Is Walmart Evil? (an Unbiased Look At The Good & Bad) 

Walmart has 12,534 stores and they are the biggest employer with over 2.2 million employees.

Walmart had been paying their workers around $10 an hour for decades on the retail side. But those minimums were changed to no more than $25/hour a lot of years ago. And in the last few years, the company has changed their policies and has cut back on employee training and education.

Is Walmart Evil? (An Unbiased Look At The Good & Bad)

Walmart is not a bad company. Some of the things they do make people unhappy. Walmart is a retailer, which offers a lot of different services. For example, they sell groceries, electronics, and clothing. They also sell furniture, jewelry, toys, and more.

I either love or hate McDonald’s because of their fast food chains. They have some really delicious food, or maybe I’m just trying to justify getting a burger.

What Walmart has been accused of is that they’re not providing good jobs. They’re not providing good pay. They’re not providing good benefits. They’re not providing good working conditions, and they do provide good evil things like pay people low wages and provide them with almost no benefits and no overtime pay, and all of these things together have a negative result.

Why Walmart Is One of the Good Guys 

Walmart has a huge selection, they never close, and they sell nearly everything you need to run a household.

If you need something not available there, you will get it delivered from a different store.

They will beat the competitors if they don’t have the lowest price on something.

In our community, we have a Walmart located at 811 N.W. 2nd Street. They give job opportunities, free school supplies, and health care and community services.

Walmart May Be Guilty Of Some Evil Things

Some websites claim that Walmart is horrible for everybody just because they are a huge corporation. Some websites say that Walmart is bad and people should just boycott their stores.

If you do not have more time to read all the news, you can use our app to read the news on the go while you are on Google News.

The majority of the claims about Walmart are true as the claims are backed up by reputable sources, but some are not backed up by reputable sources.

In the vast majority of cases, people will not let out something like this without a proper reason. It is easy to search online what someone was accused of and then find this out in a matter of minutes. You can never be completely sure whether something is true or not.

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