What Is Amazon Lightning Deal? (this Can Save You Tons)

You should have heard about the Amazon Lightning Deal. You could be missing out on some fantastic savings.

Lightning Deals are primarily technology items, and you can preview the upcoming bargain 24-hours before the sale goes live.

In this video, I will give you a crash course on how to get the best lightning deals on Amazon.
If you are just starting out as a flash and lightning deals shopper. This might help you identify if lightning deals shopping is the right direction for you!

What Is Amazon Lightning Deal In 2022?

Amazon has listed various lightning deals on the homepage in the past and also offers some deals as promotional items. You can also find them on the Deal of the Day tab on the homepage and the ‘Today’s Deal’ tab on the Amazon website. The deals are listed in two categories – Lightning Deals and Lightning Deals with Prime.

To figure out more about the details of lightning deals and how you can get early access as an Amazon Prime member, follow the link and keep on reading.

What Are Amazon Lightning Deals?

The offers were created from the Amazon marketplace website by offering up special deals on products that are normally sold in their stores.

Typically, shoppers will find technology items on sale, there is a good chance that a small kitchen appliance could be found.

This is always fulfilled and shipped by Amazon. Third-party vendors and their products are not included.

There are a number of reasons why you should choose to purchase your products from an online store such as Amazon, compared to purchasing from other stores such as your local electronics store, [Example] or Best Buy.

If you are an Amazon Prime member you can get the offers that Amazon Prime members are notified of days before the general public can see.

Prime members will get information about the offer under the Prime Early Access Deals tab, posted on the user’s home page.

How Do You Claim An Amazon Lightning Deal?

A “lightning deal” is a sale that will end as quickly as lightning strikes!

For example, if there are 25 people in the queue when the store opens, there should be 25 people in the queue when the store closes. This helps to ensure that all of those who wish to be among the first in line are in front of the store as it opens.

You might be interested in purchasing a few of the deals on the Best Sellers page instead of rushing into the store and missing out!

Also, the idea is to only give a limited amount of time to a customer who wants to claim their lightning deals before having to close the deal. This is the reason why we only provide one minute per claim.

You have not purchased a product from this seller yet, so it won’t show up on your wishlist. This product will be removed from your cart and given to a shopper who wants the item and who is on a waitlist, but more on that later!

What Products Are Offered As Amazon Lightning Deals?

Some food and household products, like toilet paper and deodorant.

The Echo Dot is one of the most heavily discounted Amazon products, with prices as low as $37.99, and other Echo speakers are also $20 off right now.

You may find, for example, toys, kitchen items, appliances, and even beauty on the Amazon Lightning Deals.

How Can You Get Notified Of Amazon Lightning Deals?

You will be notified of the best deals when you are an AMEX Prime member.

When the deal you have clicked on is a limited time deal, the message will be replaced with a message that this deal is coming to the marketplace soon.

You could always check the Upcoming Deals section of your Amazon App or on the homepage to see the discounted items the next day.

When a deal runs out, the notification will pop up and you’ll be able to tap to view the details. Tap on the details to see the full description of this deal.

This function can be very useful if you are going through Prime Day and it is extremely busy.

How To Join The Lightning Deals Wait List

Click the button ‘Join waitlist’ to proceed to the order list page.

As more and more spots open up, the button will reactivate. When the waitlist is full, it will become inactive.
[Paraphrase]: If you want to cancel a request, you can do so by clicking this button.

You can view the lightning deals via your Amazon homepage by clicking the right-hand corner icon. This will give you a list of the various lightning deals available for that day, as well as any other alerts.

Make sure to turn on notifications for Amazon alerts from your mobile phone to get updates on your waitlist status.

You must complete your purchase within 15 minutes of adding it to your cart. After you add the item to your cart, you’ll have 15 minutes to order it. Once the 15th minute has passed, your item will be placed on the waitlist.

The queue is processed in a first-come, first-served order, but it does not guarantee priority.

By signing up to be on the waitlist for this deal, you will be guaranteed a $50 credit on your account if you successfully purchase the item. The deal will remain available for 30 days after it’s been purchased. If you don’t purchase the item within this time, the credit will expire and you will no longer be eligible to purchase the item.

What Is The Advantage Of Prime Membership For Lightning Deals?

If you’re not a members of Prime, you can still shop Amazon’s lightning deals which will not require a membership.

There are free trials available that can tell you if this is right for you while giving you a sample of what is available to you if you continue with this membership.

Just as you can see by looking at this ad that Amazon is trying to encourage users to check the Lightning deals pages to see what is on sale.

To have your Amazon products listed in the Amazon Marketplace, you need to have a Vendor Account. Then you can sell on your own Amazon store, Amazon’s marketplace, or any other Amazon marketplace.


Amazon Lightning Deals are significantly discounted merchandise through Amazon, that are typically low-stock or low-demand products.

These deals are not always available on Amazon and are only available on Prime Day. It is possible that the promo might also be available in other channels. Also, if you are a first-time Amazon Prime member, then you have to watch out for the free 30-day trial offer. It is only available in certain regions.

If you like to save money on new merchandise, visit Amazon’s Lightning Deals and save tons on items that you need and want.

If you are interested in the deal, please leave us your email address. A member of the Hadoop team will reach you by email as soon as the deal is available.

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