Amazon Jury Duty Policy (all You Need To Know)

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found about 12% of the labor force has jury duty every year. These people are usually taken from a pool of local officials and workers who are selected for jury duty.

Amazon is one of the few companies that doesn’t require its employees to perform criminal background checks. This means that it’s super easy for a criminal to work for Amazon, which can be a problem if you’re not careful.

What Is Amazon’s Jury Duty Policy In 2022?

The company’s policy states: “Most leave periods are unpaid, except for portions of jury duty, military, bereavement, pregnancy, and parental leave.” For salaried employees, who typically work an average 40 hours a week, the unpaid part would be about 20% of their annual pay. Amazon does not provide paid leave for parental and bereavement leave.

There are 3 reasons you really want to consider doing your duty to your local government.

Does Amazon Pay For Jury Duty?

Amazon is the biggest e-commerce company and has over $385 billion in sales.

Google is a public benefit corporation, incorporated in December 2015.

The company pays competitive salaries and has a generous leave policy.

Although it is a very big part, the percentage of employees that are paid at least $15 an hour is higher than Amazon’s overall average of $37.51 an hour.

One thing to remember is that most companies offer additional paid time off for holidays, vacation time, and sick leave for hourly employees.

When I was working at Amazon, a few employees had jury duty while
working for Amazon, and we were not paid for this time.

It is possible that Amazon will pay for the jury duty for salaried employees and hourly employees in the same location, though it is only for salaried employees on a rotating basis.

I think that full-time workers have the right to request time off for jury duty, as long as it’s listed in their contract.

Amazon is making its employees take a “paid vacation” day so they can cover jury duty obligations.

Amazon employees who work in fulfillment centers usually don’t have paid jury duty.

Judges usually don’t pay federal jurors, but that’s not all bad news because the court usually pays them $50 per day.

Where Does Amazon Pay For Jury Duty?

This is definitely a requirement in California. It’s also common practice in Washington state.

Alabama, California, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.

To make sure that they pay their employees when they’re summoned for jury duty and to abide by their state’s legal obligations, Amazon must comply with the law.

How Do You Take Jury Duty At Amazon?

The company offers up to 13 days of paid leave per year to employees who get called for jury duty.

For your protection, it’s best to let your employer know about your jury duty and let them have your working schedule.

You’ll get a heads up from your manager, plus Amazon will handle the arrangements for you.

Amazon may require written documentation to request a jury duty vacation, so check with the management team and follow any instructions before leaving to attend court.

If you get called, you should be ready to go into the courthouse two weeks before you need to be a juror, and let your employer know what you need to do.
If you are unsure if you will be called, don’t worry. You don’t have to worry about being called.

What Is Amazon’s Paid Leave Policy?

Amazon allows employees to earn paid time off, including time off for various personal reasons. Employees also receive a company holiday as a regular part of their monthly compensation.

Employees are granted 4 weeks of paid leave for jury duty. This leave can be taken during company paid time-off.

Both hourly and salaried employees are eligible for paid leave, but they accrue more paid vacation time off and receive benefits for their time off with the more hours they work.

You have to have a personal maximum of six days, but the maximum is only three or four days if you’re a part-time employee.

Amazon is a great company. They have an ethical company culture and pay sick, jury, and bereavement leave.

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Amazon has a jury duty policy that varies depending on the location and employee status.

If you live in the United States you are legally allowed a 14-day unpaid jury duty sentence. However, the federal government does not require your employer to pay for your unpaid jury duty time.

It is the responsibility of the employer to provide the necessary training and materials for the employees to complete the required time in service.

Jury duty summons will be sent at least 7 days before your trial date.
If your jury duty summons is sent before your trial date, it is considered good cause of being absent from work.

The reason this is important is it makes sure you have vacation and personal time for when you need a break from work.

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