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According to the 2019 survey by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), over 20 percent of people have chronic pain, and 7.4 percent have reported limitations in their quality of life.

For those of them that would prefer to stay away from the reliance on pharmaceuticals for pain medication relief, the alternative is transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). 

The electrical impulses that are delivered by transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation have the ability to lower the pain signals that travel to the spinal cord and brain, which can possibly relieve pain and relax muscles as well as stimulate the production of endorphins that operate as natural painkillers for the human body. 

If you are worried about TENS technology being new or experimental, have no fear, these gadgets have been around since 1974 and have been in use since then to successfully deal with both acute and chronic pain.

It is easy to tell that there are numerous TENS devices available on the market, but they don’t all offer the ease of use or the convenience that you will find in the Hempvana Rocket Relief Pen. 

Continue reading to find out how TENS works, some of the elements that make the Hempvana Rocket Relief Pen different from typical TENS machines, and if this helpful device is right for you. 

Explanation of the Hempvana Rocket Relief Pen

What exactly is a Hempvana Rocket Relief Pen? This handheld transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) device that doctors have been using for years to treat acute and chronic pain by its ability to send electric pulses through your skin to set off your body’s internal pain-relieving chemicals. 

But doctors have the expertise to know how to properly use transcutaneous electrical nerve devices on their patients. 

For personal domestic use, first-time TENS machine users need to understand that the standard electrodes that come from them deliver stimulation that can make them difficult for ordinary people to use. 

The way that Hempvana Rocket addresses this shortcoming is by packing the same technology as a traditional TENS device in a much more portable package.

Who Can Benefit from Hempvana Rocket Relief Pen?

The effectiveness of TENS has been continually studied for years and has constantly revealed itself to offer promising results for various forms of pain. 

To be specific, anyone that is, unfortunately, suffering from chronic pain, diabetic neuropathy, lower back pain, musculoskeletal pain, neck pain, and pain from a thoracic surgery that treats organs located around your chest might consider trying the Hempvana Rocket Relief Pen. 

TENS devices can help reduce opioid use for pain and the annual medication costs that occur when combatting this type of discomfort. 

Maybe you are someone that is already using TENS, but you have been looking for a device that you can bring on the go; this is where the Hempvana Rocket can come in handy. 

What Gives Hempvana Rockets the Best Efficiency?

Your tolerance to repeated TENS uses, the pulse intensity that you select, and electrode placement are the three most important factors that make Hempvana Rocket efficient.

Repeated daily use causes analgesic tolerance over time. So, you may need to take a break for about 3-5 days if you’re no longer getting relief.

Be sure to select the lowest possible intensity that is able to give you relief to delay analgesic tolerance; then, when that particular intensity stops working, increase it to the next lowest possible setting. 

You will find that electrode placement is easier than a typical TENS device with the Hempvana Rocket because you are able to pick the most effective head to use and then simply sweep the device gently over the affected areas.

Are Hempvana Rocket Relief Pens Safe? 

The safest way to begin using the Hempvana Rocket Relief Pen is to start at the lowest level possible and avoid raising the intensity too quickly. 

The design of the pen contains the same silver conductive paint as the three-electrode heads to help your hand act as a ground for the current. 

When you work your way up to higher intensity levels, that current can be strong enough to make it difficult to apply the pen tip accurately, and you can’t use an insulated glove to lower the strong sensation because that would kill the current and prevent the pen from working properly. 

Therefore, it is very important to begin using your Hempvana Rocket Relief Pen at a low level and only move up the intensity gradually.

Bottom Line 

Hempvana Reviews make it known that there has been a positive response to pain relief products such as Hempvana creams for arthritis, turmeric & aloe, the Hempvana Straight 8 for posture, the Hempvana Green Relief Gloves, Hempvana Rollerball Original Pain Relief Lotion, as well as the Hempvana Rocket Relief Pen. 

Now that you are more familiar with transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, the Hempvana Rocket is a handy device that offers convenience and portability for fast mild pain relief.

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