EssayPro: The Facts About the Service That Chases Academic-Related Stress Away

The life of a student is never that easy. Of course, the negative memories are being ousted by the positive ones. Yet, everyone remembers being torn between studies and work and needing urgent academic help. And you go browsing, looking for the best custom writing service. 

And here, we need to talk about EssayPro. So, let’s figure out everything you need about the service and why the EssayPro promo code may come in handy after you finish reading this. But before we start discussing the service in question, let’s go through several problems students generally encounter when ordering from online academic helpers. 

Checking out what each of them offers, it becomes obvious why students find it that difficult to decide which service to use: 

  • Low prices and subpar quality;
  • Good quality but high prices;
  • Absence of native-speaker writers;
  • Limited revision options;
  • Hidden fees.

The general rule of using online writing services is that if you want your work to be crafted by English-speaking writers, you should forget about the $10 per page price. The price like that generally signifies that the paper would be written by someone who has studied English at some point in their lives, which is reflected in the quality. 

And sometimes, everything seems intact, but then, it turns out that you’ll have to pay extra for your paper to be proofread or checked for plagiarism. 

Gladly, things are different with EssayPro.


EssayPro Overview

EssayPro was launched in 1997, which means that it has been around for more than a quarter of the century. The service is headquartered in Cyprus and received praise from customers and independent reviewers alike. 

While essays, as the name suggests, are the main focus of the service, EssayPro is not limited to them. Its professionals can craft more complex works for you, like dissertations and theses, and even help you with physics. 

The service has a vast array of writers; thus, you shouldn’t doubt that your paper will be written within the minimum deadline of three hours. Although, yes, the number of pages and the complexity of work may affect the deadline. 

You can allow the service to select the writer suitable for your order or pick the writer on your own. Even before registering, you can browse through the writers’ database and check their bios, as well as their educational and professional backgrounds.

To assure yourself of the quality of EssayPro writers, you can check out the testimonials of past customers. And the diversity of the comments suggests that they were written by real people. Testimonials range from generic ones like “great writer” and “will hire again” to more detailed ones, describing why they enjoyed collaborating with the writer. 

Checking the comments on review aggregators also shows that users are impressed by the service. 

EssayPro Pricing

Yet, the crucial aspect for students is the pricing of an online writing service. Quite often, it seems that online academic helpers try to use students’ desperation to their own advantage. 

Frequently, you are required to pay extra to get your paper checked for plagiarism, proofread, edited, or written by a service’s top writer. In the most outrageous cases, you learn about additional fees only before checking out. However, that’s not the case with EssayPro. 

The service offers prices suitable for students that are tight on budget. The starting price for custom writing is $10.80 per page. Of course, the price may be affected by the number of pages and urgency, but it is unlikely that the overall cost of your order will seriously damage your budget. 

And you don’t have to worry about hidden fees. EssayPro doesn’t charge you extra for hiring top writers or for having your paper proofread or checked for plagiarism. 

Another important aspect regarding pricing that we should mention in this EssayPro review is that you don’t have to release funds before the order is finished. The customers have to put money in their account on EssayPro, but you don’t have to release it unless you’re satisfied with the order. This means that you have an unlimited number of free revisions before you pay for the order.


EssayPro Plagiarism 

The thing that bothers most students when they order from online writing services is plagiarism. It may seem that you got the ideal paper, and you submit it to your professor only to learn later that it has a significant amount of plagiarized content. Of course, students should always be extra cautious and double-check their orders. Yet, EssayPro does seem to have the best writers on the web.

There are two ways to avoid plagiarism in academic writing: proper citing and original writing. Proper citing means that you cite and quote the materials you use for your paper. You don’t take credit for the research that you haven’t conducted and ideas that someone else came up with originally. Original writing allows the use of new words and phrasing to avoid basically copying and pasting texts that you use for your paper.

EssayPro writers tend to use both of those methods. The papers always have proper citing of source materials. But plagiarism detectors don’t care for that. Their goal is to detect words, phrases, and sentences that already exist online. You don’t have to be a virtuoso writer to avoid plagiarism, but you need to be a lazy writer for your paper to contain more than 10% plagiarized content. 

EssayPro has good writers who care for their craft; thus, plagiarized materials are absent from their work. And the plagiarism report you can ask for only emphasizes that.

Closing Remarks

So, what can be said about EssayPro in the end? The service offers reasonable prices that are suitable for students tight on budget. Despite that, the quality of papers doesn’t suffer. EssayPro achieves this price/quality balance by having a large number of professional writers who are eager to give their best to their work. Hence, students get original papers of top-notch quality for prices that won’t damage their budget.

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