What Machine Does Subway Use To Toast Sandwiches? (all You Need To Know)

The variety in the restaurant makes a great deal of difference in the way the restaurant feels, and the way your food tastes.

However, I may be wondering about which machine Subway uses to toast their sandwiches? If you’d like to gain more insight on this topic, read on!

What Machine Does Subway Use to Toast Sandwiches in 2022?

The TurboSub has a convection fan inside and a heating element that can reach temperatures upwards of 550°F, which is more than 30°F hotter than a conventional oven. The TurboSub’s heating element can reach a temperature of 550°F, compared with 300°F in a conventional oven. With the TurboSub’s heating element you can even make your sandwich toasted and then microwave it to be warm, ready-to-eat.

Read on to find out more about the oven in Subway, how much it costs, if Subway charges you extra to toast sandwiches, and also how to toast a sandwich in the oven.

What Type of Oven Does Subway Use?

A smaller oven can have a smaller footprint, is more convenient for those with limited counter space and works fast enough to be used for those preparing meals for one or two people.

The microwave is a great way to cook food quickly. It uses a special heating chamber to send out microwave waves at very high speeds. This means that food can be cooked very quickly.

It takes around 15 minutes to heat up completely, and it’s best to heat it to around 400 to 500 degrees.

The Tornado 2 has a convection setting, which will make baked food look better and make it taste better. It has a microwave setting, which will make food hot and hot food will brown better.

All stainless-steel interior makes it easier to clean and make it easier to clean.

How Much Does Subway’s Oven Cost?

The only way to cook the Subway sandwiches is to purchase the TurboChef, the sandwich-making oven. However, it will cost money.

the turbo chef tornado range was invented by the world leading appliance company. you can also buy an old turbo chef convection oven for around 10,000.

I would also have a contractor inspect it and/or do a wiring inspection for you. You don’t want to add to your home’s electrical problem by doing a cheap job.

If you want to make your own subs at home and make them more accurate to toast than the ones that come to your store, then you can use this process!

However, you should consider very carefully the expenditure of the TurboChef before deciding to buy it.

How Long Does It Take to Toast Sandwiches in Subway’s Oven?

In the Tornado 2 oven, the convection, impingement, and heat settings have been adjusted to allow for the shorter bake times for sandwich bread.

A microwave oven is a small oven which can be used for cooking food as well as other functions.

This means if you were willing to spend $10’000 on one of these ovens, you can cook almost anything at a very rapid speed.

Can the Subway Oven Reheat Sandwiches?

The Tornado 2 oven has a microwave setting and can be used to reheat all food items, even hot sandwiches.

Make your sandwich and ask Subway to reheat it in the Tornado 2 oven. You can watch it get heated up in just 30 seconds to a minute.

The Tornado 2 also performs as a microwave oven, however, you can only select from the oven’s pre-programmed recipe list.

How Many Sandwiches Does the Subway Oven Toast at Once?

For food like sandwiches that are cut into six portions, it’s important to have a large oven that you can fit all your food into so you can have multiple people eating with you.

It can even be used to toast more than 10 Footlong subs. But you can only fit other shelves into it.

The other shelves will sit empty during light traffic. They are only used for the more popular sandwiches like the footlong or a footlonger. They are rarely used, as they are usually slower to cook since they are farther away from the oven.

Does Subway Charge You Extra to Toast Sandwiches?

Subway doesn’t charge extra money for a toasted sandwich. That toasted taste is part of the price of the sandwich. 6-inch and footlong subs are the same price.

The main difference between Subway and Tim Horton’s is the sandwich toppings.
You can get free tootsie rolls, fresh vegetables and cheese at Subway, whereas at Tim Horton’s, you’ll pay for them. But you still get a free doughnut at Tim Horton’s.

As of now, the only things that cost extra are the double meat and double veggie patties, the extra cheese, and the extra items such as pepperoni, avocado and bacon.

If you want more about the latest news related to Subway, keep an eye on our posts related to what’s in a Subway sandwich.


The fast food chain uses the Tornado 2 High-Speed Countertop Convection oven, which heats food to the desired temperature quickly and evenly while remaining at optimum temperature for the duration of the cooking time.

The TurboChef uses impingement technology to rapidly heat and toast subs in around 35 seconds, and is currently available for purchase through a number of online merchants.

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