Cvs Competitive Advantages (9 Different Factors)

CVS has become a highly successful chain of pharmacy stores with nearly 10,000 sites located in the United States. CVS has always offered great deals to consumers and has a big network of stores across the U.S.

Although CVS has grown into a household brand, the company has gained its competitive advantages from the fact that it is a trusted, quality pharmacy. In the past, CVS has been the last stop for many, including drug addicts. Now that people have started to go online and order drugs, CVS has become known in the community more than ever. CVS has also invested in their stores, making them great places to shop.

CVS Competitive Advantages In 2022

1.  A Plan to Win

1: The CVS Pharmacy is focused on offering a convenient and high-quality service so that its customers feel satisfied.
2: The CVS Pharmacy is going to promote their services in order to obtain customers.
3: The CVS Pharmacy is going to offer high-quality services which is going to be able to make its customers feel satisfied.

CVS encourages the workers through monetary and non-monetary incentive packages, and they are also motivated through the promise to improve the health of the people.

The focus on the ‘products’ that are sold by CVS is to help customers keep returning as essential products that people in the local area need to buy from CVS are kept for the stores.

CVS needs to offer the same level of convenience as they offer at their retail locations, and they realize that the more convenient the store is, the more customers they will get to.

The final two areas are ‘promotion’ and ‘performance’, which means that CVS is continuously watching its marketing statistics and building a positive, results culture to enhance its brand.

CVS continues to grow because it continues to focus on the 8 steps of selling better.

2.  Iconic Branding

CVS is one of the most well known drug stores in the U.S. It sells a variety of products that includes basic pharmaceutical goods such as a variety of medicines and vitamins.

In the UK Amazon has started to develop its own brands, in the US they have a new store concept called Amazon Local called Amazon Local.

CVS has become a leading retailer of pharmaceutical products for people.

3.  Good Locations

CVS is a large chain of drug stores that is available throughout the United States. In order to be accessible to more people, CVS offers 24-hour hours and 7 days a week so that it is convenient for any time of the day.

There were many different items found inside the CVS buildings. The most common include many kinds of merchandise, which people would buy, and sell, and trade for other items that they wanted. There were also many items for decoration, from pictures and posters to clothing and toys.

This allows CVS stores to compete with other stores for inventory, and also makes sure the customers know where to find their products.

4.  A Variety Of Products

CVS survives since they have the ability to offer simultaneous services in-store.

The retailer is able to offer customers a variety of services and products, including prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, greeting cards, photo services, as well as beauty and cosmetics products.

In order to enhance the collection each year, CVS has been providing holiday-themed goods for customers to purchase.

By setting up a single point of fulfillment, Amazon can maximize its offerings to customers.

5.  Caring About Customers

CVS promotes itself as a Health Brand, and is committed to ensuring the welfare of its customers.

CVS made a decision not to deal with tobacco products and it causes them a loss of $6.1 billion.

CVS has been paying attention to the welfare and health of their customers, employees and their partners in the health industry.

For decades, the company had been one of the most beloved American institutions, especially by the parents of many of its workers.

6.  Tackling Health Issues

CVS is also committed to working with the public, and on the web, to make sure that they’re well informed about what they’re purchasing and how to protect themselves from potential issues.

For example, CVS is working to close the poverty health gap through research and action and to improve kidney care, loneliness, and mental illness.

We also want to thank our loyal customers who are supporting our initiatives. These initiatives are further strengthening our loyal customer base.

7.  Health Innovation

The CVS Health system includes a portal that helps patients find doctors, hospitals, and prescription drugs. They also offer a health monitoring system to help patients manage chronic conditions.

HealthHUB is a web site portal which includes a kiosk where the end user can access and use the information.

They have experimented with a project called the Patient Alignment System, in which they use a computer model to predict which doctors are more likely to succeed and which drugs offer the most benefit for patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes.

CVS Health has announced its intention to grow the HealthHUB service to 1500 locations in the U.S. by the end of 2021.

CVS continues to expand its offerings while providing care facilities for its customers. This way, CVS allows customers who use it to continue to access great healthcare services while attracting new customers.

8.  Partner Companies

CVS is always able to merge/takeover/buy other companies because of its strategic plan to become the largest health care company, and the largest drug store chain, in the world.

Walmart is an international retail giant, which has acquired and partnered with several companies in order to continue providing quality service to its customers.

One of the companies that CVS acquired was Eckerd. They bought it because they thought it would mean more health services in their stores. Another acquisition was a company called MinuteClinics.

Also, CVS’s acquisition of Aetna had a positive impact on its profits. The company has grown and began to offer more health insurance products and services. And as a result, they also started to offer services like HealthHUB, a website where people can search for doctors and health services.

9.  Defeating Competitors

CVS has the advantage of being a well known name and having a large national network of pharmacies.

Rivals like Rite Aid and Walgreens Boots Alliance have had to close several stores because of a loss in profits.

CVS is opening more store, but it depends on how fast they can open, so it is still too early to tell.

To learn more about how CVS started as Walgreens, you can see our related posts on CVS history and what Walgreens is doing to win with a new CVS location.


CVS’s strategy is to provide high-quality, efficient and convenient healthcare services to customers by leveraging its strong positions in health-related goods and services.

The company was able to attract thousands of customers via its variety of products and good stores which makes it a popular store for many.

The company has been successful in continuously innovating, taking part in socially beneficial initiatives, and buying companies that have been successful.

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