Home Depot Vs Lowe’s (Prices, Products, Services, Customer Service + More)

When it comes to home improvements, most Americans choose one of the big name warehouse stores: Home Depot or Lowe’s.

But at Ace Home Improvement, our friendly service and exceptional selection of tools, supplies, hardware and gardening tools are just a few things that make us unique.

First things first, I’ve never owned a pressure washer.

I’ve always used my hands and a brush to get the dirt and dust off of my deck.

And the fact that I have to use a brush does not make it good.

In fact, it makes it a little bit worse.

To learn more about where you can buy a home security system at the best price point, read this full article for a comparison of Home Depot and Lowe’s.

Home Depot Vs. Lowe’s In 2022

Home Depot Vs Lowe’s: Market Share

Well, it is in home improvement, and one of the things that makes it possible is the store’s ability to deliver products on-time every time.

MarketWatch says home improvement is fragmented because you cannot do everything on a budget, but can do some or all things on a budget.

Even though they’re not in the top 10, but they still have a huge market share and a strong brand name.

Home Depot saw sales of goods and services totaling more than $130 billion in 2017 with Lowe’s seeing nearly $90 billion.

The two brands worked together to make the top 10 of home improvement stores that sell home improvement products.

Home Depot Vs Lowe’s: Stores

The fact that there are so many different stores means that the market share figures can’t be trusted as a measure of the strength of one retailer versus another.

Home Depot claims to have over 2,400 US stores, with the US stores located in 48 States. Lowes claims to have about 2,200 domestic stores.

Lowe’s did operate in Mexico but closed that branch in 2019 due to the pandemic. You will still be able to purchase items like lighting and plumbing, though.

A Home Depot spokeswoman said the company is adding the extra security measures in response to a recent uptick in violent crime.

It is pretty interesting to see just how much the housing market is dependent on the success of Home Depot. The state with the most Home Depot stores is California. The state with the most Lowe’s stores is Texas.

Lowe’s and Home Depot (HD) both have more than one location within a few miles of each other. However, if you were to drive from Lowes to HD, they are two completely different experiences. Lowe’s and HD are both national chain retailers.

The layout looks similar in that the garden center is off to the left of the entrance, but the number of different types of shops in the two layouts is fairly great.

Home Depot Vs Lowe’s: Prices

For example, one can rent a 5-piece jigsaw puzzle set at Lowe’s for about $3.49 compared to Home Depot’s $4.79.

The prices are similar at Home Depot and Lowes, with the cheapest prices found at Home Depot.

When looking at the comparison, you should note as well that both stores are similar in price, and that the other store offers price matching.

If the item is not found in the store you’re looking for, you can always ask for a price match. If they have it and sell it cheaper at another store, they might honor your request.

If we compare a few popular items, we can get a sense of how they can both be considered great products.

 At Home Depot, it’s  $15.85 per board; and at Lowe’s, it’s $15.90 per board.

You can get a 1.5 cu. ft. bag of garden soil at Lowe’s, which costs $8.98. Lowe’s also has price matching.

If you’re shopping for a Frigidaire chest freezer, you’ll pay $249 at Home Depot as an example of a company that specializes in a particular type of product; Lowe’s prices it at $10 more.

Lowe’s and Home Depot are fiercely competitive. They both sell things. They both sell tools, hardware and lumber and a lot of things in between.

Ultimately, shoppers who research before heading out to either store will score a better deal.

Home Depot Vs Lowe’s: Products

When it comes to buying and choosing what brand to buy, Lowe’s is ranked number one.
>> You know there is a lot of competition right now.

But if you are looking for a good selection of home improvement items (and better flooring options), Home Depot is the place to go.

Both retailers have a huge selection of home improvement products, as long as you know what you want.

People who live in apartments tend to have a lot of interior needs. People might think that they do not have many interior needs, but the reality is they do. They just do not think about it because they do not see their apartment interior needs. It is very important to have everything in order to make life comfortable and convenient for yourself or your guests. This guide to apartment interior needs will help you organize the inside of the apartment.

the government is responsible for the roads and bridges, and the police for crime prevention, the fire department for emergency services, and the health department for health services.

I guess that’s the point, and both stores are similar.

But they were able to keep their exclusivity and still charge more.

Home Depot is known for its tools and other home improvement products, including Ryobi tools and Behr paints. The store is also home to a number of kitchen and decorating products from Martha Stewart Living goods and Thomasville Furniture Industries cabinetry.

Husky tools, Workforce, HDX, and Commercial Electric home improvement brands. However, Hampton Bay, Glastay, and Home Decorators do not have a house brand.

Lowe’s has a strong assortment of home decor products, including area rugs, wallpaper, lighting fixtures, paint and wallpaper samples, home accessories, kitchen décor products and furniture.

Recently, Lowe’s acquired the Stainmaster carpets company for a total of $1.8 billion dollars.

Home Depot Vs Lowe’s: Services

If you are not a member of the press, if you are not a reporter, and you are not a social media influencer and you are not a journalist, you should not be in this room.

If you need some improvements in your home, both home improvement stores have an excellent selection of in-home services.

There are a lot of vendors in the industry that have an array of tools and equipment to create a perfect setup. The beauty of this is that it is completely customized for the customer and works best for their needs. With it’s custom design and integration, it makes the whole installation process easier and faster. It is a completely turnkey solution that requires minimal time and effort on your end.

I wanted to get my hands on the new floor. You should know that I have a flooring project right now. The price of this project would not work for me so I am going to look for a cheaper option.

Lowe’s and Home Depot each have a variety of services for the home improvement market.

I thought it was interesting to see how smart home installation has made the list! The next frontier for us must be small-to-mid-scale solar installation, which we’ll be rolling out this summer.

Home Depot Vs. Lowe’s: Customer Service

If you’re running a company, you have to ensure your company’s customer service is on point.

There are a few different things that we see happening in the customer service department and they range from the customer calling in for help or trying to contact corporate, to how employees interact on the sales floor.

I have experienced person-to-person interaction both positively and negatively from staff members at both outlets.

Both companies are equally good at customer service, so you should really just pick one based on personal preference.

Online shopping is really just the modern version of going into a shopping mall, browsing around, and finding a shopping mall in which you can have a real experience, and that is why it is so popular.

I want to say that we’ve made our eStore a bit easier to use and access. We have made it mobile-ready so you can check out on the go and we’ve made our store more informative so you know what you want before you leave your house.

I don’t know of any other retailer that offers this feature, but I will check out Lowe’s on my iPhone.

Home Depot Vs Lowe’s: Return Policy

I could walk in to a big warehouse store and get a whole bunch of different sized boxes for like $30, and I could also go to a little smaller store and buy a bunch of different sized boxes for like $5. No big deal.

I’m not sure if Lowe’s and Home Depot have very lenient return policies, but their websites do say that they won’t charge for an item that was purchased from one of their stores if the item was sold at a lower price at a competitor’s store during the return period. There may be some other details I’m not aware of, though. If you want confirmation, contact the company that sold you the item.

For example, Lowe’s policy for returns covers 90 days from the day you purchased the item for a 10 percent restocking fee. If the item doesn’t meet the return standards, you’ll get a store credit.

You may be able to use a gift card or refund card at some stores, like Walmart, where you may not get cash. You will receive the gift card value back from the store.

 If you haven’t bought anything from Home Depot, you can return it to a store just like this.

If there is an error or fault on the part of the merchant, returns are subject to the merchant’s terms and conditions. For warranty information, you may contact the merchant directly at the phone number on the receipt.

For a full list of return policies, check out this link to Home Depot and this link to Lowe’s.

It’s reasonable for each store to let the customer decide about items that have been opened or used.

(Sidenote this is the second time I have had to write this paraphrase; it is the first time I have written the paraphrase the same way the original writer did; in this case, this is the right thing to do.)

This part seems to be about the process of manufacturing and distribution.

I agree and will follow suit, as it’s so nice to not be faced with that ‘wearing a pajama shirt in your underwear’ situation.

Home Depot Vs Lowe’s: Dog Policy

Home Depot is dog-friendly – they do have a dog welcome policy. It might not be listed on their website, but they do have it.

While many Home Depots welcome well-behaved, leashed dogs, it’s helpful to know if they do before you bring your pet in.

In addition, Lowe’s website confirms that Lowe’s stores are dog-friendly.

If you are Lowe’s, you can visit their site and simply type in your location, choose the store you want to visit, and then head to that individual page.

When you click on the link of the store, here are the links for the dog-friendly store or dog-friendly pet products.

Home Depot Vs Lowe’s: Delivery Services

You don’t have a truck or strong friends, so you will have to choose store delivery when buying large appliances or other large objects.

The original sentence presents a direct object as the subject, while the paraphrase presents it as the indirect object. The subject and the indirect object are the same, so if we just had one sentence, it wouldn’t be a question of the subject or the indirect object.

As a homeowner, you’ll have to pay for delivery. If you spend $199 or more, you can get free delivery from Home Depot and Lowe’s.

When you go to Home Depot, you’ll get a free delivery if you spend $399 or more on any order.

Delivery also has the delivery people who connect everything that needs to be connected and ensure that the item works.

This story mentions Home Depot as using a large machine to clear away items. But, they will only do this for free if you contact them to let them know it’s your junk.

Lowe’s will do delivery for free when you spend $99 in your first three months so long as you’re a new customer.

You will be able to move old appliances anywhere within the residence and they will be picked up by our delivery team.

The old appliances removal services were not an issue even if it took some time to fix it.

Their online help document explains:

Installation of appliances is limited to the appliance and its packaging.
Appliances are usually shipped with a single person to install the appliance.
Professional installation is limited to the installation and the appliance.

We know that the people of this country want this [President Trump] to succeed.

Home Depot Vs Lowe’s: Shopping Via Website And Mobile App

Shopping online could be an indispensable part of your life.
It’s easy to forget stuff when you’re on the move.

You’re probably already aware of these benefits.

But have you thought about the costs?

What if you buy something online that you end up not liking?
Will you get stuck with it?
Will you have to find someone else to exchange it for something you do like?

Here are some things to consider before you commit.

Home Depot and Lowe’s websites and apps are clearly functional, so having a functional website and mobile apps should make the process of signing up for the programs easier than the other retailers.

It is also important that you make sure that your website and app are fully responsive so that they look the same on all devices and browsers, regardless of screen size or browser.

I like the online shopping experience of the Home Depot, and the free shipping is a really nice bonus.

While Lowe’s mobile shopping experience doesn’t feel as intuitive or as clear-cut as Home Depot’s, it’s probably not that bad because they had the right idea.

I find Lowe’s app is more aggravating to navigate, but their website is more functional, when you have the capability of using a keyboard and a larger screen.

I was able to make a purchase and then I went back home and painted a room. I was so pleased with this process.

Within a few hours, I had the items I needed and was back to painting the room. I took another hour to pick out my art supplies and then I was done.

Home Depot Vs Lowe’s: Curbside Pick-Up

Mobile Shopping is a service where you can order stuff online and they will bring it to you.

They’ve actually introduced this in the city of Seattle, and it’s so cool, where you just go to your store’s website and schedule a pick-up time. Then you order online and drive right into their parking lot.

Their app has a check-in function so that when you are arriving at the parking you simply press the check-in button, fill in the space number when prompted and wait.

I tried to use the Lowe’s pick-up for the first time and found it to be a very convenient way to recycle my plastic bags.

I got there, parked in the designated area, and then I had to call this special phone number to let them know that I had arrived.

I have to say the Home Depot experience was great, and I will definitely tell my friends and family about it.

Home Depot Vs Lowe’s: Employees

This article explains how to be friendly to your customers and fellow employees, and to improve work culture.

But they don’t even care to know what it is like in retail for the staff since they don’t do it.

So my recommendation is to not rely on any one review. It’s important to find reviews from people in your situation, not random reviews from other people who could be a biased sample of the population. The best place to check reviews is the marketplace, where you can find reviews written by the actual people you’re going to hire, not the random people you would hire if the opportunity weren’t taken away from you.

However, both rank high for overall employee satisfaction. Lowe’s also ranks higher than Home Depot for both customer service and work-life balance.

Home Depot ranked higher than Lowe’s in all nine categories. And their benefits package was praised as a plus.

The writer at WorkStream shared that hourly workers are entitled to dental, vision and life insurance, medical coverage and short-term disability.

Home Depot Vs Lowe’s: Credit Card

Home Depot and Lowe’s have store credit cards allowing you to make larger, more expensive purchases an affordable option with no interest.

The most important features included in the MacBook Air are its slim, light design, solid state hard drive, Retina display, two USB ports, and an array of ports for memory and other peripherals, including a HDMI port, FireWire 800 port and card reader.

They differ in the type of deals. Lowe’s issues an offer every 15 minutes. Home Depot offers discounts on an ongoing basis.

The Home Depot’s fixed APRs are higher than the average fixed APRs for a variety of credit cards, while Lowe’s fixed APRs are at the low end of those credit card APRs.

Home Depot cards can be used for major home renovation projects and big ticket home improvement.

Lowe’s charges a fixed interest rate on projects, regardless of whether they are worth $2,000 or $2,000.01.

As a Lowe’s customer, the Lowe’s Visa card is a great option for the everyday shopper, since it offers everyday five percent savings. You can then use your savings to help offset the fees. Other cards, such as the Capital One Platinum Charge Card, offer a six percent credit line, but it also tends to charge higher fees.

If you already have a credit card, the discount cannot be combined with any other sales or promotions.

Home Depot Vs Lowe’s: Customer Appeal

According to a marketing survey, Home Depot, a big-box home improvement chain, appeals to the male population and to “professional tradespeople,” while Lowe’s, a smaller discount home improvement chain, appeals to the female market and to consumers who “want to get projects done,” instead of focusing on home improvement.

It’s interesting that Lowe’s now is going to the same market that Home Depot was targeting, and I can definitely see them gaining ground on Home Depot.

This enables professionals to interact with their customers, discuss their work and projects with their customers.

Home Depot Vs Lowe’s: Tool Rental

After deciding to buy a belt sander & a random router, you might be interested in using a rental tool for those larger projects.

It’s good to have a sander for woodworking projects.

I was told that it is $52 per hour for four hours, $64 per day, $260 per week and $772 for four weeks.

At Lowe’s, the price per hour is $4, price per week $25 and the price per month $125.

If you’re planning to be in your house for four weeks, Lowe’s will be the deal.

Home Depot is a one stop shop, you can do the entire transaction online as well as schedule it in advance.

Home Depot is cheaper because the tools and supplies are cheaper. Lowe’s also has good prices on tools.

Home Depot Vs Lowe’s: Store Hours

In terms of hours, both stores have similar hours.

Both Home Depot and Lowe’s are open 24 hours and close at midnight on Sundays.

on Sundays, their shop closes in the morning.

If you haven’t yet tried a grocery delivery service, I highly recommend ordering from Home Chef — I’ve really enjoyed their food and their service.

In order to find out if your business qualifies, call the Department of Trade and the Workforce Investment Act.

For more information on this topic, please read our other Home Improvement Articles, Home Improvement and Kitchen, Bathroom, and Outdoor Room vs. Home Improvement, Home Improvement vs Decor, and Home Improvements and Maintenance, our Home Improvement Videos, and our home design guides.


The two home improvement stores have more in common than is different when it comes to customer experience, and they are likely to experience the same trends as their competitors.

Each business has its ups and downs, its pros and cons.

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