What Happened To Amazon Underground? (All You Need To Know)

Amazon has a number of products and services designed to appeal to its customers. Those products include Audible for books, Kindle eBooks, Amazon Prime Video, Underground for Android, and Goodreads, which is available for iOS and android.

According to the Amazon Appstore, the official Amazon Underground app is now out of the Appstore.
It is no longer available on the Amazon Appstore. The app is no longer listed as a supported app.

The app is no longer available on the Amazon Appstore.

What Happened to Amazon Underground In 2022?

Amazon discontinued the Underground app in 2019. However, customers of the app can still use the apps they downloaded before Amazon discontinued the Underground app.
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If you want to learn more about why so many people were using Amazon Underground, what the app was actually used for, whether or not it was actually free and more, keep reading this article for more useful facts and tips!

Why Did Amazon Underground Close?

It seems that the Underground app is dead and I don’t think that Amazon intended this app to be available on their own Amazon App store.

Amazon announced its new app store which is integrated with its website, so you will be able to access your apps from your app store on Amazon’s website.

There were also concerns about the safety of an app store which is only accessible through a browser, versus accessing the Play store directly via Android.

As for the question on why not to use the App Store, the App Store provides an additional guarantee to customers and developers. The App Store offers an additional guarantee of safety by ensuring that third-party applications are scanned for malicious intent and known vulnerabilities. The App Store also works with the iPhone and iPad certification teams to ensure apps are safe to download and run on customers devices. These guarantees are not provided by the Android Market because of the diversity in hardware and operating systems Android supports.

What Was Amazon Underground Used For?

Amazon Underground was a miniature app store. It was available for download from the Amazon.com website and only available for Android devices.

Developers were required to sell the concept of their respective app to Amazon, for $0.002 per minute per individual user for them to be able to receive payment.

Customers could download games and other apps to their Kindle Fire, but Amazon didn’t add any additional costs to the games they downloaded, and they didn’t have to pay to play them.

Was Amazon Underground Actually Free?

The apps were cheap and you could make a whole bunch of apps before anyone would notice them, so you could make a lot of money.

As Amazon Underground was launched, an important promise to its users was to make purchases in the app feel almost as if they were doing the purchase through the Amazon website.

For example, the games could offer players an incentive to download and play the game. This could be in the form of free gems or virtual currency if the player were to reach a certain level. This way the games would be able to offer the player free game time, and would not need to sell additional in-game currency. This is a very simple example of how virtual currency could be worked into a game.

Because it is free, Amazon Underground receives a large amount of customers, causing it to have a large amount of initial growth when it was released.

How Did Amazon Monetize Amazon Underground?

After analyzing the app’s in-app purchase mechanism, Amazon found that the app was able to monetize through an advertising platform called AdMob.

As well, Amazon would occasionally feature ads when customers bought an app, which enabled them to keep the app running and to pay their app developers.

Was Amazon Underground Popular?

Amazon Underground was met with a mixed bag of reaction, but it was in general met with praise for enabling children to download content to their devices without requiring permissions from their parents.

There was also an additional level of monetization when creators can also make money upfront by payment per download. This was done by using the in app purchase.

When we bought the mobile app service a few years back, it was originally created for independent developers of apps but not to be used by big companies or for monetizing apps. As well, we did not have a real business model to speak of.

Does Amazon Underground Still Work?

Amazon allowed users to use the Underground app until the beginning of 2019.

– **Paraphrase:** The Underground app was free to use.

This is the reason why we do not offer our Amazon Underground app on the Kindle Fire.

However, some apps in Underground must be approved by Google before they can be made available through Google Play, so there could be delays in adding those apps to Google Play.

Is Amazon Bringing the Underground App Back?

I’m sorry to inform you that you will not be able to use the Underground app on Android devices anymore, as Amazon has decided to replace it with the Amazon FreeTime app instead.

So, no, users can’t install apps from the Amazon Appstore for the Kindle. I suspect they may be able to install apps from the Amazon Appstore for Android devices, and apps from the Amazon Appstore for Android devices would be available on the Kindle, as well. But I’m not sure.

The amazon Appstore is a store where customers can see and download apps and games in different genres, and customers can earn money for each app they download.

> It may be necessary that you use in-app purchases to access some of the content in this app. You will be charged for these purchases through the Amazon Appstore in your
Amazon account.

App developers can also earn more money by selling their apps on Android Market, thanks to the free Coins and other forms of advertising.

If you are worried about the potential for your personal information to be stolen, that is why you should check the best Amazon security settings for your account.


Amazon Underground had closed in May 2017 and was only accessible to Amazon Prime members.

Amazon used to be able to still download the Underground app, until it was officially canceled and removed from Amazon.com.

Amazon have removed the Amazon Underground App Store; their reasoning was that the service was not successful for the company.

While Underground originally had a wider selection of games and other apps, this has now been reduced to a fraction of that of the Amazon Appstore. This has rendered Underground no longer relevant.

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