What Is Hobby Lobby? (what It’s Known For, Products + More)

Hobby Lobby is considered one of the biggest distributors of arts and crafts supplies in the country.

One of the most important aspects about the company is that the founders are from India.
So, the company is founded by two brothers and they are quite successful.
This is why the company focuses mainly on the e-commerce platform.

What Is Hobby Lobby In 2022?

Hobby Lobby sells Christian-based arts and crafts supplies. The company has over 900 stores all within the U.S. and an online retail platform as of 2022. The company headquarters are also in Oklahoma City. The company was founded by David Green who is a conservative Christian and these values are reflected in the company’s operations.

1) Hobby Lobby is one of the largest arts and crafts stores in the United States.
2) The store has an annual revenue of over $1.1 billion.
3) Hobby Lobby has three locations in Texas, each with approximately 150 employees.
4) Hobby Lobby is non-profit and religious, with the majority of Hobby Lobby’s employees being Christians.

What Does Hobby Lobby Do?

Hobby Lobby sells arts and craft supplies from its 900 stores and online.

Who Owns Hobby Lobby?

Their founder and CEO is a fundamentalist Christian, who wants to use his company to keep women from having legal access to health services.

We live in Iowa are a member of the Southern Iowa Community Church. We are fundamentalists and we run the company using the same values.

What Does Hobby Lobby Sell?

Hobby Lobby sells mainly arts and crafts supplies but also sells items in other categories such as decor, party favors, and gifts for special occasions.

What Is the Difference Between Hobby Lobby and Michaels?

The public ownership of Michaels stores makes them more accountable as they are subject to the whims of the public.

Hobby Lobby is better than Michaels because you can get a lot of supplies there and the sales person is nice. You can also get a lot of supplies there and the sales person is nice. Michaels is better than Hobby Lobby because you need to pick out your own supplies and the sales people are kind of rude.

Where Is Hobby Lobby Located?

Hobby Lobby doesn’t provide international shipping even when you buy online and it doesn’t cover any shipping costs on international orders.

Allstate Insurance is the largest property and casualty insurer in the United States.

U.S. territories like Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa, the Northern Mariana Islands, and Guam don’t have Target stores.

Hobby Lobby is available for pickup in store or via ship in time for the holidays.

Hobby Lobby has its headquarters at the address of 7707 SW 44th St. It also has its distribution and manufacturing hubs at this address.

What Is Hobby Lobby’s Return Policy?

After you order a product from Hobby Lobby, you can return the product only if it is unopened or unopened within 90 days of purchase.

If you decide that the returned item is not defective, you’ll get store credit and the return fees back. This means that you’d have to buy the item to get your initial shipping costs back.

If you bought the item online, and the value of the transaction was more than $250, then you can either have it shipped to a distribution hub, or return everything else to one of the many stores near you.

 If you used a credit or debit card to purchase your items, you’ll be able to return them to be refunded, minus a 15% restocking fee.

What Are Hobby Lobby’s Hours?

While all Stores are closed, the Hobby Lobby store in Oklahoma City will remain open, unless otherwise noted.

During holidays and festivals, some stores might be closed or operating with fewer hours. They might close at 5:30 p.m.

What Is Hobby Lobby’s Starting Pay?

This new wage comes into effect for all employees on January 28, 2014.
[Translator]: This should be great for their employees.
[Translator]: But it will be difficult for them to survive with their employees.

A state Supreme Court ruling last month declared the rate illegal and ordered the business to pay the workers back pay.

What Is Hobby Lobby’s Employee Discount?

Hobby Lobby makes 15% off of its employees.

What Is Hobby Lobby’s Phone Number?

The main Hobby Lobby website is located at http://www.hobbylobby.com/. It’s available in multiple languages and makes it easy for you to find the store closest to you. If you need a special item, you can search the inventory by product category.

What Are the Values of Hobby Lobby?

The business has made decisions that are in line with the values of its founder, which are generally conservative Christian.

Hobby Lobby is one of the few companies that remains closed on Sundays. The company claims that this is done in order to allow workers to go to church and family.

The woman took the company to court because she was not being covered under her medical insurance for birth control.

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby and said that people were free to form associations and could run businesses however they want.

The company believes in the importance of freedom of speech.
The company strongly opposes discrimination.
The company is committed to the principle of equality.
The company respects diversity.
The company pursues fair and ethical policies.
The company is a global company that is committed to environmental protection.

Why Did Hobby Lobby Stop Selling Halloween Stuff?

Hobby Lobby was no longer selling items related to Halloween, it was also no longer selling items related to Christmas.

Some of these stores told people to buy their costumes at home because they do not sell Halloween costumes.

If there is an established meaning that would work in a given context and is the most likely to be understood that way, use it.
If there is no established meaning and the usage is more common, use that.
If there is no established meaning and the usage is less common or is a non-standard use, use the established meaning.

Why Did Hobby Lobby Stop Selling Mardi Gras?

Hobby Lobby was left with stock of Mardi Gras related items since a long time and now they have started to sell them at more affordable prices.

We have looked carefully at the situation, and we have determined that
Hobby Lobby is in full compliance with the HHS Mandate, except for the
accommodation it offers our employees. We do not agree with
government bureaucrats forcing our family-oriented, faith-based
business to provide abortion-inducing drugs and services in our health
care plans, and we are exercising the rights granted to us by the
Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA).

Why Did Hobby Lobby Buy Stolen Items?

So this was a smuggling case where they smuggled goods into the country and they didn’t even care if they were bringing in a load of drugs or stolen art.

These were intended to go into the company owner’s collection of artifacts from Africa and were coming in from the United Arab Emirates.
The company owns a Bible from Ethiopia, which was a gift from a pastor.

This story was exposed after it was discovered that the stolen art was being smuggled into the U.S. without the art really coming from Iraq.

The company in question was warned repeatedly about the questionable history of the items which went unloved.

The case was dismissed because the government didn’t show that the artifacts were more than 200 years old and were being returned to their country of origin.

Why Did Hobby Lobby Buy Gilgamesh?

Hobby Lobby, which makes Bible-themed products, admitted to possession of ancient artifacts it bought from an antiquities dealer in India, including the ancient clay tablet that the King James Bible was based on.

It is the first ancient coin that a private collector bought in order to show it in a museum.

In this situation, the court says that the fact that Hobby Lobby has a business model that is different from that of the individual plaintiffs, and that does not interfere with their religious beliefs, is not a compelling enough reason to violate the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.


Hobby Lobby is a chain of arts and crafts shops founded in 1972 by David Green. The stores focus on arts and crafts, but also sell other items such as party favors, furniture, and decor.

The headquarter, manufacturing, and distribution hubs are all located in the same area of Oklahoma City.

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