Home Depot Vacation Policy (amount Of Time, Unused Vacation Leave + More)

This is always a good idea to firstly, research the company before applying for the role and secondly, research the vacation policy and any other benefits the company has to offer.

When it comes to the Home Depot’s vacation policy, you can take time off, but you will lose your vacation and you will no longer be paid.

Home Depot’s Vacation Policy In 2022

The company’s vacation policy will be different for part-time and full-time employees as of 2022. Employees’ vacation days are accrued through their work hours so once they’ve earned enough, they can take a vacation day, pending approval from their manager.

If you want to know how to calculate your Home Depot Vacation time accumulation, I have a post that will tell you.

How Much Vacation Time Can An Employee Take At Home Depot?

You can choose to work every day of the year, or take a month off.

It is a myth that part-time workers get one week’s worth of vacation time after working for a year as a part-time employee.

Permanent part-time workers are given 20 hours per vacation time for their first year and 40 hours per year for their second year of employment.

Working at Home Depot for more than 5 years can take a lot of time off your resume.

There is no “pension”, you get a bonus, and it’s based on your age as of April 1st.

For example let’s say you worked for eight hours and you earned $1.00 an hour, the day you worked you earned $8.00 and the day you didn’t work you earned nothing.

How Does Vacation Time Accumulation Work At Home Depot?

When you’re requesting vacation time and requesting days off at Home Depot, you must select a certain number of hours that will be deducted from your ‘vacation hours bank’.

People in the industry usually work 4 hours for part-time, while full-time employees usually work 8 hours.

You can ask your boss or HR for your time off in advance but make sure you know the rules since they can vary.

Make sure you can manage to work the amount of time off requested by your department. Your department may not allow you to take too much time off.

If you request vacation time, however, you get it. There’s no extra hours being worked for the request to be honored.

Does Home Depot Pay Out Unused Vacation Time?

In general, if you are in a state that is not enforcing this policy, you can take vacation time that you have accrued and use it however you like. However, you should plan on spending this time during the year you would have been paid had you not taken leave.

So unless your contract is mandated to state that you will be paid for your accrued vacation time when your contract is terminated, your chances of receiving payment for that time after you leave the company are pretty slim.

states that require a business to include unused vacation time at the end of the year.

Most states have laws regarding the terms and duration of your vacation time or you can negotiate with your employer regarding them.

What Happens To Unused Vacation Days At Home Depot?

Please be aware of your state laws, if you can carry over your unused vacation days from one year to another.

States like California will allow you to carry over your vacation time if you work for a certain amount of years.

Other states will allow you to carry over paid vacation days such as Montana and Nebraska.
The final issue we will look at today is what is known as paid personal leave. Let’s move on to some background on paid personal leave.

The Home Depot may allow their employees to have their unused vacation time rolled over in emergency situations.

Home Depot’s policy usually recommended employees to use it before it disappears by their next work anniversary.

Can Home Depot Force Me To Use My Vacation Time?

I work for the company Home Depot and it is totally legal for them to force me to take the time off that I already have.

While the details depend on your state laws, in general, most states have laws which allow your employer to control when vacation time can be taken and how much can be taken at once.

If you would like to take a vacation during busy periods of work, you may want to ask your employer to make exceptions, or plan your vacation ahead of the busy period.

Your employer is legally allowed to do this, and to avoid this possibility you should book your vacation hours for another time.


* This is a quote-by-quote translation of the Original.

If employees go over their 5 hour break in a day, it is considered a break out.
If an employee breaks out more than once in one day, they will need to go through an in-depth investigation.
If an employee breaks out in more than a single day, they will be terminated.


There is no set amount of vacation time that employees are given. They will have time to accumulate over the course of their employment rather then a set amount. They will be given time to use if they want to.

This is a vacation where the employee will be paid the normal rate for all the hours worked.

If you live and work in a state that allows you to rollover vacation time, it is usually in your state law, so you can see it on your own by visiting your state’s government site (it will generally be on the same page as when you change your driver’s license or renew your insurance).

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