Does Aldi Buy Food From China? (not What You Think)

When it comes to food I think we should always buy American-made, American-manufactured food, and I think that it is important to support American-made clothing, American-made toys, shoes, etc.

You might be wondering: Does Aldi buy food from China, the number one exporter of food? Let’s take a look.

The reason for those weird questions is that Aldi is owned by a German company and it doesn’t sell any Chinese food at its stores. What it does sell is imported from the European Union.

There are some exceptions. Aldi has a small German-owned chain of supermarkets that sell Chinese food in Berlin. But these stores are quite different from the German Aldi.

Does Aldi Buy Food From China In 2022?

China is a country of origin for seafood in the Aldi US stores and some fish sold in Aldi stores has been produced in China since last year. While China has been a source of seafood for Aldi US stores since last year, it does not have public policy or company policy on the issue, so it has to follow the policy of the US market.

So, to clarify, the majority of Aldi foods are not actually made in China. The best way to identify the country of origin of food is to simply look at the ingredients. China is often labeled as “made in China” when the ingredients are clearly not 100% Chinese, but may include other foreign ingredients that have made their way into the package.

What Aldi Foods Come From China?

The revelations that some Aldi seafood was sourced from the Sea Queen brand, which has Chinese-manufactured seafood, was revealed by journalist Yoonjung Seo.

The article also included photos of Aldi employees selling Aldi products to customers at a market stall in Seoul, South Korea. However, given the nature of the article (which was about Chinese-manufactured seafood products sold by Aldi), the article does not appear to be misleading.

North Korean workers in China were forced to work under harsh conditions during their loans to China. The majority of their pay was taken and used for North Korean nuclear missile programs. The state-owned enterprises that sent these workers to China were also used to import goods to North Korea.

I have no idea, and I don’t think they do either. When they were asked about their corporate policies, they either refuse to answer or refuse to respond. I don’t think they do anything.

Aldi promises “simple sustainable seafood”, and sells the freshest Seafood products to consumers.

The website provides a great deal of information, including but not limited to educational, historical, political, religious, spiritual, and personal information. It offers links to other websites maintained by external parties and other websites that may contain inappropriate or objectionable content, including but not limited to material that violates the rights of others, or that may be harmful, deceptive, disruptive, illegal, offensive, or that otherwise harms any group of people or otherwise undermines the rights of another.

Our seafood has minimal to no use of chemicals or industrial fishing methods, ensuring that our products are safe and sustainably harvested. Furthermore, we have a goal of not only improving the nutritional value of our seafood but also its taste.

Aldi has partnered with Ocean Disclosure to protect the ocean ecosystem for generations to come. If you would like to buy products supporting the ocean, visit the Aldi Ocean Disclosure page.

It’s interesting to compare the certification standards of the fishery improvement projects and the well managed fishery status, which are the same. The fishery improvement projects are managed by a governmental organization which includes the fishery and other stakeholders. In contrast, well managed fisheries are managed by the fishery itself. The projects and the well managed categories are both managed by governments.

Does Aldi Beef Come From China?

In fact Aldi beef products are usually made in the USA and then shipped over to Germany by truck to save on shipping costs. The Aldi stores then sell the beef to the German public.

And to be honest, the majority of meat sold in Aldi’s stores is really meat.

Some meat that is imported into the United States may have come from China, but it is not from the country of South America.

How Can You Tell If Aldi Food Doesn’t Come From China?

In order to comply with USDA COOL regulations, and avoid the possibility of lawsuits over foodborne illness, Aldi is labeling each and every fruit and vegetable with the name of the specific country from which it was harvested.

As an example, if a French person buys a piece of food shipped from Mexico, Mexico has to declare it as being Mexican. But if that same piece of food is first processed in Mexico, and then shipped to France, that Mexican food is no longer Mexican food, and the French person would not have to declare it as Mexican.

Seafood may carry a country-of-origin label if the fish is farmed in a country other than its home country. Since the U.S. imports farmed seafood from countries other than its own, this requirement (along with other requirements on U.S. farmed fish) has made it very difficult to know whether farmed salmon was truly sourced from Canada, for example.

The FDA has found that, because there’s so many imports and the FDA can’t inspect every one, labeling is the easiest way to indicate the country of origin.

[Paraphrased]: A friend of mine who is from a different country explained it more easily this way.

Do Any Other Aldi Products Come From China?

You can find Aldi Finds everyday, and they’re pretty good finds. You can even get some really good deals on stuff here…if you know where to look.

If you look at your Aldi Find’s packaging, you will see that some does, indeed, come from China.

I’ve been on a diet and
I’ve been looking for something
to satisfy my sweet cravings with
while I’m on a diet. And
I found it at Aldi.

While there is no manufacturer logo, I can only believe this is made by a manufacturer in China. This is just one example that has been made. I have found other products made in China that has the same type of labeling.

The same thing for a set of four scissors from the Huntington Home label.
The second one is the one more likely for an American speaker, but I’m not positive.
There’s also a book from the Saks Fifth Avenue label called “How to Use The Proper Way of Cutting Paper.”
When you get to the word “paper”, there’s a bit of a pause before the “the”.
So if you don’t have any of those at the moment,
I would say my first choice would be one of those two.

The Easy Home label is the most American label of all the labels. The manufacturer is in North Carolina.

It’s also worth noting that Aldi products are mostly not made in China and the majority of their products are under the Aldi or own brand names. So these brands are manufactured in Germany, the UK and the US.

Read more about Aldi, the company who makes Aldi products, how to shop at Aldi, and what products to buy at Aldi.


We got our first real look at what it’s like to live in North Korea as a part of a new report from CNN and Amnesty International. They traveled around the country and met with people, interviewed North Koreans about the food they eat and even looked at what goes into making the country’s famous KJIP.

If you want to avoid any harm, you must be careful with your purchases because if your product has a country of origin label, you can be sure it was made in China.

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