13 Major Starbucks Competitors (usa + Globally)

Starbucks is the the largest coffee chain in the world, and it’d be hard to be more in debt than them right now. You can blame the recession, or the shift towards more mobile spending from physical stores. I’d say they’re both to blame.

The bottom line to this is that people love Starbucks coffee and other Starbucks products. Starbucks has to maintain and/or increase its profits, so it can continue to pay its employees, and it can maintain market share.

Who Are Starbucks’ Competitors In 2022?

Starbucks has been a leading competitor in the coffee business since 1971. However, the company faces many competitors in its market. Other competitors include Dunkin’ Donuts, McCafé, Tim Hortons, Costa Coffee, Folgers, and Maxwell House. More local coffeehouses are also a primary competition.

If you want to to find out more details about Starbucks’ rivals, including Dunkin’ Donuts, McCafe, and more, read on for more interesting information.

1. Dunkin’ Donuts

In the United States, Dunkin Donuts is a chain of franchised coffee and baked goods stores headquartered in Canton, Massachusetts.

The original Starbucks was started by three buddies in Seattle. They decided to create a different kind of coffee shop, one that was more comfortable and more like a local hangout.

Nowadays, there are more than 12,900 Dunkin’ Donuts around the world in 42 countries and it is the fourth largest coffee chain in the world.

Dunkin’ Donuts started as a coffee shop and has become the second largest coffee shop in the US with more than 8,000 stores in all 50 states, as well as in Canada, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

Still, Dunkin’ Donuts remains ahead of Starbucks in earnings, reporting $1.4 billion in 2019, compared to Starbucks’ $6.5 billion in 2020.

2. McCafe

McCafe allows you to customize your drinks with syrups, milk, whipped cream, fruit, and more. It really is one of McDonald’s most unique offerings.

McCafé is a coffee spot within McDonald’s restaurants. It serves espresso coffee and coffee-based drinks as well as regular McDonald’s menu.

3. Costa Coffee

This is the second largest coffee chain in the UK. It was founded in 1983 and serves more than 3,800 stores in 32 countries, including the USA, Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil.

It started as a small coffee company that was based in London and in 1971 the two brothers, Bruno and Sergio Costa, brought their first roast coffee to London and supplied other stores with it.

You can find coffees and tea with Costa. Also, if you do not want to eat you can order hot and cold drinks or sandwiches.

While Coca-Cola is a global drinks company that is owned by over 200 companies in more than 180 countries, it does not have any stores in Canada or the US.

4. Cafe Nero

The chain of coffeehouses was the first to be introduced in Europe. There are now over a thousand cafes in eleven different countries.

The Cafe’s menu includes hot and iced coffee, pastries, breakfast sandwiches, fruit juice, and smoothies.

Also, you might not want to try to change the menus in the same way for every community.
Instead, you might prefer to implement a global menu system that will change the menus for every community.

5. Cafe Ritazza

At the time of writing, Cafe Ritazza is considered to be one of the more popular coffee chains in the UK.

Cafe Ritazza is a brand of coffee and espresso machines, as well as coffee and espresso beans from around the world. It is the flagship of the Ritazza Italian Coffee group.

The menu is influenced by Italian style and you will find coffee, snacks, sandwiches, pastries, and alcoholic drinks.

While Starbucks is the largest coffee chain in the world, they operate on a much larger scale than any other coffee company.

6. Cafe Coffee Day

There is a cafe coffee day in most towns here and there and it’s not that good even the taste of the coffee is not that good. It is quite expensive too.

This place has good coffee. I think they make the best coffee in Singapore. You should visit once in a while.

The food menu also has substantial items like burgers, sandwiches, rice dishes and classic desserts.

7. Coffee Republic

is a UK-based Coffee Republic that now operates in 128 locations globally.

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The restaurant was started by Bobby and Sahar Hashemi in 1995 and has a Mediterranean menu that includes coffees, hot and cold drinks, healthy sandwiches, salads, and pastries.

8. Tim Hortons

Starbucks’ shares have been in the news lately as Starbucks’s CEO, Howard Schultz, has said he wants to buy the company.

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Tim Hortons also has a number of foods and drinks that people enjoy. One of their most popular items is the doughnut.

9. Folgers and Maxwell House

Starbucks is a coffee company that also sells other products, such as milk, cheese, and bread. Starbucks competes in the grocery store coffee market with coffee brands such as Folgers and Maxwell House.

Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts don’t really make the news, unless they get in trouble for selling hot coffee at the wrong temperature.

Folgers is more like a generic brand of coffee and Maxwell is more like an affordable coffee brand or a generic brand of coffee…[so customers do not perceive them] as more or less expensive than a Starbucks coffee.

10. Luckin Coffee

This coffee chain is a Chinese copy of the American company and is owned by the same company.

The concept of the Kiosk is about convenience. The customer just needs to pick-up their order and the order is delivered to their house.

Luckin Coffee’s business model was based on the idea of being a coffee chain that served ice-cold beverages such as soft drinks, but it didn’t prove to be successful.

11. Peet’s Coffee

Peet’s is a small but significant competitor to Starbucks but they are not doing great. Peet’s is not selling coffee through retail stores so they are not competing with Starbucks. Although they sell coffee to grocery stores and other outlets like online stores this is a pretty small market.

12. Neighborhood Coffee Houses

People in the United States don’t like going to the coffee shop because it is too expensive.

We have brought coffee from all over the world to the United States; we have made sure there is a coffee shop on every corner in every neighborhood and many more in the suburbs.

Most people go for buying coffee from local coffee shops instead of the chains like Starbucks, as a place to relax, work, and enjoy their coffee (especially if you live in certain parts of New York, Austin, Vancouver, or other urban areas).

13. Lavazza

Lavazza coffee is very good, but the only reason that they are in competition with Starbucks is because they sell a premium product at a much cheaper price.

The only thing stopping the sale of packaged Lavazza coffee in grocery stores is their pricing, and they don’t make a lot of profit.

To learn more about the origins of Starbucks coffee, you can see a series of our articles, that explain how Starbucks got started in the first place.


Among the many other global companies, Nestlé and Pepsi are the ones that are the closest to Starbucks. Both these companies have seen growth in their business from a decade ago, though Starbucks has grown faster.

In the US, the biggest market for Starbucks’ coffee is still the US, although it is gaining market share in a few countries. However, all of the company’s growth outside the US is in developing countries.

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