What Is A Walmart Sku? (+ Other Common Faqs)

Walmart is one of the largest stores in the US and it carries a huge range of consumer products.

Walmart is always making products unique and different for the customers. So, they use SKU numbers to make items look unique and different.

Although most customers have experienced challenges trying to understand Walmart’s SKU numbers, with most customers asking: what is a Walmart SKU number? In this post we will explain what a SKU is and how to read a Walmart SKU number.

What Is A Walmart SKU In 2022?

There had been some discussion about a possible boycott of Walmart. In response to the boycott, Walmart had created a unique SKU number for their products in 2022. It would be possible for the boycott to be influenced by this SKU number. It may not be possible to identify any actual boycott-related boycotters.

The more in-depth information for finding a Walmart SKU number will ensure that you find what you are looking for, and that you can successfully use a Walmart SKU number if needed.

Can I Look Up A Walmart Item By SKU Number?

You’re able to look up a Walmart item through a SKU (Store Keeping Unit).
[Concept]: The SKU is a unique code for an item that is assigned by Walmart.

1. Click the “Item Lookup” link at the top of the current page.
2. Click “Item Lookup.” The “Item Lookup” page will open.
3. Scroll down until you see “Search your SKU.”
4. Enter your SKU.

How Do I Find My Walmart SKU?

The item is most likely available in Walmart’s website. It is also a good idea to check which online stores carry the item. The SKU is available on Brickseek website. This number, which is also called a reference number, helps you locate your item.

To find a Walmart product you need to search the database and look for the details.

If you know the stock number (or SKU) of what you’re trying to purchase, you can use Brickseek’s Walmart Inventory Checker to find that item.

How Do You Use A Walmart SKU?

Customers can look for an item by name, category, size, and weight on the website, and will automatically be presented with price and availability details for the item in question.

Walmart’s Brickseek Inventory Checker is a search tool where you can find the availability of an item for sale on Walmart’s website.

You can now copy a product’s SKU on the Walmart app to ensure that you’re getting the best deal possible, and you’ll be able to check if an item is in stock without even having to leave your couch.

What’s An Example Of A Walmart SKU?

Here is a Walmart stock number for a Samsung S6 curved smart phone. This is a mobile phone that has a display that curves around the front of the device.

For all of us, the G5 is one of the most powerful and beautiful TVs on the market at the moment, with OLED features and a high resolution.

1. Samsung has finally introduced a new display that is curved on the edges.
2. It has a large 3440×1440 resolution.
3. It’s ultra-high definition (UHD).
4. It’s a FreeSync compatible display.
5. It’s called the Galaxy G5.

Inventory Checker for Walmart has detected that the monitor has been returned and the customer is requesting a refund.

You can find out how much money you can get back by using the calculator at Walmart Refunds.

How do I get refund credit from Walmart?

If you paid for shipping when you bought the monitor, you can get the credit back on your order.

If you bought the monitor at a store location, you can get the credit at the store.

How Many SKUs Are In Walmart’s Inventory?

Walmart has close to 75 million SKU numbers available on their website, including different types of family apparel, sporting items, hardware, toys, and electronics.

what’s Difference Between A Walmart SKU And UPC Number?

UPC’s represent a unique product sold by various retailers; a SKU is only printed on an item if it has been sold at a particular Walmart store.

Walmart’s UPC is universal, and the UPC codes are used all over the world, while Walmart’s SKU’s are meant for store-keeping purposes and used only in the USA.

The UPC barcodes and the SKU labels are standardized for business use and are normally read by anyone, but the UPC barcodes are more difficult to read compared to the SKUs.

UPCs can be used to track the history of a product and help companies to identify product returns. In particular, UPCs can be printed on the product barcode and the product packaging. UPCs can be used to track the history of a product and help companies to identify product returns. In particular, UPCs can be printed on the product barcode and the product packaging.

*Note the “T” in the header of each page of this list is NOT a typo. It’s there to identify a page for a list of a particular item. Each page heading is followed by the “item” and the number of items on that page.
*Note the two links in this list are in the “paraphrase” category, as well.

Is A Walmart SKU And Barcode The Same?

As Walmart’s company has stated, an SKU number is used, to identify the same product across stores. The barcode, on the other hand, is meant to be used to identify the product, when it is scanned by the customer, and then placed into a store’s inventory tracking system.

What’s The Purpose Of Having A Walmart SKU?

The main reason why Walmart is interested in the e-commerce is that it helps them in keeping track of inventory.

With the SKU numbers, Walmart can easily record losses, watch the sales of the items, improve the accuracy of the store’s inventory and help associates lookup items when asking customers for a help.

While in the past, a full product description and perhaps its size/color/etc were provided with the product number, today, most customers have the option of going to a product’s SKU to see a full product description.

How Does Walmart Generate SKU Numbers?

Walmart generates the SKU numbers by using its inventory management software or the Point of Sale software.

Walmart is using a POS system to automate the inventory tracking process.

I have checked all the information you provided and I can see that this is a good item. It has a good description and you know how much it costs to buy in the market and how much I get back after purchasing. Thanks for confirming and keeping us informed on the price.


SKUS are unique identifiers within a single class of items. For example, the SKU assigned to a piece of merchandise can indicate its brand name, model number, color, size, and weight.

SKU numbers are the best way to track your inventory and help customers to quickly see if the item is available.

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