Dunkin’ Points (what Are They, How They Work + More)

Over the years, Dunkin’ has built itself into a go-to restaurant if you want to enjoy freshly brewed coffee and your favorite donuts or baked products.

Dunkin’s customers love the snacks that they get when they come to their favorite Dunkin’s stores. After every visit, they earn Dunkin’ points which they can redeem to buy merchandise at their local Dunkin’.

What Are Dunkin’ Points In 2022?

Dunkin’ Donuts is a fast-food chain that offers free refills of drinks, especially coffee. Customers can get a free drink after spending $5 on Dunkin’ products. There’s also a rewards program, DD Perks, that rewards customers for every dollar spent. You can get a free cup of coffee after spending $5 in products.

To learn more about Dunkin’s point system, how they work, how many points you earn for every dollar, and how to enroll and receive your gift certificates, keep scrolling.

How Do Dunkin’ Points Work?

To get the Dunkin’ Donuts rewards you need to sign up for the DD Perks program and make your purchases via the Dunkin’ Donuts website or the mobile app.

For both of those reasons and more, the burger chain is a good choice. It offers a free drink and it’s pretty easy to sign up.

When you start working as an agent, you get an Agent Dashboard, which is a dashboard with helpful information regarding the account.

Dunkin’ is offering some perks to users if they purchase certain menu items in a particular week.

As an example, some of these weekly DD perks include earning bonus Dunkin’ points and doubling your accumulated points.

While there is no way for the average consumer to know if the discount will expire before the next order is placed the best thing to do is to sign-up for any new offers and find out right away if your discount is valid or not.

Not only does Dunkin’ Donuts give out free coffee, if you’re a DD Perks Program member you’ll get a free drink on your birthday for seven days after you joined the program, which is quite a treat.

The good thing about Dunkin Donuts rewards members is that they can choose to have their birthday in their account with their rewards points, so you don’t have to worry about your account or Dunkin Donuts not remembering your birthday.

How Many Dollars Is A Dunkin’ Point?

Typically, Dunkin’ Donuts awards you five points for every dollar you spend at the restaurant franchise as a DD Perks member. So it was an interesting idea to see whether you could get a Dunkin’ Donuts franchise for free.

When you have accumulated 200 points, after spending $40 you will be able to redeem your points, for a free drink of any size. The offer applies to all orders at all participating Dunkin’ locations.

Also, it’s good to check the balance of any of your DD Perks account when you receive a bill or receipt. You can check your points balance on the website and app or at the bottom of your receipt.

In addition, Dunkin’ lets you claim points on purchases not made through your account, by simply contacting support via phone or email.

The Dunkin’ customer care will confirm if you have entered the correct points and will add them manually to your account.
It might take a few days for your points to appear in your account.

Besides it’s unique coffee blends, Dunkin’ Donuts also has special deals for its loyal customers.

This program will help you save money weekly if you are a frequent and loyal Dunkin’ customer.

How To Enroll For The Dunkin’ Points?

You are required to become a DD Perks Program member to make any purchases. To start earning Dunkin’ points on your first purchase, click here.

You should do so, so you can sign up for Dunkin’ Donuts Perks and redeem rewards for Dunkin’ Donuts products and services.

First, click “Join.” Then, click “Sign Up.” After you fill in the required information, click “Next” and select your city.

I used the free donuts offer on my birthday to get an espresso shot and iced coffee and even though I didn’t fill out that part of the survey, I received a free donut at the end.

When you accumulate 200 points, you’ll receive reward coupons for a free drink.

I will say a few words to each of you.

Anyway, the points expire after six months of not making payments with your app or Dunkin’ Card. To extend the expiration date of Dunkin’ rewards, you’ll have to make qualifying purchases with your app or Dunkin’ Card.

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As a loyal customer of Dunkin’ Donuts, enrolling for Dunkin’ Rewards is ideal if you want to save money and enjoy the quick-service restaurant’s rewards and incentives.

As a DD Perks member, you can enjoy these exclusive offers without being forced to purchase the item you see in the advertisement!

To redeem your promotion, click on the item to go to the checkout page.

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