scanner extremely portable and versatile.

With a sensor that can replace the battery, the device has advanced 1D and 2D scanning capabilities.

The Zebra TC77 Touch Computer handheld scanner is a handheld scanner for checking and sorting mail.

Mobile ID Solutions has created a new scanner called the Zebra TC77 that has the ability to perform a real-time reading of the barcode on any surface such as a picture, car, building, etc.

How Do USPS Scanners Work?

It is a digital scanning service that takes an image of your mail and puts a barcode on the mail that allows it to be scanned and sorted.

The goal of the USPS is to scan all barcode mailpieces that enter its mail stream so that it can offer customers real-time visibility into the availability of mailpieces.

The USPS said it has seen an increase in the number of people using the mobile app and has also seen an increase in the number of people using barcodes.

If the user is sending a package in bulk, they can do so with the pre-programed barcodes on some barcode labels.

It enables the USPS to introduce new initiatives, technology and solutions that will make it more efficient. It also gives consumers more control over which mail is packaged and sent.

By using the postal codes of the packages, the postal services can track the packages and see if there are any delays or mistakes on their delivery.

If you have an international order or if you leave your package unattended, then it’s best to go for an inter-country-service.

By catching these mistakes sooner rather than later, it gives the company time to work to correct them while simultaneously bettering its business.

They are critical because it keeps the couriers on task. Second is they allow the courier to easily keep track of packages.

Scanning the packages as they are dropped off allows the courier to know if the packages are being delivered to the correct address.

You may want to build a model of the USPS package delivery network. You could then use the scanner to keep track of packages as they go through the network. When the packages are located at the post office, you will have a delivery, when they are delivered, you will have a “delivery completed”.

How Do You Set Up A USPS Scanner?

When you first plug the TC77 in to a wall charger, you’ll notice it has very similar aesthetics as a consumer-level android phone.

Therefore, once you’ve turned on the Zebra TC77 scanner, a welcome message, with a yellow “start” button, appears on the screen.

Connect a new smartphone to a TV through WiFi to set up a home theater. It works a lot like the new smartphone.

Then, the scanner takes your photo, and will return a list of available WiFi networks to choose from, and then you choose which one to connect to, enter the passcode, and then you’re connected.

You’ll enter the information for your WiFi network into the handheld scanner with your employee identification number and password.

How Do You Use USPS Scanners?

To use a US Postal Service Scanner you will need to check that it is properly connected and set up.

The first thing to do with the scanner is to log in to it using your employee identification number and password.

Now, when you go to the scanner, you can select the Scan tab to make the scanner scan the barcode, and the Enter tab to enter in the information, such as your name or employee number.

The scanner can be used by left-handed people as well as right-handed people. Its default is to scan packages from the right, but pressing the left-facing buttons will alter this behavior.

Barcode scanners have advanced so much that it’s now easier to scan a barcode than it is to read a book.

When you scan a package, both the device and the package are automatically counted as completed on your device.

This information will populate on the left side of the number ratio. If you’re being told of the number of packages you’re picking up instead of delivering, this number will appear on the left side.

You will continue to see the number of packages completed. For example, if you have 20 packages left to deliver, and then 20 new packages arrive, you will see the number of packages completed updating, but you won’t see the number of packages delivered or any new arrival.

Pick up a package and it will show that the amount will be 22/61 packages completed.

You can see the “deliverable status” change with the number on your screen to show how many packages you have left to deliver and how many you have delivered so far. This can be a real time saver when you are driving around.

I’ve not heard of an issue with the new service and was told that if you are running into this specific problem the fix will be added soon.

-I work for usps and can address those questions.

I would recommend you open a ticket with the same questions you have asked here at usps.com.

While most employees work in a regular postal car, some may be hired to work in mail trucks, vans and other vehicles.

To find out more, you can also read our posts on whether or not the USPS scans packages, and if the USPS packages are insured.

Here, you have another opportunity to find out whether or not the USPS scans packages.


It is a great way to add in the mailroom as some of us in the office have had personal bad experiences with the handheld scanners that are used in our mailroom.

It’s also extremely durable with features like being waterproof, can resist drops, and can be water-resistant, and also comes with a new barcode sensor to simplify your experience at work.

Zebra TC77 Touch Computer comes with rechargeable and replaceable batteries with up to 15 hours of charge, which can be used easily outdoors and even when the screen is wet.

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