Does Lowe’s Sell Stihl? (you’ll Be Surprised)

Lowe’s and Stihl share a partnership to help get lawns looking beautiful with the Stihl Stinger. This is a great choice for any homeowner, but will be especially great for those who want to get their lawn looking amazing but do not own a Stihl product.

Stihl is owned by Toro, which is an Austrian company. If you look at the bottom of their site though, it appears that they are the second-largest power equipment company in the U.S.

Stihl products are sold worldwide, including in Australia, New Zealand, the U.K, and Europe.

They sell mowers, chainsaws, trimmers, blowers, and much more.

There are many different types of Stihl products that you can look at on their site.

Does Lowe’s Sell Stihl Products In 2022?

For more information on Lowes not selling Stihl products, keep reading to find out why!

Why is Stihl Not Sold At Lowe’s?

The company is all about image. It’s all about a certain look, one of the most important factors to their success.

A local store employee told me that the company will not advertise to customers that they sell through these low-end retailers.

Their bright orange products can only be bought from independent dealers such as Home Depot. In fact, even in their TV commercial, their slogan is “Not sold at Lowe’s or The Home Depot”.

What Stores Sell Stihl?

The website is very exclusive in that you have to be an existing customer in order to purchase items and I think that this is a very positive attribute for the company.

However, if you wish to avoid the hassle of trying to find Stihls in your local area, then you can find Stihls in our dealer locator page. You can also get price information and compare models.

Stihl products are normally sold in different stores, like The Home Depot or Lowe’s, rather than a specific store.

Does Anyone Discount Stihl Products?

Stihl does not offer any specials or discounts and sells to 12 different distributors throughout the country. This means that there has got to be a dealer within a 100 mile radius of you.

Stihl doesn’t offer special deals or discounts to anyone, but it does ask you to consider buying from it.

Can I Buy Alternative Chainsaws At Lowe’s?

Yes, you can. Lowe’s carries Stihl products. And you can definitely buy Stihl power tools and accessories on Amazon.

If you are looking for a chainsaw, they have plenty of it on offer.

Is Stihl a Good Brand?

Stihl is the industry leader in chainsaws, Stihl are known for their exceptional durability, and the quality of their tools.

If a user is choosing between consumer brands, then the consumer brand must be the superior one.

Lowe’s has Stihl machines on the racks which you can buy, but they don’t have any of the brand’s chainsaws available for sale.

Are Stihl Products Worth The Money?

As a result of this, the products can sometimes be very expensive to buy.

However, Stihl products are worthwhile investments for homeowners or professionals who require dependable yard tools and who are not willing to sacrifice quality for price.

Whilst Lowe’s has a wide range of similar products, it’s worth spending extra to get their Stihl equipment as they’re made to last and are known for their good quality.

You also know that if you are not invested in you’ll find a job and money will come to you.

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I am not the only one that feels this way, because when Stihl’s sales representative visited the local Lowe’s store to sell their products they were told to leave their products on the shelf because they were not to be sold there.

Lowe’s and Home Depot also sell Stihl products. Stihl sells a range of tools for both the household and outdoor markets. You can get any product from Stihl by going to their website.

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