Does Walmart Take Paypal? (What To Know!)

Walmart Inc., an American retail company, has its headquarters in Bentonville. It operates a network of grocery stores, hypermarkets, and stores in the United States.

Walmart is now embracing e-commerce thanks to the advances in technology. You can shop in Walmart’s stores or hypermarkets and check out your purchase using the contactless and cashless modes of payment.

Continue reading to learn if you can use PayPal to pay for your order.

Is Walmart a PayPal Partner?

Walmart customers can use PayPal to pay for their goods. You can purchase goods in-store and online. Customers can withdraw money from their PayPal account and deposit it anywhere they shop at Walmart. Walmart charges $3 transaction fees for every PayPal withdrawal or deposit transaction.

You can also access your PayPal funds from the store.

PayPal is available on the Walmart website.

PayPal can be used to pay for products on the Walmart website. First, add PayPal into your wallet. Once you have linked them, you will be able to pay for any item via the Walmart app or website using PayPal. Follow these steps to add:

  • Add your items to your cart
  • Click on “Check out” to confirm.
  • Select PayPal to be your payment method under the “options for payments” tab.
  • To confirm payment, log in to your PayPal account.
  • To complete the transaction, return to Walmart’s website or app.

How to Add PayPal to Walmart Account

Follow these steps to link your Walmart and PayPal accounts together:

  • Log into your Walmart account online.
  • To access account details, select “Account”.
  • From the account page, select Wallet.
  • Select “Add New Payment Method” from the wallet page.
  • Choose “PayPal”, as an alternative mode of payment.
  • Verify your Account before you use it to make Walmart purchases.
  • It may be possible to make it your default payment method.

Walmart accepts other payment methods

Walmart stores offer several payment options for customers who do not have PayPal. These include:

  • Visa, Mastercards and American Express credit cards.
  • Walmart Master Card and Walmart Credit Cards are available to regular shoppers.
  • Cash payment
  • Chase Pay
  • PIN-Based ATM/Debit Card
  • Walmart Gift and Egift Cards
  • Amex Express Checkout
  • Affirm Installment Financing
  • EBT cards are available in all 50 states, except Montana, Alaska, Louisiana, and Washington.

How to add a Walmart gift card to PayPal

You can add a gift certificate to PayPal for a friend or yourself. You can add a Walmart gift card to PayPal by following the steps below:

  • Register for your PayPal account.
  • Choose the wallet from your computer.
  • Select the “Link a credit or debit card” option.
  • If you receive the link by a bank, tap on “Link a Card Manually”.
  • Fill in the details for your gift card.
  • Click “Link Card”.

If you have any problems adding your gift card to PayPal, please check the instructions on your card. They may direct you to a website that can help you register.

Is PayPal compatible with other payment methods on Walmart’s website?

Walmart does not allow you to use more than one payment method to pay for a single transaction. It is impossible to split your order or pay with different payment methods simultaneously.

You have the option to pay using PayPal or another payment method.

What can I buy from Walmart using PayPal?

You can shop at Walmart with PayPal without any restrictions.

You can shop from the Walmart website or store and pay with your PayPal card.

Either pay by phone at the checkout or online via an e-wallet.

Is Walmart open to accepting contactless payments?

Walmart accepts touch-free and contactless payments in its stores. You can shop in any Walmart store and pay instantly by scanning the QR code at the checkpoint. This method may be used if you didn’t specify your payment mode.

How to Remove PayPal Payment Method from Walmart Account

Sometimes, you might need to disconnect your PayPal account from Walmart or modify the card details.

The only option in this situation is to delete or remove the card from your Walmart account and then enter new details. Follow these steps to do this:

Log into your Walmart Account

  • Choose a wallet.
  • Click on the Edit option next to your payment method.
  • PayPal Payment Options: Edit or Remove

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Walmart accepts PayPal payments for both online and in-store purchases.

Walmart stores also accept cash withdrawals and deposits for a $3 fee. Walmart accepts cash and PayPal payments as well.

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