Who Makes Nexgrill For Home Depot? (all You Need To Know) 

With more than 6,000 stores nationwide, Home Depot lets you save time and money by offering a wide variety of grills to suit your needs.

As it turns out, Nexgrill is made by a company called Kettle Kastle. Kettle Kastle is a company that makes grilling accessories.

Who Makes Nexgrill For Home Depot In 2022? 

Nexgrill has remained a popular brand of gas grills, as they are made of heavy gauge steel, with aluminum lids, and large charcoal burners. They are mainly used by American and Canadian customers, as they are more difficult to find in America.

If you are looking for a home grilling equipment, Nexgrill has a wide range of products that can be easily found at Home Depot.

Who Owns Nexgrill? 

Sherman Lin founded Nexgrill with a vision to become one of the industry’s leading producers of stainless steel grills.

Tribeca is known for its high quality stainless steel products because it is a well-known supplier of reliable, stainless steel gas grills for indoor and outdoor use.

The spring and summer collections were created by Nexgrill. The collection appeared in Home Depot stores beginning in 2015.

Nexgrill partnered with Home Depot to bring an exclusive range of grills to the market.

Where Is Nexgrill Manufactured? 

They sell a lot of grills here. Even a few years ago, people in this country were still using the barbecue grills that were developed in the U.S.

The complaint alleges that Nexgrill makes products for various manufacturers, including KitchenAid and Member’s Mark, and offers them for sale in the United States, while it makes products that are marketed as being made only for itself, under the Nexgrill brand name.

China is the favorite manufacturing nation because that’s where the labor and the manufacturing costs are cheapest.

Production in China is highly efficient since it has so many people. Companies can work around the clock because it has so many people.

If you want to get a quality product to market at a fair price then your company should be on a regular price.

Nexgrill has also been a pioneer in making sure that their products are safe for international travel. And this means that they do not only ship to American based buyers, but also to those outside the United States.

The company makes heaters, patio furniture, and storage units. It also manufactures grills at Home Depot and other retailers nationwide.

How Can You Know If Your Nexgrill Product Was Made In The USA? 

You can find the Nexgrill products that were made in Vietnam by looking at the ‘Made in…’ label on the packaging.

If the details are written on the product, the information may be read and understood by those who can not read English.

It is always good to make sure the brand you are buying is not made in China by a third party.

For example, your product may have been crafted in multiple countries including China, India, Philippines, and Japan. This can happen when the manufacturer has multiple locations or factories.

Al Fresco Grill is a manufacturer who makes its products in the U.S. and offers an array of grills for sale, including kettles, woks, planters, and other accessories that are built for cooking. The Lazy Susan Grill is also an example of a U.S.-made grill that you can consider purchasing.

The company offers similar selection of outdoor grills and outdoor cooking equipment for both home and specialty cooking.

Is Nexgrill Sold Exclusively At Home Depot?

Like most brands at Home Depot, Nexgrill is not sold exclusively at Home Depot. Despite this, Nexgrill often makes exclusive grill styles for Home Depot customers.

Nexgrill is the perfect grill for cooking anywhere, with a unique patented cooking system that ensures even cooking from the inside and outside. Its patented cooking system ensures even cooking from the inside and outside. It is a true multi-purpose grill that can be used indoors or outdoors, and for all kinds of cooking.

To access the Nexgrill product catalog, visit Nexgrill.com.

You can also find the products at stores such as Home Depot, Walmart, Target, Amazon, Wayfair, and Best Buy, as well as in various local stores abroad.

Which Nexgrill Products Are Available At Home Depot? 

They recently began supplying Home Depot with the most reliable grills for patio and outdoor use.

You can check out Home Depot stores and online for an impressive range of quality stainless steel grills, like the ones we have featured.

These products have all the cooking technology such as heating technology, searing technology, and burner technology.

In particular, you may consider the Nexgrill 2-burner portable stainless steel grill powered by Propane Gas for cooking smaller meals.

The grill has two burners and four large grates. It also comes with a basket for storing your food.
The grill comes with a tool that you can use to adjust the heat.

The Nexgrill tool set can be used to quickly and easily clean up and trim your grill. It also protects the grill from rust and grime. This set is good to have as long as the grills are still attached in the grill. If you remove the grill from the grill, you may want to invest in Nexgrill accessories.

This has a fork on one end that is used for turning the meat and a spatula on the other for cooking it. You can also use it for flipping.

Customers can buy covers, grates, and other accessories for their grills. These accessories are made of stainless steel so they last longer than the material of the original covers.

Is Nexgrill A Good Brand? 

We started studying this company in the late ’90s, and they were already established in the US and Canada. Their reputation was good and they were very well-known.

Nexgrill is well known for producing high quality grills. They are rated four to five out of five stars.
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In our test, many customers expressed their satisfaction with the various elements of the grill, including the space of several shelves, the space for placing condiments, and an area suitable for cooking pots.

It could be a problem if the motor or gear shaft breaks, causing it to bind and stall.

To find out if Home Depot assembles grills, how to identify a Yeti grill, and if Home Depot exchanges propane tanks, you might be interested in reading more about grills, and learning more about whether or not Home Depot assembles grills, and if Home Depot sells Yeti grills.


Nexgrill products sold at Home Depot are manufactured in China by outsourced manufacturing companies. Nexgrill does not own the trademarks for the products; they are owned by their manufacturing companies.

Even though Nexgrill products are not designed exclusively for Home Depot, the retailer often offers exclusive products that make them stand out in the market.

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