Where Are Zip Ties In Walmart + Other Grocery Stores? 

If you need to secure a package or a box, zip ties are a really good tool to use. They don’t rust like clasps do and are incredibly useful.

Find an assortment of zip ties in Walmart and other stores. They’re usually categorized with other shipping supplies, like screws, nails, or tape.

Where Are Zip Ties In Walmart? 

Wal-Mart customers looking for cable ties may look for cable ties in the home improvement aisle down the electronics aisle near adapters and TVs. Alternatively, customers may go to the hardware department in the home improvement section.

So if you would like to know the best zip ties for you, read on to find out which ones to buy!

Use The Walmart + App To Find Zip Ties!

If you want to improve the way you search for items in Walmart’s website, you should consider downloading the Walmart + app. It will help you find products within specific departments.

After you’ve loaded the app using an Apple or Android smartphone, click the “find a store” link on the navigation bar.

If the store has the product you’re looking for, you’ll be given the precise aisle and shelf number where zip ties are situated.

How to find a specific zip tie
You can find a specific size of zip tie by entering the brand, model, or series in the search box.

I’m just getting started, so all I know is that a customer has asked that all the zip ties be located.

Where Are Zip Ties In Grocery and Home Improvement Stores?

Store-bought zip ties are cheap and easy, but they’re not as strong as the stuff that’s made for industrial-strength applications. If you want to make your own, use the instructions below.

Which Zip Ties At Walmart Are The Best?

Some of Walmart’s best-selling zip ties were produced by the company Hyper Tough. You can get 50 8-inch, 75-pound ties for a bit more than $2. Or, you can buy 100 zip tips for just under $2.

Walmart also sells 250 nylon self-locking zip ties in black, green, blue, yellow, and red for $6.50. If you’re looking for something softer, the multi-colored self-gripping reusable ties gently bind cables together.

However, we recommend the NavePoint UV Resistant Zip Tie for more heavy-duty work. Go to get yours online.

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