Does Starbucks Take $100 Dollar Bills? (Everything To Know!)

If you have $100 and are in desperate need of a cup of coffee, can Starbucks take it? This is what we found out.

Starbucks Accepts $100 Dollar Bills

If you have $100 notes and want coffee, Starbucks will accept them. While one hundred dollar bills are legal tender, retailers are not required to accept them.

Remember that exchanges of large bills (for small items), take time and attention, and can deplete your bank account too quickly.

This article will discuss the $100 Starbucks bill, how it is sometimes rejected, and what you can to do to avoid interruptions in your spending.

Is Starbucks open to cash?

Starbucks accepts cash payments for in-store purchases of food and beverages. They won’t refuse cash payments. Starbucks has made multiple digital payments possible because they are faster and more popular.

For security and safety reasons, most street shops no longer keep large amounts of cash in-store. They won’t have unlimited amounts of change.

For safety and security reasons, larger bills can be stored in-store at a different location than the general till. It is not a good use of staff time to ask supervisors for access to the safe constantly.

As the closing hour draws near, all cash will be protected.

What are the best ways to pay at Starbucks?

Starbucks claims that their goal is to provide seamless payments for all customers. They offer both digital and cash payment options.

  • Credit cards
  • Starbucks cards
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • PayPal
  • Bakkt App
  • Cash

How do I pay Starbucks when ordering online?

Starbucks App allows you to order food and drink and earn Starbucks Rewards. You can also use the app for store locators and menu displays.

Starbucks App allows you to pay using a Starbucks Card, credit/debit card, select mobile wallets, or a saved PayPal account. Online orders cannot be paid with cash.

Why are some places refusing to accept $100 bills?

Large bills can be more securely converted into smaller currency at a bank than they are in a coffee shop, or similar establishments that sell many low-priced items.

It takes time to issue change. Customers may want to count their change. This can cause queues and frustrate those who are still waiting.

Starbucks and other chain stores may have limited options for changing money. These are cumbersome, heavy and difficult to use.

Stores should not keep large amounts of change near each other for security reasons.

What is the Best Thing to Do with My $100 Bills

It’s best to buy something, then receive money. Although this sounds simple, it is important to consider the price of what you are buying.

A $100 bill is a big purchase and no one will turn down a $100 bill. If your purchase exceeds $50, it’s likely that you will use a $100 bill.

Keep the smaller notes for smaller purchases. Your large bills should not be used for small purchases such as a cup of coffee or a bag of bread. It adds stress to staff who are already stressed and can cause problems in the long-term.


The one-hundred dollar bill is legal tender. However, it can be a hassle for service staff to count and distribute large amounts of change. It’s smart, courteous, simple, and better for everyone to match your currency amounts with what you buy.

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