How Does Instacart Make Money? (your Full Guide)

The grocery delivery concept Instacart originated in a Stanford University graduate’s spare time, but it exploded in popularity across the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

The way Instacart makes money? They sell…shoes. And a lot of them. While on the other hand, they deliver.

The company is said to be valued at $1.3B after a recent $400M Series E round.

To add to the intrigue of this whole situation, some are saying that the company actually makes money on shipping, but are just counting it as a loss on their books.

How Does Instacart Make Money In 2022?

Instacart has several sources of revenue, including item upcharges, membership subscriptions, delivery fees, retail partnerships, and in-app advertising in 2022. Reportedly, these revenue streams have netted the company over $2 billion annually, with a valuation now at $39 billion.

This is what we know about Instacart’s profit-making strategies so far. They offer a lot of perks to its users like free delivery and discounts, and also pay them to carry out errands and other chores around their homes.
But what has become clear over time, is that Instacarts are not like other companies we regularly interact with.
Instacart sells goods, and it uses a business model often used by big online retailers to cover its costs.

Does Instacart Make a Profit?

Instacart’s profit is a nice amount, but it seems like they are not growing like they should be.

Paid Deliveries
The Amazon Flex program

I will be going more into this and some aspects of the Amazon Flex program in my next post, so until then, happy shopping!

Instacart prices items too high.
To save money, search for deals on Instacart and check your cart for items that are available in-store or for a lower cost on other sites. Also, sign up for Instacart’s rewards program, and invite your friends to shop with Instacart as well.

Instacart is asking grocery stores to pay 15 percent more per order than it does in its brick-and-mortar stores.

Discount king Aldi upcharges on some items and most of their items are marked under price.

Amazon is able to maintain these higher prices not because Instacart allows them to, but because they provide a service that more and more grocers are using.

The app makes money off of the grocery stores by having them provide their discounts to customers.

As a matter of fact, Instacart is a good example of a company who can’t survive solely off of advertising. They need regular customers to sell to.

Express memberships cost $10 monthly or $99 yearly in the US.
And I found another answer that says that this is a mis-translation in the source. So I checked the website with a different translation to see what would happen.

Thanks for your support Instacart. I really appreciate that Instacart Express really does add value to the Instacart experience.

if you use Instacart at least three times a month, it starts to pay for itself, while Instacart has the guaranteed revenue stream. To make it clear, I changed this sentence to be more accurate.

I like the idea of Instacart getting a cut of the delivery fee just as I like the idea of Lyft and Uber doing the same, but I think Instacart is a better fit for this service.

2. I have never used Instacart, but I would be interested in purchasing groceries from a service that provided a personal shopper to help me with my weekly grocery shopping.

I didn’t realize that Instacart was a company. They must be really desperate for business then.

In the end, the consumer has no choice if they wish to participate in a supply chain where they have no control over the way it is administered.

Service fees are not applied to orders placed by
customers who pay with a credit card


Some online retailers may charge you a service
fee for the credit card processing fee.
Payment processing fees may be
included in the service fee.

Grocery stores get access to Instacart’s wide audience and shoppers get discounts on regular grocery items. Both sides benefit from this partnership.

Money can be made and lost anywhere. Even if you’re not a good musician, there will always be a market for your performance.

Instacart’s in-app advertising is different and allows you to purchase items for someone else at a discounted price.

If you search for carrots by typing in “carrot” in your search box, you might see potato chips in the mix.

Instacart, which sells products to consumers directly, will show ads from companies that do business with them. The company may provide your search results for an incentive, but if they do, you’ll know immediately.

What Percentage Does Instacart Take From Stores?

Instacart is a service where people shop on their mobile devices and then pick up the items from a nearby store. Instacart has a commission for the stores it has agreements with.

As explained on its website, the cost is charged to the consumer to pay a premium for the convenience of the service, as the retailer has to pay the delivery driver to complete the delivery.

So Space Technologies also explains that about three percent of every order is given to Instacart as a commission.

Do Grocery Stores Pay Instacart?

I have seen companies which pay people for selling their own products, rather than using platforms. It’s more like rental fees.

There are a lot of other reasons why Instacart may be a good addition to Amazon’s business, and these include:

Shoppers trust Instacart.
Instacart doesn’t have to worry about inventory since they’re just using Amazon to fulfill orders.
Amazon can provide a high quality service by making shoppers feel as if they’re shopping at a boutique, while still providing the same price.

I have been going to Aldi for years, and I have had no issues, especially if the location is busy. I have been waiting to have more to say because, really, this looks like a problem with the Instacart shopper rather than the store.

They know that they’re only getting the bare minimum and they charge the same as a normal grocery store.

Do Instacart Shoppers Get Paid Well?

Some companies become more successful and earn more money by paying their employees less than they’re worth.

The company has no problems with these orders and it is very easy for individuals to make more than the average salary for retail workers.

The work can be done at home or you can do it online and take your time working from the comfort of your own home.

Instacart, which is the platform that people work for, is a platform that doesn’t provide the same benefits as other companies.

I’ve been told that people aren’t exploited as much as you would think, because the pay is fairly enough, however, others are. The minimum wage for a person in the United States is $7.25 per hour, though many people make less than that.

You can use tip jars and leave amounts on your driver’s desks to make tipping easy for them. If this is too much trouble, then we strongly recommend asking your customer what is a fair tip. We would also suggest having your drivers make up your tips each week.

If you would like to read more about Instacart, you can also read our posts on what is Instacart, why is Instacart so expensive, and what is Instacart Express.


Instacart’s model is to get as large a fraction of all the money spent in local commerce so that it is an effective substitute for cash.

As you know, the company is based in the US, however, they also do business internationally and are actively looking to partner with international governments and private companies as well.

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