Hobby Lobby Return Policy (After 90 Days, Damaged + More)

With Hobby Lobby’s wide selection of items, it’s easy to get carried away and pick an item without too much consideration. The prices of the items are very fair, and you can get everything you need easily.

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You should also read this article to learn the benefits of returning items at the right place, what you need to return and everything you need to know about Hobby Lobby’s return policy!

Hobby Lobby Return Policy In 2022

You should return any eligible items you purchased within 90 days for a refund or exchange.
You must return your item in a new, clean, and resalable condition in order to receive a refund.
If you received a free return shipping label with your order, you will need to return the item to the shipping address you received it from during the checkout process. Otherwise, you can return it to any store within 90 days of the purchase date.

If you are worried about damage to your receipt or card or a case of lost or stolen card, worry no more! Hobby Lobby’s return policy is incredibly easy, and it helps make your experience at the store as secure as possible.

Can You Return Items to Any Hobby Lobby?

Just go into the store website and click on the buy button. Make sure you’re signed into your account (it will say it’s linked to your email address), and then you can return items at any of Hobby Lobby’s stores. I got the mini-dress I showed you before from the store near me, and I bought the necklace online and then picked it up at another store.

however, when you purchase products online, they can only be returned to stores if they’re less than $250, as anything more expensive is considered a bulk purchase, which is not eligible for return to a store.

What Is the Hobby Lobby Return with Receipt Policy?

You have the right to return an item you bought at Hobby Lobby for an exchange or store credit. If this is still within 90 days of the date you bought an item, you can request a return. However, you should be aware that exchanging an item with Hobby Lobby generally results in the item getting sent back to the manufacturer. Also, if you try to return an item for a refund, you will not get a refund.

If you have a store credit and you want to use it immediately, please print a refund check and mail this into customer service.

If you bought the item using a Visa, MasterCard or Discover card, you can use your store credit within 7 days of purchasing the item.

If you have a store credit and you want to apply it to a future order, please contact customer service and we will update your store credit balance.

What Is the Hobby Lobby 90 Day Return Policy?

Hobby Lobby allows you to return items for different reasons after 90 days with a receipt. You can get a refund, return the items, or get an exchange for a different item for different reasons.

If you wish to return an item, simply visit a participating store in Australia and select How to Return Items online or in store.

As per the T&Cs of the program, you will only be able to return your item if you have not used and/or redeemed your Gift Code.

You can only return a single type of gift (either a voucher or a credit note) to a single store in Australia per transaction.

This is only useful if you have the item in your cart.

If you have the item in your cart, selecting store credit will give you the same value it will give you on the lowest priced item you have in cart, which may not necessarily be the lowest priced item in the store.

What is the Hobby Lobby Return Policy for Online Purchases?

Hobby Lobby allows its employees to take items from its own online store and return them for cash. There are a number of rules that are used to help stop this practice and ensure that you are able to do that without getting into trouble. This kind of policy is one of many reasons why you would want to use a store that is locally owned.

If you purchased a physical item from the website, you can return it to any physical retail location or dropbox.

Everything worth more than $250 is too expensive for me to actually buy it, so I’m just going to sell it myself.

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Hobby Lobby is also an interesting one.

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Please do not send any more payments until this is addressed.

This value requirement does not apply to furniture, wall decor, and Christmas trees that were priced at $250 or more, so you can safely return these to any store location.

When returning an item from the website to a store, you need to bring the invoice that the web item was purchased in.

In most cases, you can’t return the item if the original packaging is damaged or if the original packaging has been opened.

There are exceptions to this, however. Read the fine print of the seller’s return policy.

If you accidentally damage the product before you purchased it, you won’t be able to get a replacement.

If you use your credit card to pay the first time – your refund will go in to your credit card. If you use other methods, your refund will come to an alternate account. If you have multiple accounts your refund will go to your highest paid account.

What is Hobby Lobby’s Return Policy for Used Items?

 But, you can’t return or exchange those items that have been used or opened, even if they’re bought online.

While most stores won’t accept returns on a Silhouette & Cricut or sewing & embroidery machines, there are stores that will.

What is the Hobby Lobby Return with a Debit Card Policy?

Hobby Lobby keeps any money you pay it via credit card or by purchasing something through their website. When you go to return something, that money gets returned to you. Otherwise, if you bought something through their website and used a credit card, that will get refunds for you automatically.

You may have to cancel or close your account first and then open it back up again (the service is down while you reset your password).

In addition, for any questions, you can also see our forum post, Hobby Lobby return policy, you can also view our video, Hobby Lobby Return Policy, and you can also check their FAQS page on the website.


When you return an item at any Hobby Lobby outlet you will get store credit. This can be in the form of a gift certificate, merchandise credit or cash. Items that have been opened or used can’t be returned.

You can send them back to any Hobby Lobby store with your receipt. This also applies to items bought online unless they’re worth more than $250. If this is the case, you have to ship it back to the online outlet and wait as long as 2 weeks for it to be processed.

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