What Are Special Delivery Stamps? (meaning, Value + More)

I think people want to get their mail quickly. I’m sure that if they go to the post office they want to get it as fast as possible and they will buy the service that would get it there faster.

Before an express service existed, the USPS used Special Delivery as a way for people to get their letters dispatched instantly. Using this service costs more and Special Delivery stamps were the way to pay for it. To find out more about Special Delivery, head on over to my research!

What Are Special Delivery Stamps?

If you’ve been curious about special delivery services and stamps in the world, here it is!

After a period of research, I found that the Special Delivery Service existed in the United States from 1919 to 1955.

All packages would be sent registered mail, and a pre-paid shipping label would be provided to the customer.

However you couldn’t use normal postage stamps to pre-pay for special delivery.

Until now, USPS is still offering the Special Delivery program with its stamps. In the past, prices to send a letter have fluctuated.

For example, prices reached $0.60 in 1971, which was the last year the United States Post Office printed stamps.

The U.S. Post Office announced that they were ending the use of the “Special Delivery” stamp.

Because the stamps were not valid, the USPS allowed customers to return the remaining stamps and get a refund for their face value.

Can I Still Use Special Delivery Stamps?

If you manage to get your hands on some Special Delivery stamps, please remember that they’re special, and only good for letters.

Even though you cannot use the Special Delivery stamps to mail letters, we still consider them as part of the stamp collection.

Can I Buy Special Delivery Stamps?

As a stamp collector or interest in purchasing Special Delivery stamps, there are many places to purchase Special Delivery stamps at the post office.

If you want to send a special delivery via mail with a stamp, Mystic Stamp, Amazon, and All Stamp offer a variety of Special Delivery stamps, some dating back to the service’s inception in 1885!

How Much Are Special Delivery Stamps Worth? 


But as usual, the real value of stamps will depend on the rarity of the particular stamps you’re talking about.

As a way of determining the value of these stamps, the US Post Office uses a formula based on the year of issue and the condition of the stamps.

Many important, historic, and rare stamps have been produced over the years. The most valuable are the first-use issues from the United States Treasury Department.

This early letter-drop stamp is a real find. The message is to take the letters to a special mail delivery office, where you can receive your letter within 24 hours.
The special office is located in this envelope, which is stamped with a number that shows the date.

When the Postal Service expanded to all Post Offices in 1886, it changed the inscription to “Secures immediate delivery at any post office”.

Although the prices vary, one of the most expensive issues was the 1884 5-cent Red Cross of Good Hope, which sold for as much as $450, and the 1883 5-cent Blue Cross of Good Hope, which sold for $550.

The “Helmet of Mercury” is the only stamp to have been issued on special delivery mail. This special was actually issued to the Postal Service to reduce the number of $0.10 stamps that were used in 1908.

This has made the stamps more expensive than before.

What Do Special Delivery Stamps Look Like?

Stamp collecting can be a fun thing to do as it involves a lot of patience and dedication to see your collection grow.

For each of these designs, you need to decide whether the number of players, the size of the board and the number of pieces can be increased or decreased.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers decided a new way to combat the Red River flooding was needed. They created the Speedies.

This stamp is one of the best examples of a type of American stamps that was first introduced in 1875.

Bicycle messengers started in the 1890s and were a cheap way for people to get around. The messengers rode bicycles and when they stopped at a house they gave a bell signal and the door would be opened.

The image is of a bicycle messenger at the New York City Post Office. The messenger holds a package written on an envelope which is stamped with a date and time. The words “Secures immediate delivery at any United States Post Office” are inscribed below. The date and time are inscribed at the top and bottom right corners of the card.

The Merry Widow was the first full-length film in history to be made in Germany. It was the first German film to be released worldwide.

The design of the stamps were simple and had two different colors, but it was a success. This was due to Mercury’s appearance, which had never been portrayed on a stamp design before.

Bicyclists on the streets began carrying more and more messages and packages from one place to another.

This stamp is called “The Bicycle Messenger” and has a different text.

In the decade of 1920s, the first motorcycle messenger services appeared.

This stamp shows you, in the picture of the stamp, how a postal vehicle looks like.

That was the first stamp with a delivery man delivering a letter to a customer.

The first U.S. mail delivery trucks were used for the first time in 1925.

This was the third stamp featuring an automobile after the US issued stamp featuring a motorcycle in 1932.

Motorcycle Messenger Part 2 was on the Radio yesterday. Listen to it now on Radio Disney Music Channel!

This is an example of another type of stamp that was also used during this time period. It is similar to the previous design but the words “MOTORCYCLING” were printed in the middle of the stamp.

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The previous truck series had a similar design, but with a rounder front, and a more pronounced cab.

I don’t want to talk about any of this.

These stamps were inspired by a series of advertising posters created in the 1960’s as part of a campaign to recruit more carriers.

Arrows was a British rock band from Salford, consisting of lead vocalist Roger Dean Roberts, guitarist Barry Burns, bass guitarists Nick Kent and Peter Kent, and drummer Roy Bailey. The band issued four studio albums and six singles, including the top 10 hits “I’m Not in Love” and “Abracadabra”.

The United States Postal Service, under the control of the U.S. Department of Commerce, on a project funded by the Office of the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security created the program that was called SENTRI in order to allow those entering the United States from “terrorist-threat countries”, to use this program.

This one was really easy to fill out because it included all three of the letters.

What Is Special Delivery Service?

Delivery services were accelerated as the Postal Service wanted to get rid of slower delivery methods.

The USPS used a technology called Pouch Delivery to send mail quickly and safely, as well as to give people extra options.

The United States Post Office expanded its delivery services from towns with over 4,000 people in their population to all towns.

If you paid for Special Delivery service, your letter would be delivered immediately to the recipient.

Without this service, you would have to wait for your mail to reach you in the mail system.

The USPS stated that a single attempt would be made to deliver the package; however, as a service option, there was a guarantee of a single delivery attempt.

If the person who picked up your package was not available, the box would be automatically re-routed back to postal service for pick up.

This was a special service that worked alongside the United States Post Office’s new Express Mail service, which was introduced later in the 20th century.

You can also get more information on what Postal Stamps are, what they are good for and even their cost, about United States Postal Service, and what they are.


Special Delivery is a postage stamp designed by Frank B. Long and printed by the United States Postal Service from May 1, 1932 to July 1, 1935.

The first private delivery system was invented in 1828 and it’s really interesting. The Postal Service is still around today — but it’s a different organization than the private delivery service was.

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