15 Large & Lesser Known Companies Owned By Walmart

Among the five largest companies in the world, Walmart is known to be one of the best. However, it is still surprising to see its various subsidiaries and other companies.

Walmart also owns Sam’s Club and Hayneedle.com, and the company is planning on further expanding into other areas.

Walmart is a multinational corporation with a variety of subsidiaries. The various subsidiaries serve purposes ranging from human resources and merchandising to IT and financials. The subsidiaries all tie together to the big picture.

10 of the Most Well-Known Companies Owned by Walmart

Walmart is competing with Amazon by trying to be even cheaper than they are. They are also trying to grow and expand their reach to areas that Amazon has not yet entered, mainly into fashion and electronics.

The world’s biggest retailer owns some of the most popular brands in the world. From VISA to Apple and more, if you buy something at Walmart, it could very well be owned by the world’s largest retailer.

1. Hayneedle

Walmart has always been one of my biggest, and most hated, customers, owning the company for years and years. You never see a really good article about them, and I hate that. But, today they own this furniture site, Hayneedle, and they are offering a $10,000 gift card to buy furniture from their site.

Since Walmart bought Hayneedle, the site has become more focused on customer service, something that’s helped it grow.

2. Jet

Walmart purchased Jet.com for approximately 3.3 billion dollars to strengthen their online presence.

Now they are planning to launch Walmart.com to compete with Amazon. They believe that the combination of brick-and-mortar distribution and online retailing would create enough competition to make Amazon.com’s market share shrink to single digits.

Jet.com is a new shopping site that has taken on Walmart’s look and theme. It comes complete with all the items that Walmart had and is selling them for a cheaper price.

3. Massmart

This company was purchased in 2011 for $2.54 million dollars. Massmart is the second largest goods distributor in Africa and has over 420 stores in the country, selling general goods, groceries, and liquor.

Walmart has also entered the sub-Saharan continent of Africa by buying a majority stake in Massmarkets, a Nigerian company that operates supermarkets and warehouse stores, and has warehouses close to several African countries.

4. Art.com

Similar to Hayneedle, Art.com is a huge online art and home decor store that offers high-quality paintings at affordable prices.

By acquiring this site in 2018, Walmart successfully expanded its online presence, bringing it a little closer to its goal of directly competing with Amazon.com in the market.

5. Shoes.com

The site was supposed to make it more affordable for users to buy Amazon products at Walmart. In reality, however, the site did nothing of the sort. Instead, the site offered products that Amazon didn’t have.

This is the third time Walmart has tried to acquire a site and the second time that they have failed.

6. Bonobos

It was revealed that Walmart has been expanding their business a little by making an online shopping site called Bonobos. It is the first clothing site on their list with modern fashions with a pricey look.

Walmart acquired Jet.com in 2017 for $310 million. It was one of the e-commerce brands that helped Walmart on its endless journey to face off against Amazon directly on a virtual playing field.

7. Moosejaw

While Walmart has expanded their fashion brand, they’ve stuck to classic clothing and accessories.

– The most common type of fashion worn at Walmart is the basic work uniform, due in part to their commitment to providing safe and healthy workplaces.

If you like to spend time outdoors you probably enjoy some of the same gear as your friends, and at Walmart you can find the same stuff that’s on the shelves of outdoor shops.

8. Bare Necessities

While you may find that an elegant and sophisticated product is sold at a bargain price at Walmart, it isn’t for me. For me, elegance and sophistication are not defined by price, but rather by style, quality and materials.

Walmart hoped to improve its standing in relation to Amazon by leveraging Bare Necessities’ popularity online.

9. Eloquii

Walmart made their debut into the high fashion world by purchasing the plus sized fashion brand “Eloquii”.

In the meantime, we have to see how the final price points will be and how the final product will be. For now, they are at 40% off. The final price points are in the works.

They will find it hard to compete as they will not be able to match Amazon’s scale and will have to spend less on inventory and distribution.

10. Sam’s Club

Walmart was created because Sam Walton was a business guru and he wanted to make a success of his company.

Exclusive club memberships are only open to people that have paid out the yearly membership fee, which you will need to find in the store on your first visit.

5 of the Most Lesser-Known Companies Owned by Walmart

They don’t have the same growth potential or the same global presence as the larger companies.

11. Aspectiva

Aspectiva is a company that provides you with a mobile technology platform to connect with your customers directly.

As Walmart expands to new markets, it’s always been important that they provide a seamless shopping experience for their customers. So, when they purchased this small company for $2.5 billion, they put their money where their mouth was and began work on improving their customer experience.

Walmart is looking to expand in India as its business grows exponentially from its new distribution center in the country’s capital city of New Delhi. India is the world’s second largest population and the country is on track to becoming a $1 trillion economy.

The acquisition of the business will help Walmart increase its presence in India’s rapidly expanding retail market. The acquisition, which has been in the works for several months, closed earlier this month.

12. Amigo

Amigo is a large chain of American grocery stores, largely based in the US territory of Puerto Rico.

Walmart acquired Amigo for $3.3 billion in stock, making it the largest acquisition in Walmart’s history. With this move, Walmart enters a new era of their business, as they expand their reach into other categories such as home goods.

13. Flipkart

Flipkart is an online retailer in India that helps small businesses sell their products and services. They are based in India and focus on selling goods that are produced in other countries.

Walmart is trying to leverage its access to these goods to improve its presence in India and to online shopping.

In order to support their goal of growing their digital presence, Walmart bought a controlling share in the company for $16 billion in 2018 to support their goal of growing their digital presence.

14. Seiyu

Seiyu was the largest Japanese supermarket chain and Walmart was always looking for ways to acquire more control over the market.

Walmart didn’t need Seiyu; what it needed was a reliable logistics platform to distribute its products to customers while maintaining quality assurance at every stage of the distribution chain.

15. Carhco

The grocery stores are a bit different than the supermarkets we are used to in the US. The stores are a lot smaller than our supermarkets. The shelves are usually much farther apart and, of course, they have a much smaller selection of products. But, the stores are very well stocked with goods and there is a wide variety of items available. The produce is very fresh.

Carhco, a supermarket chain was worth 2 billion dollars. It was bought by Walmart at a price of 2 billion dollars. Walmart has expanded its reach by purchasing a supermarket chain.

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