Is Amazon Bad For Society? (employees, Small Business + More)

Amazon has built up a huge business through online shopping. It has an extensive network of distribution warehouses and a vast array of products.

With all the information I found out on Amazon, I’m worried about the way the company is affecting our society. So, I want to do something about it.

Is Amazon Bad For Society In 2022?

Amazon is a terrible store that has a negative effect on local economies, the bookselling industry, retail, and the job market. They don’t employ as many workers as other larger retailers, and many employees report they’re not treated ethically.

For more information on how Amazon works, and how the company impacts local economies, keep on reading!

Is Amazon Bad For The World Of Bookselling?

Amazon initially began as a company that only sold books, making it simple for people to find any kind of book that they desired.
Amazon is now a tech giant and a consumer electronic company.

Also, it has ruined the bookselling industry because of its business practices.

The reason for the rise of Amazon is because it is a very efficient company, making it easier for it to produce better quality products at lower costs. Also, Amazon is a very large company, which means it could also get more advertising revenue, but it doesn’t. These things combined are the reason Amazon is so successful, and it should be noted that no other company is in direct competition with Amazon.

But it also makes it difficult for mainstream literature to thrive. If you’re not writing for the masses, you’re not going to make money.

Amazon has skimmed profits from authors and publishers by selling books at low prices, and the whole publishing industry is suffering as a result.

Does Amazon Pay Taxes?

Amazon refuses to pay taxes, and doesn’t want to make the necessary contributions to society.

Big companies like Amazon are often accused of not paying their taxes, and the loss of tax revenue has a negative impact on the government.

The negative effects that result to education funding, Medicaid funding, police, and fire funding.

While several states are planning to charge Amazon tax for past-due sales taxes.

The company claims that it creates jobs by providing services that companies like retailers and others don’t pay for. It is a job creator for states with lots of workers and also a job destroyer for states with few jobs.

The tax exemptions have cost states hundreds of millions of dollars that could have been used to assist society.

Does Amazon Treat Employees Ethically?

When it comes to ethical employees at Amazon, there is no general consensus.

For example, many current employees of Amazon report that working for Amazon is fun because of the many benefits that come with working for Amazon, but also some complain of the lack of fair treatment.

Some workers, including an ex-Amazon employee, have complained about dangerous working conditions at the warehouse, especially in the summer months, and that in one instance a worker was injured while getting food.

Since Amazon warehouses don’t have air conditioning, warehouse employees get very hot.

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It’s not surprising that Amazon would bring its own emergency vehicles to the workplace to avoid having to pay for outside ambulances.

The production rates set by Amazon are very high, making it difficult for employees to do their work.

How Does Amazon Impact The Country’s Inflation Rate?

In some cases, it appears that this means companies are also saving money on the wages of their employees, which is something that doesn’t sit well with some. However, other companies see a potential benefit. The company said that it could potentially save up to 10 percent of the costs of hiring an employee through the savings.

Because Amazon is an online retailer, it can offer lower prices because it doesn’t pay sales taxes. Also, because it isn’t a brick-and-mortar business, it doesn’t have to maintain physical locations, and its costs and overhead are lower.

By lowering its prices, Amazon has a monopoly on low-waged labor jobs. Because Amazon’s lower prices limit the ability of other companies to pass on wage increases to employees, Amazon ends up with a monopoly on low-waged labor jobs.

How Does Amazon Impact The Job Market?

Amazon’s presence has caused major job losses and is the largest employer in Seattle, the city where Amazon built its new headquarters.

In addition, only employs about 4,000 full-time employees, while the company has around 4.3 million total full-time employees.

So then, some criticize it for not hiring as many people as possible, which would positively impact the job market.

Is Amazon Bad For Retail?

This trend has led to people leaving their jobs in order to be a part of the service industry.

 Because Amazon is so big and powerful it can offer any product out there, small businesses cannot compete.

As the number of retail stores continue to drop, companies are now purchasing the products they desire in less traditional venues including the internet.
As we continue to see more negative impacts to consumer safety and quality of goods, we expect the overall consumer experience to also continue to deteriorate and decline.

As Amazon does not have any rules with regards to the safety of the products it sells, they are responsible for the safety of their products, including the Amazon Echo.

Amazon copies some products which are popular or already successful. It would seem that people would not want to buy something if they have not heard of it.

Is Amazon Bad For The Environment?

Amazon is good for the environment because it is reducing pollution and deforestation.

The company that runs their global cloud storage has many factories and warehouses scattered around the world, and many of them are also powered by fossil fuels, so there is a lot of pressure on the company to switch to more clean energy as much as the company itself wants.

The company has decided to start using wind turbines to power parts of its data centers.

For example, Amazon uses solar power and electric delivery vehicles at some of its warehouses. It focuses on reducing carbon emissions in its supply chain.

Amazon is a massive company and so it would be nearly impossible for it not to have an impact on the environment.

Amazon is taking huge steps regarding its environmental impact compared to other large retail companies.

How Does Amazon Impact Local Economies?

Amazon has the biggest impact on local economies since they usually use a lot of local resources.

While Amazon is not required to pay taxes, Amazon is able to get away with this, and as a result, the company is able to operate business the way they want. As a result, Amazon is able to avoid taxes and increase their profits while local businesses are forced to pay their taxes.

Amazon fought a new business tax in Seattle, Washington that would have created affordable housing in the city.

What Good Things Does Amazon Do For Society?

If you thought that they are a bad company, you’re wrong. They are doing many things to help society and humanity.

Military support is the main support unit of the army. It has a variety of roles such as air-to-air and anti-submarine warfare operations.

While in the United States, several military veterans have trouble finding employment.

Amazon says it will hire military veterans to work at the company’s warehouses.

Amazon has plans to hire thousands of military veterans and their spouses.

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The organization offers support services for the LGBTQ community, including community building, safety and support programs and community education.

Amazon was given a perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index that ranks the biggest companies in the United States on their LGBTQ+ policies and protections.

Amazon’s current policy is to not allow the company to disclose how well it treats its LGBTQ employees through the policies and benefits in place at Amazon for these employees.

Employer should allow your employee to take up to a maximum of 12 weeks unpaid leave per child to care for the child or adopt the child.

While other companies offer parental leave, Amazon offers generous parental leave, including up to 4 weeks of pre-birth leave.

Amazon has also added up to six weeks of paid leave for the partners of full-time employees with new- or adopted-child care needs.


Amazon is not good for society in several ways. For example, Amazon does not pay business taxes, harming local economies and other small businesses.

Also, Amazon negatively affects retail, because they have the power to sell things at lower prices than other companies, which causes companies to close.

However, Amazon only pays $15 an hour to its employees and still considers itself a business. They also have zero policies towards its workers, especially the LGBTQ community – they could be gay, lesbian, or transgender.

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