Different Uses and Benefits of Temporary Buildings

When people mention temporary buildings, what comes to most people’s minds are weak and poor-quality structures. However, nowadays this could not be further from the truth. Modern temporary buildings are of extremely high quality and can easily last for many years serving various purposes. Modern temporary buildings can withstand even the harshest expected weather conditions. Most importantly, they can solve urgent space needs thanks to their quick installation. In addition, they are affordable, thus helping to save costs. 

Below are some of the uses of temporary buildings:

Agricultural businesses 

Businesses in the agricultural sector can use non-permanent structures in various ways. For example, they can use them as greenhouses to offer year-round facilities to grow crops in a controlled environment. This makes it possible to produce large quantities of crops and get high-quality yields by providing ideal growing conditions such as temperature and humidity. They also help protect the crop from insects and other pests,

Farmers can also use temporary buildings to store animal feed, fertilizers, and other supplies. Temporary buildings can also be used as processing plants for such products as milk, yoghurt, and fruit. 

Retail businesses 

Retail stores such as supermarkets, grocery stores, and big-box retailers can use temporary buildings to display their merchandise. Retailers often find temporary buildings to be ideal because they are affordable, easy to set up, expandable, and easily relocatable. Structures like clear span buildings are excellent for retail businesses because they offer large open spaces with no internal pillars. Other uses of these structures among retailers include storage, offices, and eating areas.

Motor vehicle dealers

Entrepreneurs in the motor vehicle industry use temporary buildings for a large number of purposes. Fortunately, they can find great space solutions at Smart-Space, the leading UK manufacturer of temporary buildings. They can use these structures as showrooms from where they can sell vehicles, spare parts, and other branded merchandise. 

Temporary structures also serve as excellent garages or workshops where the motor vehicle dealers can repair and service various vehicles and equipment. Clear span buildings are perfect for this use because they allow free movement of cars and other large equipment and tools.

Furthermore, the entrepreneurs in the motor vehicle industry can use temporary buildings as storage for machines and vehicles to protect them from the elements including rain, sunshine, and others.

Schools and other learning institutions

Various learning institutions can use temporary buildings. Potential uses include classrooms, accommodation for students, dining halls, sports complexes, staffrooms, laboratories, and storage.

General benefits of temporary buildings 

So, why do people use temporary buildings? Below are some of the benefits of temporary buildings that make them an excellent option for many users:

Fast installation

Businesses looking for space urgently need a quick space solution. Luckily, temporary structures come in prefabricated sections from the factories. They are then assembled quickly onsite providing the required space for the users. This saves the headache of renting, and other costs. 


For a fraction of the capital you would need to spend on a permanent structure, you can install a temporary building. Temporary buildings do not need an elaborate foundation and lots of labour which saves the users lots of money. They also reduce energy costs due to ventilation and natural lighting.

Relocation is simple 

Some businesses need to move their operations from time to time, for example, construction companies, find temporary buildings a great choice. This is because they are easy to assemble and disassemble without any damage. Thus, users can move them from one site to another as their business dictates, operating seamlessly. 


If you are conscious of the environment, then temporary structures are an excellent choice. They help you save resources such as trees and avoid excavation needing heavy machines and equipment that destroy the environment. This is because the parts come ready-made and only need assembling at the site without much activity. Besides, these shelters save energy due to great ventilation and lighting. 


Temporary buildings have many benefits that make them a great space solution for many users. The crucial thing is to buy them from the best manufacturers in the industry to get quality products.

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