Is Grubhub Safe? (for Drivers, Customers, Personal Information + More)

Grubhub is making it very easy for you to order takeout from restaurants, with a few taps on your phone.
You don’t need to go through a website to confirm your order.
You can instead get the food you want and pay directly from your phone.
This is called “in-app ordering”.

If you’re worried about whether Grubhub is a safe app to use to order food through, the kinds of people it employs as drivers, and more, read on to find out what I found out!

Is Grubhub Safe In 2022?

 Grubhub is safe because it uses encryption to keep your data safe and also your credit card information.  You also can request that Grubhub delete the data it has on you. All Grubhub drivers have to undergo a background check to weed out potentially dangerous employees and the company has even been known to have deleted data it had on some of its drivers.

Read on to fully understand whether or not Grubhub is safe, including details on tips, its drivers, and more.

Can Grubhub Be Trusted?

In 2017 a woman named Sarah McBride sued Grubhub for allegedly using deceptive practices to get more sales. During the trial Grubhub admitted that the company was not only using deceptive practices, but that the company’s terms of service did not clearly lay out what was considered deceptive practices. As a result, the court awarded the plaintiff $1,000 in damages.

In that complaint, [the plaintiff] alleges that [the defendant] is engaged in a pattern and practice of anti-competitive and illegal business conduct.

… not allowing users to change or cancel orders while they are still active; and
… asking customers to pay extra for the delivery of their food.

And the website uses a service called Verisign so people know what data is being exchanged.

Is Grubhub Safe For Credit Cards?

grubhub is safe because the payment network uses the industry standards that have become the industry standard for securing data and preventing breaches.

In addition to that, all restaurants that partner with Grubhub must be PCI compliant, meaning they have to comply with a set of data security standards established by major credit card companies.

As of today, most people were not able to successfully use the Grubhub app on their smartphones due to the fact that their credit card information was not secure and hackers were able to successfully hack into the information and fraudulently use the cards.

In any case, you can usually dispute charges with Grubhub or your credit card company and get your money back.

It gets even worse when it’s not your card, or even your order.

Is Grubhub Safe For Drivers?

Drivers can feel comfortable as long as you aren’t trying to use Grubhub as a vehicle to deliver illegal drugs or weapons.

Drivers usually go home with a headache because they take extra steps to protect themselves, such as not driving out to isolated places, not doing deliveries late at night and not going out into places they’re unfamiliar with.

The app doesn’t show them the address and distance to where they need to deliver, and they can’t use this information to determine how safe it is.

Is Grubhub Safe To Order From?

Ordering food from restaurants is pretty safe, but ordering it from delivery services can get a little risky.

To make the experience smoother we have a chatbot built specifically for this. We also have a few other AI services that analyze your behavior as you are ordering so that we can give you an optimized experience based on your order history.

If we are very strict about our rules, there will be a higher entry bar for drivers.

In regards to your other comment, the only way you can improve your business is if you grow, so I think you need to take advantage of Grubhub’s growing business.

Does Grubhub Sell Your Information?

The company does not sell any user information to any data brokers, but it does share the user’s personal information with certain third parties, such as point of sale.

It’s important to know, as a user, that you’re never safe if you use a free service like this. If they decide to keep your data permanently and make it available to other services, they can sell it to third parties.

Do Grubhub Drivers Mess With Your Food?

The study found that almost 30% of delivery drivers admit to eating some of their pick-up orders. So it can sometimes be a good idea to order delivery on those nights.

Sometimes, it’s about a broken chair or a door that’s locked. It’s mostly about food and sometimes it’s about you.

When it comes to this, it’s something that’s pretty hard to control, but it’s probably better if you go to a restaurant and treat the staff well.

Do Grubhub Drivers Steal Food?

A survey of over 1,000 delivery workers found that nearly 30% of the delivery drivers admitted to stealing food.

In this case, it’s a matter of the company taking a small portion of your order as a gesture of goodwill, and you could dispute it or ask them to refund you.

A group of Grubhub drivers sometimes take food when they realize they aren’t going to be delivering the food but won’t take the order back to the restaurant.

If a Grubhub delivery driver steals your food, you can ask for a refund that takes five business days or less to process.

If Grubhub doesn’t issue a refund to you, it still gives you a discount on your next order.

To know more, you can also read our posts on how to find the distance of delivery, how Grubhub works in Canada, and how to rate Grubhub delivery people.


You can trust Grubhub as long as you stay within its terms of use and use the app and website properly.
If you’re concerned about identity theft, keep your personal information safe by shredding credit and debit cards once you finished using them.
If you’re worried about your data, check yourself with these two resources.

In response to allegations of deceptive practices and false advertising, Grubhub has made its operations more open over time.

Drivers who have to drive for Grubhub have to pass a background check before they get permission to work as a Grubhub.

Grubhub has drivers that work for them that sometimes mess with or steal food. If you believe you have had food stolen, please contact them and request a refund.

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