Cheapest Place To Buy Stamps (complete Guide)

I’ve been sending and receiving mail for the last 10 years, and I’ve noticed that rates have been increasing for the past decade.

Given the ongoing price hike in stamps, here is a definitive list of the cheapest places to buy stamps.

Stamps are one of the most expensive items to buy, so try to buy your stamps as close to the post office as possible. It can save a lot of money, especially if you buy in bulk.

Cheapest Place To Buy Stamps In 2022

For example, an offer from a stamp dealer that may be a great source of discount stamps, is 50% off retail when you spend $5000 or more. Stamp dealers offer this special 50% off retail to stamp collectors like you, so you can buy discounted stamps at discounted prices.

if you are looking to save money next time you buy stamps, you need to check out my complete guide on where to buy stamps for the best prices.

1. eBay

USPS stamps are a bit different than eBay products. Their value is based on condition, and not the number of stamps they are a group of.

If you’re interested in selling a large bag of your Forever Stamps to your local post office, check out our auctions. All of these auctions will allow you to sell your stamps at our highest-ever price per stamp. You can even take advantage of our lowest-ever price for bulk rolls of Forever Stamps.

However, it may be more expensive to purchase stamps in bulk than you would think.

At $36, it works out to $0.27 per stamp or a savings of $0.19 per stamp at the current rates. If you want to look at it another way, that’s a 44% discount off retail!

Forever Stamps isn’t all that deeply discounted, but if you’re looking for a hundred, that’s what you’re gonna have to pay.

There’s a 50% reduction in price from retail prices when you buy a “roll” of 100 stamps.

Also, even if you think you won’t need that many stamps you can split the roll with friends or family members and share the discount.

Also, get ready for the upcoming Black Friday Sales Event as some stores are starting early November 1st.

2. Amazon

But the truth is, if you shop around long enough you can often pay less for your stamps than the Post Office would.

It’s not necessarily going to save you money, but you can also get some great deals with the stamps.

Forever Stamps is a third-party service that allows you to purchase pre-paid stamp cards in bulk. The cards are then shipped to your address, and you can use them to mail letters and postcards. Your savings are based on the volume of stamps you purchase.

Another way to say it is that it’s a 6% off!

Forever Stamps prices aren’t high, but they’re not low either. If you buy them online, you’re likely to get better prices if it’s a sale at a physical store. You can save $12.00 if you buy five 20-packs from a physical store and five 20-packs online for the same price. That’s 14% off.

The savings will be lower than some of the other online package delivery services, but they have a wide array of size options.

Because the stamps are on your own printer, the cost of the roll is cheaper than buying individual stamps.

To earn points, you need to spend money and your points will be applied as you go.


This online retailer provides a wide variety of products, including stamps. This merchant is not an official USPS vendor, but does offer a wide variety of stamps and other postal products at discounted prices.

One example of this is when the company offers a four-week trial of its services and gives you $5 worth of free postage during that time.

If you’re planning to host a stamp-based event at your house, or you want to create your own stamp collection, they have a membership program.

If you decide to continue using your service after the trial period, you pay $17.99 per month (plus applicable taxes, shipping, and handling).

As an example, the new USPS rate for Forever Stamps is $0.52 per stamp. This is a savings of about 8% compared to the previous pricing for

But they have to take into account the monthly subscription fee when deciding if the stamp discounts are enough to entice you.

It’s usually a better deal the more you order, so if you’re only ordering a few items per month, this service may not be worth it.

The idea of no-longer-in-possession contracts has been met with skepticism, as no-longer-in-possession contracts often end up with the lender retaining ownership of the home.

I was really happy about this because I often feel bad if I use too much postage and have to get more from the Post Office.


Stamp collectors know that a great postcard can be made with a simple postmark for just a few cents.

With the stamp store, postage stamp lovers will have a wide selection of stamps to purchase at wholesale pricing.

It’s always worth checking the site if you are interested in a deal, as it’s updated frequently.

For a limited time, Buy Discount Stamps offers free shipping on all orders and doesn’t levy sales tax on customers, meaning even more savings for you.

That’s right, you can pick up a roll of 100 Forever Stamps for only $52.20. That’s an incredible bargain. There’s never a reason not to order a roll of stamps, especially now that Forever Stamps are available!

With the holiday season fast approaching, some people prefer buying stamps in bulk rather than buying singles or smaller packs. This allows them to have more stamps on hand and to purchase stamps for sending mail at a lower price per ounce.

There isn’t any specific number of stamps you need to buy. However, your order can’t be more than $500.

5. Stamp Dealers

In the past, this might have brought up the question of why a company would want to produce an entirely new product. But, the new Postal Service has had no problem selling off its first stamp issues. With the U.S. Postal Service, consumers have the choice between low-priced stamps and high-priced stamps.

When they’re first released, some stamp collectors buy them hoping that they will become valuable one day.

It’s pretty rare to find an original stamp in the “wild.” Many times, the value isn’t going to increase, so the stamp should be sold to a dealer. Once the stamp has been sold to a dealer, it will be sold again to consumers at a lower price.

We’ve listed some stamp dealers in this article.
You can buy stamps from them by visiting the links that we’ve provided in the article.

The best way to be sure you’re getting an authentic and legitimate stamp is to search in your preferred search engine.

You don’t have to use the highest postage value stamp available to you (as I learned today). Instead, you can use just 1 of the various postage stamps you have in different values. You can use stamps you happen to have at home, at a gift shop, or at a local post office.

6. Costco

Costco is a wholesale giant that sells 100-packs of stamps at a slightly discounted price for members.

The paraphrase is much easier to understand; it contains only those information that is actually needed for the explanation and omitted extraneous information.

However, one can buy ten of these stamps at the post office for $100.00. This is often a much better deal.

The best way to buy stamp is buy online at the cheapest price possible.

The savings for using a coupon isn’t massive, but as your usage increases, the savings will likely add up.

However, if you are a Costco member, you can enjoy special discounts on groceries and other purchases.

The Costco membership in question allows you to buy your staples cheaper when you do your shopping there. Because of the discounts, it can be cheaper to shop there than in a regular grocery store, without the need to pay for membership dues.

Costco requires people to buy 10 cans of Forever stamps per trip. They will only let you buy 10 cans of Forever stamps per trip.

7. Sam’s Club

The post office has a program called Stampin’ Up! where you can get discounts on stamps through the mail.

You’ll have to get a pack of Forever Stamps somewhere else.

You can either order stamps online and have them sent, pick them up at one of our stores, or get a roll of stamps during your next shopping trip.

Yes of course, but you should really check out the discounts they have to make sure you get the best deal.

It is customary to send Christmas cards to family and friends during the month of December. When ordering stamps, it is important to avoid putting the holiday stamps on your envelope.

8. BJ’s Wholesale

You can save even more on Forever stamps by using the coupon code BANANA when checking out at BJ’s.

It’s also the same deal as Target (10% off everything online, in store, and through their catalog!)

*This post contains affiliate links. By clicking on these links, you are supporting the brands that make The Lazy Couple run. Thank you for your support!

If you’re considering joining a gym in the UK, you need to consider the cost of the membership. You can expect to pay £50/year as a standard gym membership, but if you’re looking for a low cost option you can check out

BJ’s also sells a ton of Forever Stamps with holiday designs, so watch for them when they’re released in November.

9. Walmart

A Walmart employee recently sold counterfeit stamps in various designs and sizes (e.g., sheets of 20, rolls of 100).

That being said, you can still get a deal, but most of the times this is for the most luxurious and fancy items.

You can also buy a roll of 100 Forever Stamps for $43.50 at Walmart. That’s a 25% savings over what you’d get at the Post Office.

Finally, you should visit the nearest Walmart and purchase your stamps from their cashier.

Unlike the Post Office, Walmart has a wide variety of stamps, ranging from commemorative, to regular, to commemorative again.

10. Even More Ways To Save On Stamps

The best thing that you can do is to search for the best coupon deals and discount offers. The best way to save is to find the best deals and to use more coupons.

For stamps, coupons are particularly useful if you plan to buy stamps from online retailers like Amazon.

If you decide to use the bonus points during the year, you will be able to save as you see fit.

You can also find out about cash back from eBay if you buy your stamps or products through eBay.

And finally, use the credit card you get through the Amazon Cash program to “deal-stack” when purchasing stamps.

Your card rewards you a 1 percent discount each time you make a purchase. It saves you time, too, because you don’t need to track your spending to earn points.

To learn more about USPS, see our article on postal history, and our series on USPS stamp types.


If you are looking for some of the more consistent deals you will find them on eBay or through your local stamp dealer. You may also find some random deals on Amazon or other online selling sites.

Those who send a lot of mail can benefit from discounts from or buy discounted stamps.

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