Does Aldi Sell Flowers? [types, Prices, Quality + More]

In addition to kitchen staples and toiletries, Aldi grocery stores sell a great variety of gifts for the special person on your list. Flowers are a sure way to brighten up their day.

Aldi offers the best and most fresh flowers for you! I’ll show you what to buy and how to deliver them well so you get maximum return on your precious resources.

Does Aldi Sell Flowers In 2022?

Aldi’s flowers are for sale in a regular, seasonal bouquet or a seasonal spring bouquet with flowers that you select. The seasonal flowers that are for sale during the fall season vary in price from $3.99 to $9.99.

In short, there are two main types of flowers you’re likely to see at Aldi. Both are fragrant and beautiful, but you’ll have to look a little deeper to find the best of each.

What Types Of Flowers Does Aldi Sell?

Aldi’s bouquets are made of fresh and cut flowers, and are available for a variety of occasions. The bouquets may include carnations, daffodils, roses, daisies, baby’s-breath, and tulips. The prices are so low that you can send them as a thank you note or a gift to a friend.

Aldi is popular for their seasonal flower product. They have flower products that we call ALDI finds (it means that they are available for a limited time, so you would not be able to see them for a long time), but they are very popular and they are very useful so you can use it in a variety of ways.

Other examples include the holiday special gift baskets and holiday cards that are distributed to the customers.

For mothers day you should also get a premium mixed bouquet. you can also get premium tulip bouquets, hyacinths, calla lilies and even orchids.

It’s the perfect time of year to start fresh with your gardening efforts and get those perennials planted out. These are great things to give someone if they can provide the space (and often plants to give).

The aldi floral displays always include a bunch of colorful flowers.
Flowers are a common sight in Aldi stores, especially during the winter.
The flowers are the same as those sold in any other retail store.

Aldi stocks seasonal flowers and other floral items. They are available in various vases, tins and containers. Some include floral sprays, seasonal bouquets and even seasonal wreathes. There are even some special limited-edition flowers.

The best way to find out what type of seasonal flowers are at Aldi is to check their online flier for current and future (one week in advance) ALDI Finds. You can also look at the flier that they send in the mail before they have new stock.

And the next time you purchase your groceries, check out where the ALDI Finds coupons are for the day’s featured product.

How Much Are Flowers At Aldi?

While the price of $3.99 isn’t much, flowers are an expensive purchase to begin with. There’s a reason why there are bouquets with a dozen roses or more. Most people want to get as many roses as they can.

ALDI Finds are always packaged beautifully and are sold at a reasonable price. They are a great way to impress your loved ones with a special gift.

Potted flowers can be purchased in the $2.50 to $13 range. It is very rare that Aldi charges more than $20 for even potted flowers.

The beauty of Aldi Finds is that they are on a first come, first served basis. If you can get your hands on an Aldi Finds bouquet quickly, you can save a pretty penny. If not, you’ll need to pay full price!

Where Are The Flowers In Aldi Located?

The biggest challenge is how to fit a bunch of flowers into a small package. They must be something that’s easy to carry and shop for.

In the floral world, a potted flower or hanging basket is more likely to be on free-standing shelving set up in various locations throughout the store.

Are Aldi Flowers Good Quality?

The flowers are generally very well kept in vases, and many purchasers have said that they last up to 2 weeks if they are cared for properly.

Aldi doesn’t allow its staff to share any of its customers’ names or personal information, for any reason.

Aldi bouquets usually come with a bunch of flowers and accessories to go in with them. They can also be displayed without flowers, as long as they are in a vase, because they are very fragile.

Does Aldi Deliver Flowers?

But the Aldi chain stores do sell plants such as indoor garden plants and gardening supplies.

You can always just use the store in a pinch!

When you’re on the go, and you need to add a few ingredients to your salad, you’re probably going to want to use the store, but in the right circumstances, the microwave also comes in handy.

1. Microwaveable Salad Mixes

Microwaveable salad mixes are basically like little packets of salad mix you can just add to a salad.

Aldi has partnered with grocery delivery service Instacart. Instacart delivers orders from $35 and if you choose to spend more than $35 for items from the grocery department you’ll get it delivered.

Instacart is not a grocery store, but a delivery service. It allows shoppers to request groceries online and have those groceries delivered to their home. It is also possible to sign up to also pick up your groceries, or if your order is over $10, it will be delivered to your house. There are restrictions and restrictions on the type of products that can be delivered by the driver–for example, no alcohol or meats.

But Instacart makes up for it by upselling everything you order. So if you’ve ordered a bouquet, odds are you’re going to get a free or almost free beverage, a free dessert, or both. Also, one item you order gets you two free items.

You will not be able to get a lower price at the store due to this.

Can You Order Flowers From Aldi?

I also find it sad that I am not allowed to buy fruit, vegetables, fresh flowers and meat from Aldi.

You could shop at Aldi, but like Instacart, you’re kind of limited to the things that they have on their shelves.

What Day Does Aldi Get Fresh Flowers?

The new merchandise in the grocery store will be shown on a Wednesday. It is best to visit the shop on that day.

Products fly off the shelves in Aldi stores because they have a very limited product selection, so check their product selection before going.

Does Aldi Sell Flower Seeds?

If you want to grow flowers, you need to buy flowers at Aldi. However, these are only available as ALDI Finds during certain times of the year: spring and summer.

Bulbs and perennials are available in early February, so if you’re in need for some new plants for your garden, this is a great time to purchase them.

If a store doesn’t offer the exact same product, that doesn’t mean they’re not comparable as they might be similar enough to be considered a substitute.


Yes, Aldi still sells flowers, but they’re sold in a variety of different categories, such as seasonal, seasonal/holiday, and budget. Whether you’re looking for a bouquet or an elegant holiday decoration, you’ll find a wide selection of high-quality plants and flowers at Aldi for amazing prices.

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