Ikea Blinds (11 Things You Should Know Before & After Buying)

ikea sells furnishing in different categories such as home décor, garden furniture, bedding, and so on. It’s also a place where you can get various products at a great price.

If you live in a warmer climate and want to stay cool during those hot summer months, Ikea has a great selection of curtains that come in many different styles.

IKEA blinds tend to be the best quality you will find. IKEA blinds are actually the same quality as standard window blinds, but the difference is that IKEA blinds are made of a thicker material. Many people think that IKEA blinds are expensive, but this is not the case! IKEA blinds tend to be fairly inexpensive, sometimes even less expensive than other blinds.

IKEA Blinds In 2022

IKEA blinds are a nice option for homeowners, due to their durability, quality, and price. With a range of blinds that include roller, cellular, pleated, and motorized, customers can find the perfect IKEA blind for a particular space. However, IKEA blinds are not offered in custom sizes, so any alterations need to be done on the premises.

If you want to find out more about IKEA blinds, the length they last, when and how to install them, if there are any delivery options, and if there are any sizing options, keep on reading!

Does IKEA Sell Window Blinds?

ikea is known for selling products at a reasonable price, and you know, I really like the idea of just being able to go to a store and pick it up and put it in my home.

They are curtains made from a textured cotton weave that feels soft against the skin.

In stores you can find the window treatments for all types of IKEA apartments. You can also get online. Both online and in stores you need to go to the Marketplace level to find window treatments.

What Kind Of Blinds Does IKEA Sell?

Standard: For rooms where you’ll need to open blinds on most of the space.
Light Filtering: For rooms where you don’t need to open blinds as often.
Dark Filtering: For rooms where you want to open blinds but don’t want light coming in.

Depending on the blind style you choose and your room, the number of blinds may vary.

Are IKEA Blinds Any Good?

It is very cheap to buy at home, which can save you a lot of money that you have to spend on the purchase or repair of a broken blind.

ikea blinds can be easily installed by you in less time and they also save you money.

They don’t tend to blend in with any style or color scheme at all, being minimalist in design so as to not draw attention.

How Long Do IKEA Blinds Last?

When it comes to material, you can expect IKEA blinds to last several years after installation.

The main thing to know is to make sure you get the good quality of the blinds for the price you pay, because that’s something that you’ll be very happy with.

Your blinds will keep smudges and stains away for longer if you wipe them with a damp cloth.
If you are unsure whether your blinds need cleaning, you can ask your local window cleaner.

There are 2 more urgent methods for getting rid of a stain from your curtains. One is to soak the curtains in a tub of warm water and mild detergent. The other is to submerge the curtains in a tub of hot water and mild detergent. It is probably best to take both and test on a small area first.

Does IKEA Make Custom-Sized Blinds?

Although IKEA blinds can be adjusted to fit many window sizes, they cannot be custom-sized to any size window. They cannot be purchased with a custom fabric swatch, so they are not as custom as other brands.

Though customers do have options in choosing among the set measurements available, you cannot create a window that has custom window measurements.

If you are looking for a large custom shower door, you should not be limited to a small
pipeless model. Shower doors can be as large as 76″ in width and up to 80″ in length.

Are IKEA Blinds Trimmable?

Blinds in general are customizable when you buy them from some stores. Also, IKEA does have custom sizes available.

Ikea blinds are easily alterable to fit your own window size. They come with a variety of different types including roller, cellular, and blackout.

Which IKEA Blinds Can Be Cut?

Trimming a window blind is extremely easy, with the ENJE, SKOGSKLÖVER, and SCHOTTIS window blinds being the easiest to alter, and the most cost-effective.

The blinds that IKEA makes are so great, you can cut them to cut them to any size. The good thing to come out of this, is that you don’t have to buy a bunch of different sized blinds.

This is the simplest and most convenient way to make a chain saw.

Does IKEA Cut Blinds To Size In-Store?

No, IKEA does not provide blind-sizing service in-store. If you want to increase the size of your blind, you need to purchase additional blinds and have them installed yourself.

Although IKEA does offer a wide range of set blinds, the majority of the product lines are made mostly for home.

How Long Does An IKEA Smart Blind Battery Last?

IKEA also has motorized blinds that are powered by a remote. The remote battery should last as long as the battery in the blinds.

Now, your quote doesn’t really refer to your question but here it goes…

The iHome remote requires battery replacement after a few months of use. It can work without the need for battery replacement as long as it is used daily.

However, as with all rechargeable batteries, it will eventually stop holding its charge and you will eventually have to replace it.

IKEA’s electronic blind batteries take between 4 and 5 hours to fully recharge when using the battery charger sold through IKEA.

Does IKEA Install Smart Blinds?

No, they don’t. They include the instructions to be able to do it. There is no requirement that any part of the furniture be screwed to it. They don’t actually require a professional assembly.

IKEA claims that customers don’t need to hire a professional electrician because the electricity will be provided to the smart blinds directly by the electric grid.

Additionally, TaskRabbit offers handy solutions to assist with your blinds. It’s helpful to know that you can find quality blinds for the price of a store-bought alternative!

Does IKEA Deliver Blinds?

ikea offers delivery for its range of curtains and blinds.

It is very easy to find out in the IKEA website if the product you want is available and if its delivery costs are included. If you order, IKEA will email you once your order is processed.

When adding any of the above items to basket, please be aware of our maximum order limits.

Small order delivery fees begin at $5.99 depending on the weight of your items, and large deliveries start at $49.

Please see our Returns policy at http://www.amazon.com/returns.

~~If you would prefer for the blinds to be installed in the room where they will be hung, ~~IKEA’s room of choice delivery starts at $69, which is great.

To understand more about the products, please also see our article on where IKEA delivers, if IKEA bulbs can turn on/off dim, and our guide on buying sheets from IKEA.


ikea blinds are made to last and come in style to fit any room. iKEA blinds are even powered by rechargeable batteries for longer use.

We hope you enjoyed this conversation we had with the team at Home Depot.

So, it’s easy to adjust your blinds, but if Ikea’s predetermined sizes do not fit perfectly, you can adjust them with a few household tools.

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