Mcdonald’s 25-cent Cheeseburgers In 2022 (What Are They, Will They Come Back, How To Get)

Imagine if you could get a hamburger, a drink and fries for $1. This was possible when McDonald’s first stores opened in 1950. The fast-food chain is now more of an investment conglomerate than a food service.

According to the old saying, taxes and death can be avoided. But inflation is a third element. This all-pervasive force has raised living costs everywhere, even the Big Mac. The days of the 25-cent shake and 20-cent apple pie are gone… but is it really?

You can get a 25 cent cheeseburger and other popular menu items at much lower prices. Find out more! Continue reading!

What is McDonald’s 25-cent Cheeseburger?

McDonald’s 25 cent cheeseburger was included in the Throwback Thursday promotion. This allowed customers to buy classic menu items at retro prices. This deal was available from January 21 through February 18, 2021, and has yet to be repeated in 2019.

The 25-cent cheeseburger: History

In the 1940s, McDonald’s opened its first stand selling hamburgers and cheeseburgers at a mere 15 and 19 cents each.

It became a hit with investors and household consumers, and in 1958 the Golden Arches had sold more than 100 million hamburgers, according to Business Insider.

Inflation and rising operating costs caused the fast-food chain (and all other restaurants) to raise its menu prices over time. UberEats has a $1.20 regular cheeseburger.

People became upset and the “Throwback Tuesday” deal was created to let customers pay for their favorite menu items as though they were in the 1940s. The promotion was discontinued after only four weeks in 2021.

What is McDonald’s Throwback Wednesday Promotion?

Customers of the fast-food restaurant could increase their order by adding a small shake, an apple pie, large fries or cheeseburger starting at 20 cents. However, they must download the McDonald’s mobile application and spend at most $1 in-app. This is still a great deal.

How to Get McDonald’s 25-Cent Cheeseburger

Waiting for a promotion or inventing a time machine is the only way to get McDonald’s cheeseburgers at 25 cents. Because it was part the 4-week-long “Throwback Thursday”, you can’t get the 25 cent cheeseburger on the regular menu.

This promotion seems to be a one-time deal and doesn’t seem like it will be returning.

The giant restaurant chain is also known for artificial scarcity, making limited edition items in very limited quantities. We shouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see another “throwback promotion” anytime soon.

Despite this, you can still get McDonald’s cheeseburgers or other food items at a very affordable price.

Other McDonald’s Promotions That Are Regularly Held

Fast-food chains are known for offering delicious and quick meals at a great price. They are generous with promotions. McDonald’s offers a different promotion each month.

Customers who order on Friday and spend at least $1 on Mobile Orders & Pay can receive medium fries for free. You could get a Double Cheeseburger at $0.50 during National Cheeseburger Day last September.

McDonald’s offers a promotional offer every month. This is especially true during holidays like Christmas and Easter. You can download their mobile app and visit their deals page to stay up-to-date with future promotions.

Get More Discounts at Other Fast-Food Restaurants

Fast food is a highly competitive market with hundreds of brands competing for market share. You’ll often see a Chick-Fil-A, Taco Bell, or Burger King next to a McDonald’s.

Some people used clever tactics to grab customers such as Burger King’s 1-cent Burger promotion for those who live within 600 feet of a McDonald’s.

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The 25-cent cheeseburger, a nostalgic item from the past, is back occasionally with promotions like Throwback Thursday. These deals are very rare and the last one was in January-February 2021.

Although no one knows when McDonald’s will discontinue the popular discount, there are still plenty of deals available that will entice you if your budget is tight.

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